Online Store Integration

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  • Integration of an online store
  • Installation of a template
ETA ETA : 2 business days
$59 $59
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Online Store Integration Includes One of the Following:

Ecwid Online Store Integration for HTML website
WooCommerce Online Store Integration for WordPress
Virtuemart Online Store Integration for Joomla
Template installation
Integration and styling
Delivery time
2-3 business days
4-6 business days
4-6 business days

How to Add Online Store to Website:

  1. Collecting Information

    from 15 min

    If you want to add store to website, you have to define for what platform or content management system you need the store. While making your order, you have to choose if you want to integrate a store to your WordPress, Joomla, or HTML website. After you have made the payment, our customization team contacts you via email. We’ll ask you to provide access details to a hosting account on which the template is or will be installed. If you do not have a compatible hosting ready, we will help you select and register a new hosting plan with a discount. The process of registering a hosting account with your desired domain name will take 15-30 minutes.

  2. Integrating Online Store

    up to 6 days

    When our team has got all the necessary details from you, we’ll start the process of adding a store to your website. Depending on the platform we work with, it will take our team up to 7 business days to add store to website. You will be able to check the status of your project with your personal project manager. Our experts will add the store to your template and install it on your hosting.

  3. Reviewing and Finishing Up

    from 15 min

    After we add online store and customize it, you can check and approve the results. In case there are any things to be changed or fixed, you have two free revisions. When you accept the project, our team will send you login and passwords to the site's admin panel to start managing it. You will be able to add your products to the store and start selling them.

What We Need to Add Online Store:

  • FTP and MySQL access to your hosting account
  • (alternatively) cPanel access

Why Choose Online Store Integration

Do you have a website and want to start an online business but your website doesn’t support eCommerce functionality? Do you love your website template but you don’t know how to add online store to website? Our professional team has a solution for you.

With our online store integration service, you will get a fully-functioning online store. Our experts will add an online store to your existing site or template. The shop will be integrated on a separate page accessible from the main menu (via the “Shop” button). Moreover, you will get a designated control panel to manage products, categories, orders, payment and shipping options, etc.

To make everything easier, you will work with your personal project manager. You will be able to discuss all the details and check the status of the project with the project manager. You do not need to know all the technical aspects of how to add online store to website. You don’t need to have any prior experience in managing an online store, either. Your only task is to describe your project manager what you need, and the project manager will help you select a suitable e-commerce solution. Your project manager will be responsible for communicating with a customization team and delivering your requirements properly.

It doesn’t matter what platform you are using. Our professionals are ready to integrate a shop into any website. If you want to add online store to a WordPress site or template, we strongly recommend using the WooCommerce plugin. Nowadays, this is the most popular and feature-rich online store extension for WordPress, with the support of numerous payment gateways and shipping options. Moreover, you will be able to add many more features with the help of third-party plugins.

If you have a Joomla template or site, our team will apply the VirtueMart component to add online store to website. VirtueMart has the main advantages of WooCommerce but is geared towards Joomla users.

For HTML templates, we offer conversion to WordPress and integration of WooCommerce. This will allow you to get an admin panel with a visual easy-to-use editor to create and manage informational pages of your site. You won’t need to write code or re-upload HTML files through FTP. You can also select Ecwid instead of the options mentioned above to power your online store. It is a SaaS solution that can be integrated into any site. Ecwid allows you to have a store without any need to worry about updates, integration of payment gateways, or other store-related customizations. You can set payment and shipping options, add your products, and start selling goods.

After the store is integrated, we will install the template on your hosting. Then, we’ll provide you with the website’s admin panel access details to allow you to add products and make other customizations.

In case you do not have a hosting yet, we will help you register a fully compatible one-year hosting account with a discount.

Please note:

  • The service is valid for one website.
  • Sample products will be added to the store to show how it works and make adding your products easier.
  • Extra functionality integration or store configuration is not included in the package but can be made for you for an extra fee.
  • If you would like us to utilize some other online store extensions (solutions) not listed in the description, feel free to contact us to get a quote.
  • Communication with your project manager is in English (or we will use Google Translator).


Why do you use WooCommerce (VirtueMart for Joomla) instead of any other e-commerce solutions?

Nowadays, WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress-based online store extension due to its high-powered functionality. WooCommerce gives you a possibility to enhance functionality with additional plugins and extensions. Also, you will be able to integrate all major payments and shipping options. No other solution can provide the same level of support and features. Additionally, you will find a lot of tutorials on how to use WooCommerce.

What if I don’t want to have a store with WooCommerce or VirtueMart functionality?

If you would like our team to integrate another plugin into your store, we can do this. Particularly, we can add Ecwid to any kind of websites. Please start a chat on our site, and our consultants will be happy to help you with pricing.

Will you install a template on my hosting?

Yes, we will install a template on your existing hosting. You just need to provide us with the correct access details. If you do not have a hosting account yet, our team will be happy to help you. This service includes a fully-featured one-year account from InMotion. This account has got SSL, a free domain name, corporate emails, and a lot of other extras.

Will you be able to add products to the online store, and configure it for me with my payment and shipping details?

This particular service doesn’t include adding products and customizing various details, but we can do this for you for an extra fee. You can purchase one of Store Setup packages available on the site, or contact our support team who will help you with choosing the services tailored to your particular needs.


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HU Huxley Jennings
Thank you for your job! I didn’t plan to have online orders at my cafe first, so I chose a Joomla template that I loved. I got stuck when I needed to add online store, but your friendly team helped me to do this. There are numerous customization options, so I’m choosing the ones that will work best on my website.
RO Rodney Decker
I needed to add a fashion store quickly, so I chose to address a professional team. And I don’t regret it! My store will have numerous items, so I’m trying to find the best options for sorting goods. My WordPress store now has all the possibilities for this.
CH Charleigh Harwood
I decided to create a book shop on my website, and I didn’t know which solution was better. Your team helped me to move my HTML-website to WordPress and installed the WooCommerce plugin. Now, I’ve already customized my shop, and I’m starting sales.
  • Integration of an online store
  • Installation of a template
ETA ETA : 2 business days
$59 $59
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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