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A refined WordPress theme for wine enthusiasts and sellers. Showcasing delightful wine collections, it emphasizes the age-old charm of wines, expert insights, and genuine customer experiences.
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Education industry is massive. In this era, people are spending a significant amount of money for online education. To grab the opportunity to take part in the huge online education market,
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WordPress Ecommerce Themes: Flexible, Affordable, and Promising.

Are you looking for solutions to build a WordPress-based e-shop or a vendor marketplace? Or you want to add a few eCommerce features to an already functioning WordPress website. Either way, we have some great offers for you! At the moment, WordPress does not provide shopping cart functionality natively. It might be a good idea to pick one of our professional WordPress eCommerce themes powered by WooCommerce with all the necessary plugins and frameworks.

E-commerce WordPress themes support large or medium stores and are also very user-friendly for neophytes. Each theme provides beautiful shop designs, clear shipping and tax settings, easy-to-use orders, customers and inventory, vast marketing options, and more.

It is extremely simple to improve your installation skills, fine-tune and customize every theme once you have selected the one that fits your business concept.

Please look at our professional WordPress retail store themes to build an online store that will make your business boom!

WordPress Ecommerce Theme: How Does It Work?

Small, mid-sized, and large businesses are smoothly moving to online platforms since they have discovered an alternative method for quickly reaching the top of their niche. A web store brings many advantages to you and your potential customers. In addition, such an initiative opens up new perspectives for you.

You get a reliable analytical tool, an online showcase of a wide range of products and services, a resource for team members' internal use, and constant access to inside information from anywhere in the world at any time.

Customers get fast shopping, a convenient filter panel, the ability to compare products, money and time savings, psychological comfort and no pressure from annoying consultants, and advice when needed exclusively.

Online shopping is actively replacing stationery stores, which used to be the only place to sell something. With well-developed WordPress eCommerce themes, you will succeed as a beginner or give a long-standing business a new lease on life. Thus, we have prepared solutions for areas such as:

  • Education, culture, and science;
  • Sports and leisure;
  • SPA and beauty;
  • Apparel, footwear, and accessories;
  • Technology and electronics;
  • Hobbies, interests, and creativity;
  • Furniture and home decor;
  • Household kits and tools;
  • Pet supplies and plants;
  • Medicine and public health;
  • Handmade articles.

Why Are WordPress Ecommerce Themes Important?

First, the templates are fully operational. The TM team wizards to work hard on improving the offerings to facilitate the many processes and tasks confronting you. Import them to save time, avoid common flaws during web development, and ensure consistently high performance.

Second, they are easy to use. Everything is simple:

  • Find a suitable product.
  • Add it to the shopping cart.
  • Pay for it.
  • Unzip the package.
  • Proceed to edit.

If you want to modify the WordPress ecommerce themes, do it boldly. Most products are user-friendly and have an accessible admin panel (if your HTML and CSS knowledge is poor or nonexistent).

Third, they have a highly specialized design and focus. Are you looking for a layout for a children's goods hypermarket or a deluxe fragrance line? You are in the right place. Web design trends and loyal customer requests set the tone for these templates. A proper balance of light and shadow, hue combinations, and eye-catching effects create a base for the pages, hinting toward their subject matter.

Develop a WordPress Ecommerce Website with Indispensable Features

  • Modern previews. Each product has up to several hundred unique and easy-to-view demos. They provide an accurate visualization of the final product. Observe what your marketplace can look like with a specific theme.
  • Drag & Drop builder. Dreaming of fast and hassle-free website construction? This option will appeal to you. Operate text, images, blocks, tables, and all other user interface elements with a computer mouse. Position content according to your needs and be creative!
  • Responsive pages. What gadget will the user surf online? You must determine more than one option. Many devices today are adapted for internet browsing. WordPress eCommerce themes suggest an adaptable design to fit the screen's resolution.
  • Single-page and multi-page. The collection includes themes for multi-page websites and landings. Each of them helps to prevent excessive space and use it rationally on the site.
  • Multi-language capability. WordPress eCommerce themes support WPML/ Polylang plugins for text translation. It allows you to create an online business aimed at international sales. In addition, language variations make the platform more flexible and provide a comfortable user experience.
  • Technical support. Premium customers get free help for six months. Service experts are ready to solve functional problems, advise, and assist in settings.
  • Guide file. All digital products are supplied with a separate documentation file. It is informative and contains an intelligible description of all template processes. Both beginners and experienced professionals find it useful. Do not neglect it to avoid trivial mistakes or missing important details.

Additional Options of WordPress Ecommerce Themes

  • Online store. TemplateMonster comes with a wide range of ready-made layouts for a successful e-shop. Set up payment systems, designate payment and delivery methods, organize a professional product gallery, etc.
  • Limitless color schemes. All layouts offer great harmonious combinations of colors. If desired, you can personalize the product effortlessly. Choose the shades and contrasts yourself. Flexible system of adjusting colors within your reach. Try it!
  • Cross-browser compatibility. A prerequisite for a successful webshop is accessible through different search engines and browsers. Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and other popular platforms will display your content with this feature.
  • Dynamic animation. Pick tailored visuals to accompany the introduction of text and artwork. Make the e-store more active, vibrant, and cohesive.
  • Google typography. Explore a set of numerous aesthetic fonts. Apply modern graphic patterns to text to emphasize important details or hide less relevant information. The right font also complements web design and harmonizes with style.
  • Header variations. The header is the most important element of any website. You could use it for any purpose: for the search bar, contact information, advertising, product carousel, and so on. Prepared forms are waiting for you to test them!
  • Mega Menu. How do we cope with the flow of information and structure goods for sale? Easy enough with the mega menu option. It is a wide palette of drop-down boards providing access to any category. Ensure intuitive navigation for your users!
  • Custom widgets. The variety of components is impressive! There are samples for popular categories, products, shopping carts, social networks, add-ons, and extensions. Make your resource versatile and future-proof with widgets.

How to Plug More: Popular Extensions for WordPress Ecommerce Themes

The world is constantly modernizing and expects us to do so. The specifics of advanced ecommerce layouts are their support of many extensions and modules. If you want to create a highly productive and promising online marketplace, consider what features it should possess. Here are a few of the most commonly used plugins:

  • WPML. Free of charge. Need to engage a foreign consumer? Please, pay attention to this multilingual add-on. It automatically translates content into different languages and contributes to a comfortable browsing experience.
  • MailChimp. Free of charge. Maintain constant communication with your customers even without their initiative. Gather information about your regular visitors, analyze the statistics of their purchases, and notify them about the special offers on the website via email. It is reliable, fast, and does not require many resources.
  • Revolution Slider. Paid. This premium module lets you splash out your imagination and create animated pages. Add variety, incorporate visual effects, and use ready-made slides.
  • LearnPress. Free of charge. Are you planning to start an online learning institution? Use it to organize the educational process and properly structure all the data for students.

WooCommerce: as an Integral Part of Online Commerce

Woocommerce is the main WordPress extension for online shops. The WordPress eCommerce themes presented on this page are compatible with it. It adds all the necessary tools for trading to an existing or new site. What are its benefits and major offerings?

  • Basic pages for online shops appear automatically. Components such as My Cart, My Account, and Checkout are proposed to users by default. It is up to you to customize your store's settings and add content and products.
  • Multicurrency and up to 100 payment methods. The plugin initially had only two active internet payment systems - PayPal and Stripe. With additional modules, customers can also configure the count with e-money, bank cards, cryptocurrency, etc.
  • Effective marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs find mailing a reliable method of informing clients about upcoming promotions, seasonal discounts, and new collections. In addition, standard possibilities include coupon creation, bonuses, and the listing of discount items. All of this you can do yourself.
  • Analytical tools. Woocommerce themes offer to keep track of customer actions, create a database, generate stats, and sales frequency, analyze the obtained results and export them. Connecting Google Analytics is not a problem either.

Why Webshop Should Be SEO-Targeted and What Solutions TemplateMonster Provides

An essential aspect in promoting services and products is undoubtedly the way they are presented and the attractive user interface. However, at a deeper level lies a flexible page structure that ensures successful ranking. How do we accomplish this?

TemplateMonster puts forward SEO-friendly WordPress layouts for e-shops. For example, a search engine such as Google recognizes SEO sites faster. The next step is when it reads the data and actively promotes the page in the search engine's results. It allows the businessman to spend on something other than expensive contextual advertising or resort to professional aid. This feature guarantees constant attention from clients, improved productivity, increased sales, and noticeable growth and development of the store.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes?

A valid and multitasking template during site-building is a real treasure. The countless handy features and privileges they provide are a testament to this. We recommend choosing a digital product with supreme consciousness and seriousness. First, it determines how complicated or straightforward the customization will be and whether you can cope with the task. Second, there are no similar items. You can get two different themes in functionality, design, and inside characteristics for the same cost.

Is it right for you? At a first cursory glance, you will confidently say yes. But once you dig deeper, you encounter many pitfalls. They can become an obstacle on the way to effective customization. To avoid upcoming difficulties, please pay attention to the proper examination of the template. Answer the following questions:

  • Would I be ready to develop a web shop style from scratch, or should I look for a design that meets my expectations exactly?
  • What type of products will I promote: digital or physical? Do I need to take quality photos and videos myself?
  • How extensive should the resource be: for a few items for sale or a few hundred?
  • Do the available features cover my needs and desires: promotion, attention-grabbing, reporting tools, etc.?

Let us indicate a few fundamental ideas for determining the perfect WordPress eCommerce templates.

Tips on Selecting WordPress Ecommerce Themes

The first point is rating. All WordPress eCommerce themes have their rating scale. The maximum score is five stars. Such indicators are posted on the field with the name and link. The vendor rating is equally crucial. Make sure the developer holds the position for a long time and has established himself as a reliable partner. We advise choosing the services of trusted masters to ensure quality technical support when needed.

The second point is updates. How long has the template been updated? Some of you consider version modifications unnecessary, insisting that the initial set of features is sufficient. However, the WordPress engine is constantly upgrading. And all complementing products must comply with the innovations. Any author strives to create a comfortable user experience through product improvements.

The third point is reviews. Check out customer feedback! On the one hand, they confirm the correctness of your choice and testify to the vendor's timely response to the consumer's request. On the other hand, they can persuade you to quit the idea. Check out the personal experience of a TM client, evaluate the quality of the customer service, and conclude.

The fourth point is to make the search as easy as possible. TemplateMonster offers an intuitive filter panel. Note the allowable cost and rating of the product. Have a clear color and style preference? It is no problem to indicate it. Plus, freely sort suggestions by novelty, price, and relevance. It saves you time and allows you to focus on the relevant solutions from the first minute.

Multipurpose and Single-Product WordPress Ecommerce Themes

Trading online is quite different from offline. Primarily, it is related to contemporary trends and the desire to stand out and grab attention. It prompts vendors to take modern approaches to template development to make them customer-specific and more flexible. Initially, themes with ecommerce potential could be divided according to their structure into several categories:

  • Multipurpose. A deep branching structure characterizes these. There is no need to ask for a web developer's services to build a successful online store. You may specialize in your niche and sell perfumes, eyeglasses, home decor, or other product segments. Themes are also appropriate for establishing a marketplace with hundreds of items, from food to home appliances. With an advanced toolset, the templates help build categories, sections, and pages and provide intuitive navigation.
  • Single-product. One-item trading seems odd, with abundant means to increase conversions and expand the assortment. However, this type of commerce could be successful. WordPress themes offer a flexible framework for highly specialized sites. It may be a book, an online course, or a mattress - it does not matter. However, a properly developed site will encourage customers to buy it in a few seconds. You could customize a page of any format and complexity and apply many features.

Are Free Ecommerce Themes Worth Paying Attention to?

Today it is possible to find a premium luxury template with an endless array of add-ons for online trade and a free option. They all have many distinct points and different target audiences. TemplateMonster supports such a tendency, so the assortment contains diverse proposals. How to choose the perfect WordPress eCommerce theme? We should highlight the main pros and cons of both categories.

The main advantage of free themes is their cost, namely their absence. Instant access to the product without financial expenses is the main reason most users select them. They are especially relevant for newbies who are inexperienced in site building. With out-of-the-box models, they quickly learn the intricacies of setting up and boldly play with web design. It is a great way to get the skills they need for the work ahead. However, there are a few nuances to consider. Free themes are wildly popular with consumers. Hundreds and thousands of identical web pages are built on their basis. It makes creating a unique design impossible. One way or another, customers will confuse you with others.

Can the premium WordPress eCommerce templates help you avoid it? Absolutely. One of their key features is a wider range of visual editor tools. Vendors guarantee high-quality solutions for online stores and supply more options to work with. Additional parameters help build unique user interfaces. Another reason why you should prefer paid items is reliable author assistance. Customers get timely, professional help whenever they need it. And regular updates allow you to keep up with the times and enjoy a perfect marketplace experience. It is always important for an online store to have an advanced set of features and functions to competently provide orders, transactions, delivery, notifications, etc. That is why we recommend closely looking at premium templates with ecommerce functionality.

Download WordPress Ecommerce Themes Without Limits

Concerned with the cost of some models? It is time for you to get acquainted with a special offer from TemplateMonster. MonsterONE subscription provides about 200 thousand premium themes for your needs. It also includes WordPress themes for eCommerce. Note: The end product you build using our template belongs to you, even when your subscription is canceled. Subscribe at one of the three active rates:

  • creative - $7.40 per month;
  • all-in-one - $13.25 per month;
  • Lifetime - $484 one time.

Enjoy complete web solutions, download unlimited with no extras, get general help or individual instruction via ticketing, and master new templates.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes: Video

TemplateMonster has prepared a video selection of the best models for sites with e-commerce functionality. Check out the digital product demos here. One of the themes might be perfect for your project.

WordPress eCommerce Themes FAQ

How to customize WordPress eCommerce themes?

There are a wide variety of ready-made WordPress eCommerce templates available. You can apply the needed changes without touching a single line of code while working with page builders like Elementor. It lets you modify an existing item (for example, a header). You can also feel the ease while changing the layout (height, vertical column, content positioning, etc.), style (background color, hovering effects, etc.), and advanced (modify CSS attributes). You may add elements from the left panel (buttons, images, dividers, titles, spacers, etc.).

Could you develop a webshop based on WordPress eCommerce themes for me?

Yes. The specialists from ServiceCenter provide turnkey end-product development services. Website creation includes WordPress installation, database creation, theme import, and design editing within one working day.

Are WordPress eCommerce themes compatible with Elementor?

Yes. Most templates have an Elementor visual editor. It is the market leader that has an in-depth page customization system. Besides, there are options compatible with WPBakery Page Builder, Gutenberg Editor, Visual Composer, WordPress Customizer API, etc.

How many times could I apply WordPress eCommerce themes?

Usually, clients create one website based on one template. However, several licenses that extend the possibilities are now available on the site. Thus, the commercial license allows you to build five websites, and the buyout lets you build up to fifty unique projects.