Owners of toy stores should keep in mind one important thing - while parents pay for products, it is a kid who makes a final decision whether to buy them or look for something else. For that reason, it's important to target children in the first place, that's why you can't go without an engaging web platform like this one. With the help of its colorful design combining green, orange and blue, you will set a playful tone on your site, which every youngster will appreciate. Accompanied by elements of vibrant hues, images of toys will appeal to the childish audience much more. Due to this template, it will take a few moments for kids to start begging their parents for a new toy available on your site.

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This is Games & Nightlife OpenCart ecommerce template with On-line chat

What is it?

On-line chat will let you connect with all your new customers real-time.

Why is it Good?

Online chat using tech support can be a sign for the client - “this organization actually cares about me”. The site visitors don't really need to wait many hours for their ticket to get solved or proceed through lots of documentation to search for the answer for himself. Friendly tech support expert will response him right away and definately will fix his difficulty in a no time.

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This is a Bootstrap Entertainment OpenCart design theme

What is it?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework for making internet resources.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap scales any of your web projects from smartphones to desktop computers using the same codebase. It makes the web developing process efficient and effortless.

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This Entertainment OpenCart design template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design is a technique of website design that lets web pages to adjust to a display resolution of any kind of gadget - may it be a personal computer, a laptop or a phone.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design ensures that the website will offer a good viewing experience to all users throughout all gadgets.

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5 Reviews for this product

Very nice template for Internet shop. It is easy to add new goods and their options. Had some questions about languages (how to add Ukrainian) but Technical support helped and answered on all questions
Наталия с Техподдержки быстро и оперативно помогла с установкой шаблона. Ответила на все мои вопросы а их было много) очень доволен профессионализмом. Сам шаблон для интернет магазина очень удобный легко настраивается все работает на высоте) Было очень приятно с вами дело. Результат полностью оправдал все мои ожидания. Еще раз спасибо Наталия ) igrolandshop.com.ua/
Ive installed this template for a client of mine on an toys online store. It was like upgrading the software, because suddenly the store had lots of cool new features both modern and fit for kids ones. My client was thrilled with the change of his store and it called it operation rejuvenation :) Installing it was as easy as three or four clicks, and there I had everything in its place, letting me with very little work to do regarding the looks of the site. Great theme and I hope the author will keep it up to date with la latest versions of opencart. Thanks.
these people are professionals. The template is great and was installed very quickly and without any issues. Very happy
My client and I selected this template because its beautiful and fit with what my client want. I am an web developer, I bought some template from Template Monster before, most of them were WordPress. This is the first time I use OpenCart. When I downloaded the template, installed it, some errors happened. After about 2 weeks with many conversations, it worked. Now I feel happy with this. But I hope in the next deal, I will NOT meet any errors like that. Thank you for supporting Nguyen Trung Hung

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