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This plugin will give you facility to extend socialization (Connect, Chat, Notifications, Privacy etc.) functionality of Ultimate Member to next level. It is very easy to installable and configurable. Once it is active and configured, you can connect registered members from Ultimate Member members directory, receiver will get notification about new connection request. They can accept or deny the request. If they accept, you will get option to chat (Private one by one) with them. Each chat will send notification to receiver. User can turn on/off notification from Ultimate Member privacy sections, there they will get new options to turn on/off for connection request, connection acceptance and message request. "WP UM Social" comes with a widget and short code ([wpumsocial]), to show notification window on any place of the template.


1) Connection request send/accept/deny

2) Private chatting with connected members.

3) Option to disconnect with members even after connection is accepted by any party. This is to have more privacy and avoiding disturbing connected members.

2) Email notification for new connection request, connection acceptance, connection denial and private chatting with connected members.

3) Email notifications can be turn on/off from Ultimate Member privacy section, users will get new three privacy section in there.

4) A setting page to customize tabs' name, button color and email text format.

5) Widget and short code ([wpumsocial]) to call notification window on any template position

6) Ultimate Member list (Directory) will have new button to send connection request to different members.


You need to install "Ultimate Member" plugin at first to have this plugin working.


Purchase and download the zip package, this zip package will hold two folders, one will have actual plugin zip file and other folder will have readme (HTML) version with detail instruction of how to use, customize and update the plugin. Locate the actual installation zip package and upload on regular WordPress installation section. Once installation is completed, please active the plugin. After activation, then plugin will take you to setting page. Don't forget to save the settings even if you don't need to change anything. That's all, now if a user go to his/her/their profile, then will get two new tab (Connection and Chat) to connect and chat with registered members.


1) Where and how to use short code? Does this short code accept parameters?

WP Um Social plugin comes with just one short code ([wpumsocial]), without any parameters, that you can use on any page, post or html widget places. This short code will show you notification window on your template.

2) Do I need to save settings page, which shows after activation?

Yes, you need to save this setting page, even you don't need any default value alter.

3) Does this plugin have any pre requisite extension?

Yes, you need to install Ultimate Member plugin at first to have this plugin working.

== Changelog ==

= 1.0.0 - 25/05/2022 =

* Initial Release


= 1.0.0 - 25/05/2022 =

  • Initial Release

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