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WordPress Visual Composer Themes = Easy Website Building

Visual Composer is a convenient WordPress plugin with a drag & drop interface for your convenience. There is no need to have any technical background to build a powerful website. TemplateMonster offers a beautiful collection of themes powered by WordPress Visual Composer. All of them are full of different pre-styled elements and features to make your project stand out. There are items for different business niches and multiple design solutions. You can use the pre-designed layouts or create new pages without a hitch. Pick up the best solution for your project and enjoy the most comfortable website building ever.

Best Visual Composer WordPress Templates for Your Business

How about getting a WordPress theme with the Visual Composer in-built at no extra cost? It does not matter if your project is related to services, fashion, sports, or society niches; you will enjoy this powerful tool. Pick up your favorite template to give it a try. With a few clicks of a computer mouse, you can make creative layouts with no technical background.

Honestly, we can't name a topic visual composer themes wouldn't cover. The gallery contains items for such popular niches as:

  • IT, computers & internet;
  • Medical templates with consultations;
  • Sport, outdoors & travel;
  • Social needs, personal pages, politics & charity;
  • Design, development & photography;
  • Clubs, games & entertainment;
  • Cars, motorcycles, repair & logistics;
  • Animals & pets;
  • Herbs store, drinks, organic food, vegan shops;
  • Lawyer & attorney;
  • Hairdresser, make-up artist, stylist & personal shopper;
  • Education, courses, schools, kindergarten, books, etc.

WordPress Visual Composer Styles Solutions

There are templates for any taste. One can choose between such eye-catching design solutions as the following:

  • Material design
  • Corporate;
  • Flat design;
  • Cartoon and paper made;
  • Futurist;
  • 3D effect;
  • Urban/street;
  • Artwork;
  • Minimalist, etc.

There are also neutral-styled WordPress Visual Composer products and items with designs perfect for mobiles.

5 Top Features of Visual Composer WordPress Themes

Before all else, the product packs contain a convenient editor - WordPress Visual Composer. It was made for beginners and advanced creators who want to deliver websites faster. One can get a no-code website with multiple ready-to-customize essentials listed below. Plus, you could also build a low-code project if you'd like to play with its structure. Here is what you get by choosing themes with the Visual Composer plugin.

  1. Simple layout creation. Users get full control over their websites with the d & d editor. You can create unusual layouts for posts and pages of different types with WordPress Visual Composer. Add rows and columns, format elements, duplicate, etc., and don't forget to use archives to speed up the process. These make assigning new pages and styling layouts a time-saving and interactive process, whether you select presets or design everything from scratch.
  2. Building websites from blocks. One can manage their project with the help of ready sections. Adjusting content with various blocks available in Visual Composer would help to publish pages faster.
  3. Enriching the pages with pop-ups. It is easy to capture leads and make website-wide notifications with easy-to-add pop-ups. Users can perform any visual changes within the builder.
  4. eCommerce readiness. A built-in WooCommerce module allows online store creation. Build pages with custom product pages, catchy shop-related features, lists, galleries, and other essentials. With the module's help, you can manage the store from anywhere, study shoppers' needs, check stats, etc. To illustrate, here is what you can find inside a pro WooCommerce pack:
    • Pre-designed shop pages;
    • Ajax main menu with the header card feature;
    • Share buttons for products;
    • Header contact information, like phone, email, etc.
    • Canvas filter sidebar;
    • Image boxes, accordions, block quotes, and other blocks.
  5. Dynamic templates. The feature is suitable for any topic and brings a unique look to any website. Whatever your project is about, don't hesitate to replace some static content with dynamic elements. These visuals are simple to change and easy to apply for posts, pages, and custom post types.

Besides, WordPress VC templates bring you the next possibilities to ease the site-designing process:

  • Elements compatibility. The builder is compatible with the most well-known WP plugins.
  • Export and import templates. One can export/import their VC templates between websites in minutes. It speeds up website development and faster delivers information to customers.
  • Social widgets integration. There is a pre-packed social widget set to integrate the website with the most popular social media. It allows sharing content on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social platforms to boost sales and attract more visitors. Besides, you would get some social traffic which is perfect for any site.
  • Archive editor. As the name of the feature says, it allows the creation of custom archive pages for different projects. It would further the editing process and help you make archive pages look the way you want.

WordPress Visual Composer Essentials

Except for the drag & drop website builder, pay attention to the following set of features of WordPress Visual Composer items:

  • Responsive layout;
  • Easy setup;
  • Powerful admin panel;
  • WordPress VC template library;
  • MegaMenu;
  • Ajax search;
  • Blog module;
  • Portfolios;
  • SEO-optimized coding;
  • Parallax effect;
  • WPML-ready;
  • Technical support.

Why does one need these must-haves? Let's pay attention to some of these features. Traditionally, all of these are creator-friendly and allow simple customization for users of all ages and skill levels.

Responsive layout

Responsive layout is a must, no matter what kind of website you run. It makes websites adapt to the visitor's viewport size. Aside from a professional visual presence on any device, you can also ensure that the website loads faster without distortions. It also improves SEO and gives a better online/offline browsing experience. Making the website look professional on all platforms results in higher conversion rates. Due to the responsiveness WordPress Visual Composer templates provide, you have images, videos, slides, buttons, and other visuals automatically changed to fit the viewer's screen.

Powerful admin panel

A powerful admin panel is what makes site editing better. One can perform any content changes without trouble. You have numerous code-free features and content blocks. There are special headings, custom content lists, slider galleries, ties galleries, grids, and carousels to promote in a trendy way. You can also choose from multiple post styles (including the one with thumbs), separate content with categories, carousels, or add a video playlist with custom uploads.


WPML-ready themes with Visual Composer make your website visible in different countries. You have translation-ready content that gets higher ranking results. Search engines will notice it even in countries that scan native-speaking websites only. Business people could develop their deals abroad with the feature. It makes the project more prospect-friendly, better onsite communication, increases audience, and improves sales and conversions.

Ajax search

Ajax makes another must-see component of visual composer templates. The feature lets visitors see search results without reloading the page, as it displays them once a person starts typing. With it, you get a better onsite experience. People can more easily see whatever they are looking for. Plus, live search functionality also shows the most popular requests. The foremost advantage of Ajax is that it improves the performance and usability of features based on it. It also reduces server traffic and increases speed. That's why you also have many eCommerce-related Ajax-based features, like Card or Compare.

Visual Composer template library

The WordPresss visual composer template library makes building new layouts a quick and interesting process. Depending on the chosen product, you have several or multiple templates to select from. For example, Merimag offers up to 20 ready-made websites for various topics, such as crypto, tech, photography, travel, and more. All the templates contain essential pages, like Home, Contacts, Blog & News. There are also must-have blocks, like social media, top views, or popular categories. One can choose the very template for their business and edit it in a few clicks within the builder. Tweak colors, add new elements from the library, change sizes, and replace elements in minutes.

MegaMenu plugin

The MegaMenu is a well-known thing when it comes to menu creation. There is no professional website that can exist without the feature. It allows building menus of different complicity with smart product categories - for WooCommerce - images, videos, icons, and logos in the menu's design. The main advantage of the plugin is that it ensures all website pages are included within the navi menu. The visitors can enter any page easily and find the needed piece of content in seconds with a built-in live search. Finally, MegaMenu betters SEO results and provides a neat content organization with products and pages being split by categories and logical submenus.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax is a modern feature popular in web design. The feature makes a beautiful addition to any business or personal website based on a charming depth and motion combination. It is especially good for galleries and backgrounds. The effect adds visual interest to site pages and engages visitors with the illusion of depth as they scroll through the website. Parallax helps to highlight the needed information and emphasizes the level of the company's creativity. It also encourages longer page visit times, which is always beneficial. Depending on the platform and website kind, traditional Parallax may have some disadvantages you can check out here. However, our templates with Parallax provide smooth scrolling without overloading the pages.

SEO-Ready WordPress Visual Composer Landing Page Templates

SEO readiness is a key aspect of any popular online project. Startup owners and business people make their best to ensure their online presence is SEO-ready enough to get a higher ranking from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. SEO brings 70%+ more clicks, and you would also improve sales with the international SEO features. Today, Google's organic rankings are mostly based on what the algorithm determines as the top results for a particular topic. SEO templates based on WordPress Visual Composer make everything automatically. With it, website owners can do the following:

  • Attract potential shoppers and enlarge customer list;
  • Get more sales;
  • Better promotions;
  • Attract international customers or sponsors;
  • Increase a company or brand visibility;
  • Improve their marketing strategy;
  • Generate more visits to the website;
  • Showcase high-quality content with the proper keywords.

And one can also save on Google Ads!

Needless to say, SEO is vital not only for landings. Huge websites with multiple pages would get more chances to succeed with the feature. SEO-friendly templates based on WP make engines scan your pages faster and without interruption.

Multipurpose VS Niche Templates

What is better to purchase, and how to select the exact product? What is inside, and who might need the templates?

Multipurpose themes with WordPress Visual Composer

One might run a wide range of online projects, including e-stores, portfolios, galleries, portals, blogs, magazines, personal websites, resumes, etc. More importantly, the themes with multipurpose design offer numerous web design solutions for different business topics. You could use the same product to launch a website presenting services related to sports, medicine, food, technologies, style, beauty, and so much more!

Depending on the selected item, you get ready-to-manage solutions one can use for different websites. Just purchase the Commerce or Business license and go ahead! There are many reasons why you should use multipurpose themes, including the next:

  • Feature-rich packages with all the essential components built-in;
  • Possibility to use the same theme for several websites by purchasing the needed license;
  • Compatibility with numerous plugins, including necessary and specialized ones;
  • Ability to use eCommerce layouts with cart styles, icon fonts, and many pre-made layouts;
  • Cost-effective: top Visual Composer themes with multipurpose design are reasonably priced and save users time and money.

The products are especially good to be used by marketers, developers, designers, and anyone else who needs more than a few websites. Those who drive websites for money would find multifunctional themes especially helpful. This is also an all-in-one solution for IT companies looking for various pro features and anyone else who needs flexibility to craft projects of any style and use.

Niche WordPress Visual Composer themes WordPress

These products contain several or multiple layouts for various design solutions too. The main difference between multipurpose items is that niche themes are dedicated to a particular kind of business. They have layouts pre-styled for topic-related needs. For example, a medical niche theme would offer you to work with layouts for the doctor, medical equipment, consultations, pills, medical drinks, etc.

Aimed to be used for a specific field, niche WP themes features and web design elements usually come for the selected business topic. Choosing the theme depends on the next aspects:

  • What kind of website complexity are you looking for? We recommend you buy multipurpose themes if you wish for a big feature-rich website with multiple pages and plenty of business-related options.
  • What skill level does a user have? One would say that it is better to start with niche templates if you have never run a site before. However, TemplateMonster's themes are 100% creator-friendly, making them simple to work with for beginners.
  • What design and functionality possibilities are you looking for? Multipurpose products contain tons of tools to enrich a project's functionality. You may choose from numerous plugins both for the visual part of the website and its functionality. On the other hand, niche templates come with must-haves and niche-specialized features inside the packs.

Niche-based WordPress Visual Composer templates are perfect for beginners and those who value simplicity. They usually come with specific functionality meant to cover the needs of a chosen industry. It means you have all the important features in a single pack with a sleek design.

Free vs. Premium Visual Composer WordPress Templates

If you are starting with WordPress and you are okay with basic functionality and non-exclusive design, a free website layout is the right choice. But, if you are ready to invest, you will get many advantages. Premium themes can boast of a unique design, coding quality, powerful features, and professional support.

You already know what the premium templates pack is about. And what is inside free templates? Let's take a closer look at 3 top free Visual Composer WordPress templates.

Blogger Buzz Free

The template suited various business niches, from fashion to entertainment and web design. It has all the essential features, like a responsive layout that automatically adjusts to the screen of the viewer's device. One can choose from unlimited blog styles and various header and footer variations. Though this is a free product, Blogger Buzz is also translation- and RTL-ready and fully optimized for SEO. It allows building new web pages in a few clicks with a powerful drag & drop builder and supports MegaMenu for an excellent content promo.

Construction Light

This minimalist theme has a 1-click demo importer and provides easy customization. One can use an advanced slider to capture the audience with images, videos, and banners promoting the services. Among the other free features of the theme, there are:

  • Portfolio section with different layouts;
  • Team & Testimonials;
  • Pre-built sidebars;
  • Consume Counter section to highlight important data;
  • WooCommerce compatibility;
  • Retina-ready design;
  • Child theme support, etc.


Crafted for education, books, and courses, the theme offers 6 ready-made homepages to choose from. It has all essentials in the pack, including responsiveness and a powerful drag & drop page builder. Educenter is also integrated with such important WordPress plugins as Slider Revolution, Gutenberg, Contact Form 7, etc. One could enrich their design with carousels, slider shows, grids, and more.

As you can see, not all the free themes come with basics only. Using one of the templates listed above would be enough for a good-looking, responsive business website. Still, we recommend you check out some premium items as well if you want more interactive design solutions.

How to Download WordPress Designs with Visual Composer

Already found the very product? To get access to the download file, make sure to go through a few steps to complete the purchase:

  1. Pick up your best Visual Composer WordPress layout and click the 'Add to Cart' button.
  2. Think over if you want to add any additional services and click 'Checkout Now'.
  3. Complete the checkout process.
  4. Check your email for the download instructions.

How Do I Choose a WordPress Theme

Check out this video to learn how WordPress works and grab tips on picking up the best theme for your project.

Themes Powered by WordPress Visual Composer FAQ

How do I add WordPress Visual Composer to my WordPress theme?

Most modern themes already have the feature in the pack. However, some users might need to add the WordPress Visual Composer plugin to an old website. In this case, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to VisualComposer website to download a free version of the plugin.
  2. Navigate to your WordPress admin panel and log in there.
  3. Go to the Plugins section > Add New.
  4. Click the Upload Plugin button and choose your Visual Composer zip file.
  5. Click Install Now and Activate.

Is it essential for Visual Composer WordPress templates to be SEO-friendly?

This is an important feature to get your website to the top positions in search engines and attract your target audience. By making your website SEO-ready, you automatically increase the audience, which boosts sales and improves Google rankings. It also generates more visits and increases the website's visibility. With it, one can publish high-quality content with the proper keywords easy-to-scan by Google and other popular engines. Besides, you might also want to get International SEO to enter the global market and attract foreign prospects to the business.

What features to look for in WordPress Visual Composer landing page templates?

Before everything else, there should be a responsive, Retina-ready design with simple layout creation. You might also want to make the website eCommerce ready with WooCommerce. It is simple to enrich the pages with various custom blocks and pop-ups. Among the other must-haves are Ajax-based elements, MegMenu, translation-ready design, Parallax, and other visual effects. Premium WordPress Visual Composer products have all of these.

Will you be able to help to install a WordPress template with Visual Composer?

There is nothing complicated about the process. You can do it in the 5 steps named above. However, sometimes it is easier to save time by asking a professional team to assist. You can order the TemplateMonster installation service when checking out if you want us to complete the installation for you.

How to sell Visual Composer WordPress themes on TemplateMonster?

We are always happy to meet new creators! Join the TemplateMonster community to sell your work. Create and verify your account, upload your work, and wait for the TemplateMonster experts' approval. There is a simple product approval system with higher commission rates and the possibility to set author-driven prices. Don’t hesitate to show us your WordPress items!