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Auto Parts Shopify Theme

If you are engaged in cars, have your own car showroom, garage, car wash, auto repair shop, etc., you definitely need your own website. We recommend that you use an auto parts Shopify theme, a platform that provides a relatively inexpensive website-building solution. All you need is to download the template and customize it to your own needs.

In this review, we will describe all the benefits of a ready-made auto parts template. In addition, if you are planning to make an auto parts website with an online store, you may be interested in a ready-made website for an online store or car rental organization.

Surely, you have long understood that spare parts can be sold, and even necessary, not only offline. You can make your online store or just a business card website and forever outshine your competitors or increase the flow of customers. How to do it? Check out the benefits of the Shopify theme to see if it suits you.

In order to provide the most complete and competitive information about your product, you should prepare material for publication. For such an online store, a catalog with photos of spare parts and detailed descriptions is required. Properly prepared product cards are the key to the success of your online store, and therefore a decent profit from sales.

Your online store should be visual and convenient, then visitors will return to you again and again. Naturally, you should also have the rest of the service set up. But a properly created marketplace is the face of your company. A ready-made online store of spare parts in a short time without investments is real!

Stylish Auto Parts Shopify Theme With Convenient Settings

The theme contains a complete set of tools. Thanks to this, you will have a full-fledged studio in your hands to create your own resource for selling car parts. With all the available features of the designer, even an absolute beginner in creating websites will quickly figure it out. The developers of the site tried to think over and implement everything so that the process of creating a site was as easy and simple as possible for users. Make a parts website in one day without spending time? With Shopify it's real! Check it out for yourself.

A fast modern theme dedicated to the sale of auto parts. The theme has really wide functionality and features such as:

- adaptability - including for Retina;

- constant updating;

- timely support.

The design is easily customizable when working with the visual settings editor, which is included in the price. This theme has everything you need to make your site memorable for visitors. Stylish design, a good combination of colors - all this is perfectly complemented by many functions and extensive customization options. There are all relevant plugins and presets, including search engine optimization and customizable parallax background. Additionally, you will be guaranteed to receive timely updates and quality support. Your site will always remain up to date.

The theme is ideal for those who appreciate a quality website to connect with customers. This theme comes with many service pages: timetable, free consultation/order form, services, etc. It is perfect for both experienced website builders and complete beginners. Thanks to the functionality of the theme, you will create a powerful online store, while spending very little time. Both you and your clients will be amazed by the beauty and functionality of the site. Believe us, it's not difficult at all!

The Perfect Auto Parts Shopify Theme for Your Business

This auto parts Shopify theme may be of interest to both car repair business owners, as well as those who sell parts. Thematic development looks great, equipped with all the necessary plugins - advanced forms, and the ability to specify the location. Everything is configured without knowledge of coding, exclusively in the visual editor mode. Convenient and beautiful theme.

Use it to promote your business online. You can also complement the theme with other plugins that will help you automate business processes.

What features does the theme provide:

  1. Simple and clear interface.
  2. Possibility to choose the type of site.
  3. Using a pre-made design.
  4. Easy customization of your website modules.
  5. Publication of any information.
  6. Placement of the catalog with products.
  7. Ability to connect to the site of third-party applications.
  8. Payment system connection.

All settings are carried out online thanks to an admin panel understandable even for a beginner. All devices are supported - computers, tablets, phones.

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TemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale.

This is a Parallax Cars Shopify ecommerce theme

What is it?

When you travel somewhere, distant objects move very much slower compared to the close ones. Imitation of such an effect on the online site - when the background image moves slower as opposed to the content and articles, is known as parallax. It really is used to create a feeling of space in the potential customer's eyes.

Why is it Good?

A website with parallax scrolling instantly attracts the attention of a user and boosts brand recognition thanks to the eye-catching looks.

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This is a Bootstrap Auto Review Shopify template

What is it?

It is the most favored HTML and CSS based framework that contains styles for the main elements found in the HTML coding.

Why is it Good?

Thanks to the use of Bootstrap a website will be able to adjust its content to any screen size. It's important for both Search engine optimisation and website visitors.

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This Aftermarket Parts Shopify theme is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

SEO-friendly WordPress templates that are appropriate for the widely used SEO plugins for WordPress.

Why is it Good?

The Search Engine Friendly layout is undoubtedly a wonderful general platform to start advertising and increasing research rates of the internet site. It's quite a bit easier to make use of this kind of internet site for Search engine optimisation specialist simply because half the work is already completed.

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This Automotive Parts Shopify theme is Responsive

What is it?

responsive Shopify Themes is a capability of the website to instantly adjust to any display size and resolution.

Why is it Good?

Along with the increasing fascination with mobile devices, the amount of persons who log on to the websites from cell phones has increased considerably. This type of aspect lets you adapt websites to mobile devices and different screen extensions, eventually providing cellphone users with enhanced alternatives.

This is Spare Parts Shopify theme with On-line chat functionality

What is it?

Online chat is a good way to establish communication between you and your customers.

Why is it Good?

Let users request support team's advice or get in touch with sales department while trying to select the product. Your genuine guidance can transform viewers into loyal customers.

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Update (01 July 2022):

  • -Update theme up to Shopify 2.0 version.

Update (23 December 2020):

  • Minor functional fixes (currency and sign-in issues).

4 Reviews for this product

The process was incredibky helpful. The guys i spoke to didnt pressurise me but helped me when encountering issues. Great help. Thanks. Tom
It would be good for someone that has never put together a site but I need something more customizable for the look I need. This theme is extremely basic and good for beginners.
Product was easy to load and template monster help was good to help me change the colors and logos. I am pleased so far
The theme is for my clients auto parts website, and it is well-designed with images being well placed. The only letdown with this theme is there is no provision for social media being displayed prominently. So you would have to customize to some degree to show everything you want to have shown. I would recommend this theme to anyone from a novice to a seasoned professional in website development.

3 Comments for this product

Why does custom logo image still have a colored (color 3) circle behind it by default, which cannot be disabled using admin panel? How do you set color option for header_top and footer from admin panel?
Thank you for your comment, Rellison! Our senior technicians will gladly check this issue for you. Please contact our Support Team at and provide your admin and FTP details for further investigation. You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Thank you.
How fast is the load speed?
Hello LA. Thank you for comment. Here you may check the load speed of this template!/kDwUw/ You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Thank you and have a nice day!
Is it possible to add another languages, like Arabic?
Thank you for your comment. Yes, sure, it is possible. You can add Arabic language with Or you can do you it yourself using this tutorials -
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