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Collection of Premium Red Logos

One of the most vibrant colors is red. Its potent energy has a significant impact on a person's psycho-emotional state. Its primary effect is that it causes people to act. Reddish hues energize people by giving them vivacity and enabling them to feel a burst of energy. If a person is having difficulty making a decision or is afraid to take the first step, this color will give them courage and help them make the right decision without hesitation. Red, in other words, exudes confidence. Is this about you? Then this collection of red logos is ideal for your company. It has a strong tone that conveys energy, passion, and excitement, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to stand out and make a bold statement.

Why Use Pre-Designed Red Brand Logos?

Many business owners overlook the significance of the emblem, not realizing that the absence of a professionally developed brand hurts their bottom line. Because the company lacks a clear direction and development strategy, potential partners may view it as untrustworthy. Furthermore, customers are usually concerned about the quality of products from a company that does not have a graphic trademark. After all, a company's logotype is a symbol of its name and reputation, and without it, customers might wonder if the business and its products are real.

But just having an emblem isn't enough; it needs to be easy to remember. Customers retain the memory of a well-chosen design for decades. People immediately recall the name of the company when they see a familiar image. Just look at McDonald's, Lego, and KFC.

The perfect logo:

  • is memorable and identifies the brand in the buyer's mind;
  • is universal and works in all situations and on all media;
  • is unique enough to be distinguished from others;
  • elicits positive associations;
  • reflects the type of goods or services offered;
  • is a visual representation of the brand's emotional qualities as well as its rational benefits.

All this can be achieved with the red logos from this collection.

A logotype is typically made up of three parts:

  1. graphic component (sign or symbol, such as a mountain, shield, or wave);
  2. the primary writing (a brand name);
  3. byline (decoding the company's activity or slogan).

However, all of these elements may be combined or excluded depending on the task.

Who Stands to Gain from Red Logos?

Many businesses desire a red-colored logotype to convey strength, passion, and power to their target audience. For example, if you want to encourage people to act or evoke strong associations with them, use reddish hues. Let's look at what kind of business red logos are appropriate for.

Fast Food

McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King, the world's largest fast-food restaurant chains, chose scarlet and claret shades for their trademarks, and they were correct. What better way to associate a strong desire, a passion for food, and a red-hot stove with the continuous preparation of delectable food? Also, many people look at fast food not just because they are hungry but because they want it. This is a compelling reason to use this vibrant color.

Food & Beverages

Once more, food. There are numerous red-colored food logotypes, including those for Kinder, Nutella, and Nescafe. Why is it so frequently used? This color stimulates the appetite, creates a strong desire (to eat), and drives the purchase. Because of their intensity, red logos give customers little time to think and no opportunity to walk away empty-handed.

Apparel Brands

Apparel companies frequently use red to draw attention and encourage purchases. This is because it is associated with excitement, passion, and urgency. It is especially effective for impulse purchases. Furthermore, such shades can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, making customers feel more connected to the brand. That is probably why Levi's, Vans, and H&M stores are always crowded.

Beers & Energy Drinks

Because red represents strength, power, and courage, it is ideal for brands of truly masculine beverages. Their logos express all the feelings and characteristics that are unique to men. The RedBull brand image, for example, is a perfect representation of the company's energy drink, which is marketed to active and adventurous men. Similarly, the label on Budweiser or Beck's bottles exudes boldness and confidence, which appeal to their male target audience.


The love of crimson and rouge hues is widespread among the world's automobile manufacturers. This color conveys the power of the car as well as the coolness of its owner. Bugatti's iconic emblem, for example, represents the speed and passion of their sports cars, whereas Toyota's emblem represents the company's determination to constantly improve and innovate. Their designs draw attention, stimulate purchase, arouse the desire to own the vehicle, and demonstrate passion and power.

Video Hosting & Streaming Services

Red logos are also popular among video platforms. Service providers like YouTube and Netflix use color to highlight the power of new technology, the capacity for risk-taking, and the desire to keep up with the times. The media industry can also be included in this category (e.g., BBC and Sky News).


Red is frequently used in cigarette brand logotypes due to its emotional appeal and association with prohibition and risk. For example, tobacco companies such as Marlboro, Lucky Strike, and Winston have also been known to use red in their packaging and advertising to attract young people and create a sense of rebellion and independence.

What Styles of Red Logos Can You Download?


Many businesses use this style because minimalism implies simplicity and brevity. This style employs few colors and no extraneous embellishments. For example, the well-known Instagram application now uses this style. Although the first logotype was a Polaroid OneStep camera image, the company decided to change it in 2016. It's now a camera and a rainbow with a gradient effect.


Creating a brand image using a color gradient is a wise decision for many businesses. This trend will continue to be popular for a long time. Instagram, which was just mentioned, and MasterCard, an international payment system, are both good examples. The designers simplified MasterCard's symbol by inserting a filler at the intersection of two geometric shapes.

Geometric Shapes

Designers use geometric shapes that are easy to recognize and remember to create a unique yet simple logotype. YouTube, a video hosting service, is an example. It consists of a rectangle with a triangle in the center that represents the "Play" icon.


The letters in this style are chosen specifically for a specific name or text. For example, Google uses lettering. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of the corporation, designed the company's first logo in a graphic editor. Ruth Kedar was the designer of the next Google brand look. She was the one who came up with the current corporate design.


Hand-drawn logos have a clean, folksy appearance. Many well-known companies use this design. A great example of this trend is Johnson & Johnson. Its logotype is simple: handwritten red-colored text on a white background.

How to Select Logos with Red Tones

When creating your new graphic trademark, you should think about design elements. These include type, form, white space, typography, and the sense of a graphic trademark.


  • Bright (crimson) is the most intense shade, which is associated with leadership, strength, and powerful energy. It is highly energizing, stimulates the brain, and improves mood. It is perceived as a fiery and passionate color that can also be aggressive and warlike.
  • Dark (maroon) is a rich, dense color that conjures up images of something hot, delicious, and spicy. It can be perceived as a tense, heavy color, so consider diluting it with lighter tones.
  • Vinny (claret) has a remarkably deep, rich color. It is enigmatic and sometimes forbidden. The tone conveys grandeur, sophistication, and refinement.


There are several types, and the one you choose will influence the final appearance of your corporate identity. Making a well-considered choice is, therefore, essential.

First, decide on the type. There are at least five different kinds:

  • abbreviation (e.g., CNN or DQ);
  • graphic (e.g., The Rolling Stones or Beats Electronics);
  • text (e.g., Marvel or Netflix);
  • mix (a combination of letters/words and graphic marks, such as RedBull or KFC);
  • emblem (a symbolic image with the brand name or a short tagline in the center, such as Burger King or Pizza Hut).

Consider which design elements you want to include (such as your company name, symbols, or both). Next, decide which one will help you achieve the desired atmosphere.


The shapes in your graphic mark also convey specific messages to your target audience.

  • Round-edged shapes (such as circles or ovals) are perceived as soft, friendly, and inclusive.
  • Sharp-cornered shapes (such as squares, rectangles, or triangles) are associated with strength, confidence, and power.

When incorporating shapes into your logo design, make sure they convey the intended message. For example, rounded shapes are more likely to work well with a catering company. For a company that needs to be seen as strong and trustworthy, such as a financial services company, angular shapes make more sense.

White Space

Numerous elements can be included in your logo (color, graphics, typography, and so on), but cramming too many elements into a small space can be visually tiring. Make sure your logo design has enough white space to avoid looking too crowded.


When designing a text logo, font choice is critical.

  • Do you prefer a more traditional look? Make use of a serif font.
  • Want a more modern take on cool? Consider using a sans-serif font.
  • Are you looking for a more avant-garde look? A custom graphic font could be the solution.

The typeface you select will do more than simply display the letters or words in your brand name. It will convey the personality of your brand. So make sure to select a font that complements your style.


Many designers use a denotative design based on first-level associations when creating beautiful and vivid logos. On the surface, the logo reveals all its obvious meanings.

Connotative design (second-level associations) is another concept. These logos contain profound, hidden meanings that combine two, three, or more key brand messages.

What Color to Complement Red Company Logos

  • Add white. This is always a bright tandem that draws the audience's attention. Such a combination conveys a sense of strength and energy, and it stimulates action. It's simple and timeless. LG is an excellent example.
  • Include blue. A difficult combination to perceive because both colors are very intense while also belonging to opposing palettes and having completely different energies. Because of this, red-blue logos are the most memorable. Remember Pepsi?
  • Consider yellow. This combination is extremely bright, dynamic, and shrill. Red-yellow logos are difficult to overlook; they always catch the eye. With the right mix of shades, you can create a very warm, friendly, and cheerful design. McDonald's immediately comes to mind!

Famous Red Logos: The Most Interesting and Successful Examples

Logos that follow all of the rules of the advertising industry and are popular all over the world are shown here.


For centuries, the Coca-Cola logo has remained unchanged. Frank Robinson, a friend of the company's founder, invented it in 1885, and it still adorns the bright reddish cans of the popular soda. Even though its creator was an accountant who knew nothing about design, the emblem has become the most famous in the world. Coca-Cola's design demonstrates that the most important thing is a good idea that endures.


McDonald's brand is well-known throughout the world. The architect Stanley Meston was responsible for the "M" logo. He was the one who decided to build a restaurant with two golden arches on the roof. This symbol, however, was not used as a trademark until 1962. Jim Schindler created the final version of the sign. He illustrated the restaurant's roof with golden arches that resembled the letter "M." In 1968, the company name took the place of the roof-related image on the logo. This marked the birth of the McDonald's brand.


The Danish phrase "leg godt," which translates to "play nice," served as the inspiration for the company name. The company's first logotype appeared on correspondence, shipping labels, and other printed materials, but not on toys. It was changed for the first time in 1936, and it began to appear on the products they made, including wooden toys with the LEGO Fabriken Billund seal printed on them. The first color version of the trademark appeared in 1946. To match the brand name, the emblem was given an oval shape in the mid-1950s. The oval shape surrounding the company name was changed to a square shape in 1960. The current version of the design appeared in 1973.

Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP)

The "Star of Affinity" is the official version of the band's logo. However, the emblem has several alternate names, including "Star of Infinity." Anthony Kiedis sometimes gives the symbol a different, more offensive name, which is "Angel's A-hole."

Ten Free Fonts to Use in Your Artistic Endeavors: Video

Are you looking for the ideal font for your project? Take a look at this video. Here are ten free fonts for creative work, along with instructions on how to download them. These typefaces are ideal for designers and creatives looking to add a personal touch to their work.

FAQs for Ready-Made Red Logos

How do I select the best red logos for my business?

First, you must determine what message you want your business to convey. What values, emotions, and messages do you want it to represent? What advantages do you provide? After that, decide on the type of mark (graphic, text, or a mix of the two). Also, look at the symbols your competitors use, but don't copy them.

I'm not sure about my design abilities. Can I hire TemplateMonster to create red logos for my business?

Sure. You can have a custom design or redesign created. Specialists will choose appropriate content and provide several file formats. You will also be able to make several revisions to your concepts.

What file formats are available for red logos?

Vector and raster graphics are both available. The download package includes several file types, the most common of which are ERS and JPG, but authors can also include AI, PNG, PDF, PSD, and SVG.

I'm not sure if red logos are right for my business. What other tones are available?

Brown, orange, pink, and purple are examples of similar colors. Check the sidebar on the left for a full list of the palette.