FruitGift VirtueMart Template
Juicy and appetizing, this Fruit VirtueMart Template will work well for a number of food and drink related web stores. A newsletter popup welcomes every visitor in, inviting them to subscribe to...
Sales: 10
Support: 4.2/5
ebook VirtueMart Template
If you are going to create a website for selling ebooks, this Book Store VirtueMart Template is an option for you. Its layout is clean and cheerful, with bright accents at the right places. Site...
Sales: 19
Support: 4.2/5
Sweets Store VirtueMart Template
Kids and grown ups like sweets. From our viewpoint, cakes and candies make people kinder. The tenderness became the basic idea of this design. Polka dot pattern on the background looks very cute....
Sales: 1
Support: 3.1/5
Fishing VirtueMart Template
As fishing is mainly men's hobby, grunge style is rather appropriate for drawing the customers. Slider and the neighboring banner are extremely attractive. Left sidebar contains product categories...
Sales: 2
Support: 3.1/5

5 Best Yellow VirtueMart Templates 2024

Template Name Downloads Price
Car Audio VirtueMart Template 19 $145
Fashion Store VirtueMart Template 15 $145
Brewery VirtueMart Template 4 $145
ebook VirtueMart Template 19 $145
SoccerPRO VirtueMart Template 6 $145

Bright Yellow VirtueMart Templates To Drive Any Visitor

Playful, joyful, inspiring shade can radically change people's attitudes towards your business. You see terrific and colorful layouts on this page after watching the demo. Make sure that the appearance is different from others. Even though the structure and sequence of information are similar to other designs, the color gives a joyful mood. Yes, our yellow VirtueMart templates give your website visitors many positive emotions. Recharge energy and vigor. And set up potential clients for purchases with the help of graphics from TemplateMonster!

Who Needs Yellow VirtueMart Templates

After watching a couple of examples in the demo, you see that the appearance is suitable for the demonstration of your goods. After all, each shade has its fans. For instance, pastel tones give peace and comfort, and bright and active ones cheer up and inspire. Among the buyers of items on this page are such businesses:

  • Food.
  • Juices and drinks.
  • Kitchen items.
  • Tableware.
  • Food delivery.
  • Clothing and accessories.
  • Sports and active recreation.
  • Camping and equipment.
  • Children's entertainment.
  • Organization of holidays and events.
  • Exhibitions and conferences.
  • Construction works and materials.
  • Sweets.

Understanding what kind of message you are carrying for the audience is necessary. Based on this information, make the correct conclusions about the color. We have a lot of other options for Joomla and eCommerce at TemplateMonster. Follow the link to see the complete list.

Benefits Of Yellow VirtueMart Templates

It's good when the design's appearance fits one hundred percent. It's even better if you get additional benefits and improvements in addition to the updated pages. Find out what specific characteristics can be in the description of the product you have chosen:

  • eCommerce. Improved blocks and a well-thought-out structure allow it to attract users more strongly. The additional possibility of integration with other marketplaces increases your chances of sales.
  • Online Store/Shop. Having this feature in the description may help you sleep peacefully. After all, real professionals have created a basic set of tools for setting up sales. Among the most famous are the basket, the order form, the feedback form, translation into other languages, and various currencies.
  • Sample content. Not all buyers know this feature. Most modern themes are simple and concise. Sometimes, the block doesn't even have a contour. That's why it's easy to miss it and ignore uploading essential data. The authors of the designs have added simple texts as an example so that you can fill in all the elements with information.
  • Sliced PSD. Edit the appearance using any popular graphic editor.
  • Lazy Load effect. Speed up your website.
  • Admin Panel. Dashboard helps you more than once. After all, the admin panel saves the data about received orders reliably.
  • Responsive. Flexible and excellent customizable design looks great on the screen of any device.

Read the description carefully. Find out what benefits, in addition to the appearance, the products of our marketplace bring.

Essential Video For People Choosing a Font

Even such a seemingly small element of appearance may influence potential clients. Refrain from making a mistake with the choice. See this helpful material! And be sure to subscribe to our channel!

Yellow VirtueMart Templates FAQ

How to choose a suitable layout in the marketplace?

There are hundreds of options on TemplateMonster. You need to know your CMS and its updated version to avoid errors after installation. This info is in the product description. Also, the demo is a must-have to watch. Determine what the finished theme looks like before paying and make a decision.

Can I edit the yellow VirtueMart templates?

Yes, buyers get a lot of options to choose from.

How to edit yellow VirtueMart templates?

You have three variants on how to change the look. The first - when the Sliced PSD feature is present, edit the element in Photoshop. The second method is to order a service from our specialist via the link. The third is to adjust the layout with the help of instructions. Web developers add a Zip archive with the theme and these manuals.

Can I sell a theme on TemplateMonster?

We are happy to cooperate if you want to become one of our authors. For starters, please register an account via the link. Add your work to your account. If it's unique, we'll place it on the marketplace! TemplateMonster is glad to see new authors!