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The site is needed not only for the placement of goods and services you provide. With its help, you can analyze the dynamics of sales, product liquidity, and the target audience. An online store can be an excellent tool for conducting marketing research on potential partners or employers too. But many people wonder why you need to get a WooCommerce portfolio theme if you can use a page on social networks? These resources have one thing in common: they provide an opportunity to showcase your best works. At the same time, they also have differences:

  • WooCommerce template allows you to create a more systematic design, make it convenient to search for the desired product or service, create categories and subcategories.
  • The official page will allow you to pay attention to the main characteristics of each product or service you offer, its advantages, and its manufacturer in more detail.

Key Features of WooCommerce Portfolio Themes

WooCommerce themes we present on our platform come with multiple handy features, such as:

  1. High loading speed. You may have created your site or store before, and it started appearing on search engines. But you found the big problem is that it takes about 10 seconds to open. If you are experiencing this issue, it greatly affects your store's performance. Websites that load slowly see a 50% drop in traffic. Test your website speed and identify the causes of slowness and fix them as quickly as possible. Or otherwise, you can download our fast-loading templates and never again miss a customer.
  2. Mobile-friendly layout. Does your site support mobile, and is it compatible with various smart devices? If not, then you lose in this way a very large segment of customers who depend on smartphones for browsing, shopping, and purchasing. Get our mobile-friendly designs and provide a great online customer experience.
  3. SEO-optimized. Search engine optimization is important for any website. Many studies show that most of your visitors come from search engines. Therefore, a site or store needs to improve its SEO for the search engine and raise it to appear in the first results. With our optimized items, be sure to hit top rankings in Google.

How to Attract More Audience to Your WooCommerce Portfolio?

2020 was a watershed year for offline business owners. During the quarantine period, many enterprises and organizations suffered losses, and some even found themselves on the verge of ruin. In this regard, the question of how to quickly transfer a business online and organize sales via the Internet has become acute. In this part, we will share tips on customizing your online store and standing out from the crowd.

  • Analysis of the target audience and the choice of promotion channels are crucial. It is necessary to clearly understand the portrait of your target audience, their needs, and pains because it depends on how effective advertising will be.
  • Next, you need to decide on promotion methods, develop an advertising strategy and start promoting, following the plan. The most effective way to promote your online business is to use various marketing channels, including Social Media.
  • Add service descriptions and FAQ pages. A business needs an online store as an additional source of information for a client. If you pay attention to answers to frequently asked questions about goods and services, customers will receive information of interest even before calling the company. It will allow them to select the products they need faster, and you will serve more customers during the day.
  • Add delivery options. You can offer:
    1. Delivery of goods to the client by our courier in the city and region.
    2. Delivery by post.
    3. Sending an order by courier to the customer's address.
    4. Each of the shipping methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose a delivery method that suits your specific needs.

Free vs. Premium Templates

Can't find inspiration, discover styles, and start building your brand? What should you better choose for your site – a free or a premium template? Millions of people hesitate to select the best complete solution for their website. Well, tastes are different, as much as the purpose of downloading a website template. Some need templates for educational purposes, while others look for an affordable and fully packed option for their personal or business website.

Price is a very significant criterion for evaluating the quality of a product. Most consumers believe that a high price is a guarantee of high-quality standards. The willingness of consumers to spend more is because many premium products come with great functionalities. Featured products are officially licensed and double-tested for quality. Our top-quality web products have many other benefits: original designs, 24/7 technical support, numerous eye-friendly UI / UX components, 100% ready-to-use layouts. Be the best of the best. Get one of our items today, and you won't regret it!

WooCommerce Portfolio Themes Video

This informative video describes how to control top-rated products in your online shop. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and find out many other handy tutorials for customization purposes.

WooCommerce Portfolio Themes Questions and Answers

Do WooCommerce portfolio themes come with a Social Media Integration?

Yes, sure. You can do marketing through social media. It is an important and useful way to attract visitors to your site. Converting followers into customers is very useful, and you can do it by using attractive and appropriate content on Social Media.

Do WooCommerce portfolio themes come with a Blog Integration?

Yes, absolutely. You can update and post on your blog regularly. But, it is not enough to write blog posts containing keywords related to your customers' personalities, but you must continue to blog regularly and constantly. Companies that blog daily are more likely to report a positive return on investment than companies that blog only once a month.

It means that blogging has the multiple benefits of getting more visitors and leads. Blog integration gives search engines a good reason to crawl your site, giving you more chances for search engines to find and index your page and appear in the search engines' first results.

Do WooCommerce Portfolio Themes come with a mobile-friendly layout?

Yes, your potential customers, employers, or partners can browse your online platform on the go.

Can you help me to install WooCommerce Portfolio Themes?

Sure, all you have to do is consult our premium services and find the procedure you need to boost your project.