How to Get an Amazing Website With a WordPress Store Template

Planning to launch a new online shop? Do you want to change your website for the better, add convenience to the visitor, and create a modern appearance? Great, because we have the right solution! This solution is a WordPress store template that will help you get a cool design for the portal and improve it from the point of view of buyers. It'll be easier for a potential audience to find the right thing, use the menu, filter goods, place an order, and view an online store from a mobile phone. With the help of the suggestions you see above, change the portal's appearance and get more loyal clients. New sections people will like more. Choose the right product, and we'll help you make the right choice.

WordPress Theme Store: Who Is It For?

It's safe to say that the offers list posted on this page is suitable for absolutely any online shop. Directions of the businesses include:

  • Children's goods and toys.
  • Clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • Rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry.
  • Sportswear and equipment.
  • Trainers.
  • Healthy food.
  • Delivery of groceries and ready meals.
  • Pharmacies and sellers of nutritional supplements and vitamins.
  • Pet stores, food for animals.
  • Easels, paints, felt-tip pens, pens, pencil cases, and other art supplies and stationery.

As you can see, the goods are very different. However, these directions are united by a single goal - to create a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience for the visitor. So, we can safely call this store WordPress templates universal.

When to Buy a WordPress Shop Template

Everyone knows that it's necessary to make certain changes to the website at a certain stage in company development.

Firstly, you need a trendy, stylish, and comfortable appearance when forming a new company. For a successful project launch, it's necessary to bring the site sections to perfection. Therefore, buying a WordPress store template is indispensable. The website's first visitors should understand at a glance that you are selling quality goods. The chic and fashionable design help to beautifully present all commodity items.

Secondly, the WordPress online shop template is useful during the rebranding. The product choice in our marketplace also depends on how much you want to change the brand. You may always pick up something completely different compared to the old design. Or it may be a similar look but with a more modern interpretation. Don't think rebranding is just about changing the corporate colors and logo. You must order a current portal layout and change the site's content (product descriptions, banners, pictures, etc.).

Thirdly, the WordPress template store is a great chance to improve the portal that does its job well. It's never too late or too early for development. Getting excellent profit now? Strive for more because only business development helps you stay among the sales leaders. Never stop at what you have achieved!

Main Features of WordPress Store Template

Most often, products on TemplateMonster are purchased to change their appearance. However, all readers benefit from knowing that layouts give you a huge advantage in customization options and unlimited possibilities for creating a unique style.

Also, the WordPress store template has features that allow you to increase the portal's position in the ranking of search engines, improve usability and create comfortable conditions for shopping. Let's take a closer look at the key benefits of the WordPress online store theme.


This function is a set of tasks implemented by a web developer. The option helps promote your site in search engines. Search engines begin to respond better to all pages. Therefore, they assign websites a place in their ranking faster.

Some of the simplest tasks web developers do are the followings:

  • Created a unique meta title and description for every section.
  • The structure of the pages is logical and well thought out.
  • Used simple code.
  • Faster partition loading speed.
  • Saved breadcrumbs.

SEO-friendly helps you develop and reach new heights.

Responsive Layout

Today it's very important to have a beautiful mobile version or app for selling on smartphones. After all, many users make purchases from smartphones or tablets. These buyers account for almost half of the orders. A responsive layout easily adapts to any screen size and parameters.

All page parts are functional and well-visible on the phone. No one element is lost.

At the same time, the appearance is quite comfortable and creates convenient conditions for buying.

Retina Ready

In combination with the previous function, Retina Ready is responsible for how the site looks on the screens of different phones. In recent years, more and more manufacturers have been using special types of screens for smartphones with high pixel density. If the website doesn't have Retina Ready, pictures will lose their sharpness on such special screens.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Today the era when websites wouldn't open in certain browsers badly has passed. This option helps to combine equally well with Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Bootstrap Framework

This framework is one of the most popular among analogs. With its help, you can easily and quickly create a full-fledged and modern adaptive design for websites. Therefore, be sure that the web developer uses only modern and well-known technologies while creating a WordPress store template. In fact, with the help of the Bootstrap framework, you get an adaptive WordPress store template and compatibility with the seven most famous browsers, such as Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, and others.

Google Fonts You'll Love

Using a large number of font options helps to diversify the content. Of course, in your case, the main requirement is the readability of the selected font. However, despite strict requirements regarding appearance, there are many different options. You may add zest to your portal with this simple trick of choosing the right font.

Unlimited Colors To Make a Need Look

Each layout creator adds color schemes to choose from so that clients have a variety of ways to make a website unique. However, the choice of colors also helps with brand identity. All business owners and directors should immediately develop corporate colors, brand books, and logos at the beginning of the activity. The purchased shop template WordPress should match the corporate symbols and emphasize them favorably. To do this, select the most appropriate color scheme from those suggested by the web developer.

Header And Footer Customization

The top and bottom of the site page are of great importance. For a long time, people underestimated them. However, recent research suggests that people often pay special attention to these portal parts. All because of the important and meaningful information visitors want to find. For example, the terms of delivery and return of goods, company contacts, and return options. Thus, think over exactly how the Header and Footer should look, so the audience may easily find the necessary data.

Menu Customization

Of course, the external menu's appearance may change for each business. It all depends on how many items you sell and the number of categories. Thus, multi-brand shops and online megastores need to reclassify the Site Menu to place all product groups correctly.

Added Video

This opportunity is the easiest way to show a new collection of clothes and jewelry. After all, in the video clip, people see the products' advantages. A picture never gives you such opportunities to sell and promote a new collection as a video. This function is an indispensable assistant for the presentation of specific goods. It's useful for displaying advertising campaigns and other promotional materials.

Smooth Scroll

It's from such minor components that a modern portal is created. The essence of this design technique is that while pressing a button, a person doesn't instantly go to the desired part of the website, but smooth scrolling down to the required area is turned on.

Drag and Drop

The technology is responsible for simple editing. With just a computer mouse, you move the individual components of the page anywhere. Thus, the appearance and structure of the pages change. Remember that global editing can do more harm than good since a logical structure is the main key to convenience for the user. Web developers have already tried and thought out exactly how the sections should look to be as user-friendly as possible. However, the technology is useful because even a non-professional can make important changes without editing the site code.

How to Choose an Online Store WordPress Theme

For the purchase to please its owner for many months, the buyer should responsibly approach the issue of selecting the best designs. Of course, you may like several options at once. What to do in this case? Follow a few basic tips and end up with the best WordPress store template for you:

  • Please pay attention to your impression of watching the demo in the first few seconds and a couple of minutes after you study it. Imagine that you are a potential client. Do you like the appearance you see when you first open the page? If yes, continue to explore the offer's features by viewing the product demo. It would help if you also considered your feelings after a few minutes of being on the Demo page. Answer the question of how conveniently the information is located and whether there are needed elements for making the order simple and fast.
  • Be sure to read the description carefully. It seems at first glance that functions are almost all the same. However, upon closer reading, you'll find that there are still differences. For example, web developers offer bonus options, color schemes, and more.
  • Pay attention to whether the layout fits your CMS. At the top of the page is a list of suggestions for improving the website built with the various CMSs. Among the following are Shopify, PrestaShop, and others. Make sure you see the WordPress store template. Getting this information is easy. Just read the product name carefully. It contains the name of the CMS.

Below we'll talk about the most common mistakes that a buyer has. After reading this information, you'll buy what you need.

TOP Mistakes During The Purchasing WordPress Store Template

First, be sure to find out if the template is compatible with your version of WordPress. Such information will be in the description of characteristics. Go to the portal control panel to find out which version you have. Next, you need to open the Updates section, which is located in the left menu bar. Here you'll find the required data. Also, you'll see which next version updates are available for your website.

Second, read the descriptions of all the goods carefully. Each developer company has its style and approach to using specific technologies. It's worth noting that the pricing is the same level. However, some firms make several gifts to save your budget. For example, they include free high-quality images, vector icons, plugins, and more in the list of features. Therefore, you'll make the most profitable purchase after fully studying the market and all its offers.

Thirdly, in the pursuit of savings, don't lose quality. First of all, this applies to those who want to download a free WordPress online store template. Such offers are generally not of high-quality design. They lack support and updates. Also, as a rule, instructions are difficult to understand. Therefore, you are unlikely to cope with settings if you are a beginner.

Licenses Types

Once you've decided on a WordPress store template, note that there are different license options. Accordingly, the purchase price is also different.

There are three licenses to choose from:

  • Personal. This option of cooperation is the most affordable. This tariff is the basic level for personal use. That is, the buyer can install the layout for only one website. At the same time, he won't be able to resell the result of his work (the final finished portal).
  • Commercial. This tariff isn't much more expensive but has a significant advantage. Customers may create up to five ready-made websites using the purchased theme. Further, buyers may sell the ready-made portals. This tariff is suitable for small web studios and marketing and advertising agencies creating and promoting portals of varying complexity.
  • Business. This tariff allows you to create many finished projects (up to 50 pieces) and then resell them to your customers. The purchase price is higher than the Commercial. However, if you approach the choice deliberately, the investment will surely pay off several times. After all, some themes include many layouts for sites of different subjects at once.

Important Benefits of TemplateMonster

We are glad you came to our marketplace to get a new look for your site. The company's managers carefully selected and reviewed each item you see above. Consequently, our customers receive high-quality and stylish items at affordable prices. At the same time, we cooperate exclusively with proven and reliable web designers who painstakingly approach their work.

Below we share a couple of secrets on how to best use TemplateMonster while shopping:

  • On the left, you see a filter. It allows you to choose your version of CMS, CMS type, business type, color scheme, and even rating. Use the filter to reduce the number of designs and narrow them down to the most relevant for you.
  • Pay attention to the rating. It's based solely on the feedback from our customers on the marketplace. However, you also see many new products that have no reviews yet. Therefore, we advise you to look at the ratings only for goods placed on the marketplace for a long time.
  • TemplateMonster has permanent discounts. Offers and discounts are constantly updated. At the same time, among the promotional products, you see new or quite popular WordPress store templates on TemplateMonster for a long time.
  • Pay attention to MonsterONE. It is especially interesting for advertising, PR, or marketing agencies because it offers three monthly tariffs. You get unlimited product downloads from the purchased tariff for a small monthly fee.

Remember, you have come to the right place. We'll be glad to see your company among the buyers!

Cool Video About Choosing Fonts for WordPress Store Template

Discover which font to select.

WordPress Store Template Q&A

What is a WordPress store template?

The product changes the look of the site significantly. The first results are visible immediately after installation. Then you customize the appearance according to your requirements.

Can I edit the WordPress store template?

Yes, buyers can make settings from those offered by the web developer. Select colors, fonts, and even the location of information blocks on the page. Please read additional services and prices from TemplateMonster.

How to set up a WordPress store template?

Set up without much effort using the supplied instructions. This manual is useful for both advanced users and novice specialists. All information is presented in easy-to-understand language. You don't need to look for other manuals on the Internet. All step-by-step instructions are collected in single documentation for use, which you receive after purchase.

Does the WordPress store template have support?

Yes, all buyers receive high-quality support for free for six months. This service is one of the key differences compared to free similar goods.