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This theme can be used for designing a computer or tech store. A full width layout allows you to showcase more products on the site and place as many information as you can. Material design gives a touch of fresh style to this computer store OpenCart theme. In this way, it combines a hot, up to date look with an unmatched functionality. In one of the multiple sliders and full-width images, you can place the photos or banners of the latest arrivals or the most popular products stored in your assortment.

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This is Computers & Internet OpenCart ecommerce template with On-line chat

What is it?

On-line chat lets you talk with your potential consumers real-time.

Why is it Good?

Let customers ask for support's assistance or contact sales department while struggling to make a choice on the product. Your genuine guidance can turn visitors into loyal clients.

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This is a Parallax Computer Store OpenCart design theme

What is it?

A parallax scrolling is a method in website design when background image moves at a slower pace compared to a foreground article, forming the illusion of depth.

Why is it Good?

It generates a powerful perception on the individual, thereby attracting a significant target audience and requiring consumers to remain on the web page. It's a easy way to add a highlight to a one-page website, restore an infographic, tell a story or show off a portfolio.

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This is a Bootstrap Computers & Internet Company OpenCart design

What is it?

Bootstrap is really a very well-liked framework, that makes the work with Html code, Cascading stylesheet and JS much less difficult. It had been produced to be a tool for you to create a responsive design, yet as time passes it added loads of extra efficiency.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap is extremely adjustable for any customization. It's not hard to manage with, includes a superior grid system and extended features number.

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This Computer Technician OpenCart ecommerce theme is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design ensures that the website page changes its size and shape to match virtually any screen, from the smallest mobile phone handsets to the largest Personalized computer monitors. For each and every gadget, website page elements grow or greatly reduce to seem ideal.

Why is it Good?

It is great because the website is available for more visitors from the large amount of gadgets.

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One of the best themes Ive ever used. The whole installation, configuration and store creating process with the banners and products took me just 3 days. Havent experienced any troubles/errors. And just to mention.. support is awesome !
Design is clean, professional and simple. Graphic design is relevant, consistent and professional, just fit with our industry need. Great attention to details, all elements are well aligned, with clear visual hierarchy that helps stand out the key message and supporting information. Template is highly compatible across all browsers, and its responsive layout works fine in smaller too. Customer service is very helpful, they helped make some customization and this templates fits us perfect. Thumbs up!
Great service, and excellent support. Good user experience. Nice theme purchase and installation was a breeze.
The template is awesome and the support team is always there with solutions for everithing! Totally recomended!
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Web Server (preferably Apache) Web Server (preferably Apache)
Curl Curl
Fsock Fsock
PHP 5.4 or higher PHP 5.4 or higher
Adobe Photoshop CC+ Adobe Photoshop CC+
ZIP unarchiver ZIP unarchiver
Apache Server Apache Server
MySQL 4.1.14+ MySQL 4.1.14+
PHP editor. PHP editor.
PHP 5.4+ PHP 5.4+