The template features a responsive design that ensures smooth traffic flow as the content of your webpage automatically adjusts to any screen resolution. It also includes a large hero area where you can place photos or logos of your company. The theme is specially designed for travel and tourism websites. In the content part of the page you can find blocks with information about services and tours you offer. There is also a simple form which helps the visitors to order a tour or contact you direnstly. At the bottom of this travel web template there is a section where you can post information on the latest news and available tours.

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This is a Parallax Travel Agency web template

What is it?

Parallax is a scrolling technique in which foreground visuals transfer faster than the back ground ones.

Why is it Good?

Parallax help your guests relate with your internet site and generate a better user experience. It allows you you to differentiate yourself among your opponents.

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This Outdoors& Travel website design is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design renders a web site page very same properly on any existing display screen size.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design will make your business site appear equally perfect on screen of any personal computer or hand held gadget.

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Its working excellent, is easy to use and the instructions explain everything.

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