Convert More Leads with Bootstrap Landing Page Templates

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS, HTML & JS framework for developing websites and web apps. Created to establish responsive development of desktop projects, it also provides smartphone-ready design to create mobile-first websites. The framework is well-known worldwide and allows simple site building compared to other supporting tools. Developers and designers could build and extend in real-time with CSS variables for corporate theme styles and individual components. However, you can get the best out of it with Bootstrap landing page templates. Designed to generate leads, the products offer complete packs of essential features and fast, intuitive editing.

Who & Why Needs Running One-Page Landing Page Website

Initially, a landing page is a simple page with basic features meant to attract prospects, improve sales, and generate more leads. No matter the design or topic, such a worthwhile project's main goal is to get and collect visitors' contact information in exchange for a resource, like an ebook, free trial, whitepapers, etc. To attract prospects, website owners offer some free products and services. There are pre-made sections for such content in Bootstrap landing page templates.

For example, you might provide a 2-week-long free hosting of a demo version of your digital product. It improves relations between the customer and site owner, makes your deal more trustworthy, and, as mentioned above, provides potential customers' contact details.

Here are a few working ways to develop your one-page landing page website and catch user's attention:

  • EBook & whitepapers;
  • Demo products & free trial;
  • Event registration;
  • News subscription;
  • Free application;
  • Membership & community subscription;
  • Online course enrollment, etc.

As you can see, one can easily collect user information, present their top items and best services and attract new visitors. With the help of the named features, site owners offer prospects to download or register for free and get their emails for further campaigns in exchange. The details are usually collected with lead-capture forms, like Contact Form 7 or Newsletter. Modern Bootstrap landing page templates come with these features, so you won't need to look for them individually. They are perfect for business owners, shops, startups, young companies, brands, and anyone else who wants to get more visitors and improve their brand identity.

5 Key Benefits of a Pro-Made One-Page Landing

One-page or single-page landing doesn't mean your website should look boring. Newest Bootstrap landing page templates come with numerous catchy web design elements and various solutions to craft a stylish landing.

So, a single-page website is a standalone web page made specifically for marketing needs and advertising campaigns. It is where a prospect 'lands' after they press on a link from emails or Google Ads. Still, the newest technologies allow building a full-fledged website without the need to attract visitors with additional projects. It is possible to select a professional landing page and manage a complete landing with code-free layouts. The templates are feature-rich, which makes it possible to locate all the important features on a single page.

Still not sure whether you need Bootstrap landing page templates for business? Here are some key benefits to further your decision-making.

  1. Landings provide business owners and company teams with actionable data.
  2. They help us to understand the audience's needs and develop content for specific customers.
  3. LP websites have a single focus and target a specific audience, leading to significantly higher conversions. And the more conversations you have, the more leads a website gets.
  4. Multiple landings give better results - which is especially useful for big corporations. Experts say that companies running several landing pages see a 55% increase in leads.
  5. Pro single-page websites bring more targeting opportunities. Identifying different prospects' personal and segments within the audience helps to better appeal to various audiences' interests and needs for more targeted and relevant offers.

Some marketers prefer building up to 40 landing pages to ensure they get an impressive prospects flow. You don't need to start with many websites to see landings' advantages. Just purchase a worthy product and start creating your online campaign to see the first positive results ASAP.

Purchasing Single Landing Page Template for Any Taste

Are you ready to get more visitors for the main website or try yourself in site-building if you have never owned a site before? Single landing page websites could help you run a standalone project if needed. So, how to buy a product? The process of acquiring Bootstrap landing page templates is straightforward:

  1. Open the category page and use smart filters to find the exact item.
  2. Choose between styles, topics, features, builders, etc., for a perfect match.
  3. Select the item you prefer and open its page.
  4. Check the detail page to learn more about it, see the product's requirements, + run a live demo to see how the template's elements work in action.
  5. Add your choice to the cart.
  6. Complete the checkout process.
  7. Download, install and activate your Bootstrap landing page templates.

There you have it! Now, you can start the product customization and get a freshly designed website in a few hours or even faster. Modern templates are simple to install and very easy to customize. One can change almost any detail without editing a single line of code. However, playing with the product coding is possible if you want to. With a built-in builder and preset library, the editing process is completely intuitive and user-friendly.

7 Must-Have Elements a Working Landing Page Should Have

Let's pay some attention to the information your would-be-site should contain. A working landing page one-page website should include the following information. These must-have details should be introduced for any business niche, no matter what style of template you have chosen.

  1. An attention-grabbing headline that summarizes key benefits or offers in a compelling yet concise way. Think about introducing a headline if it is a personal website. A couple of sentences would be more than enough. Actually, the shorter your headline is, the better it is for the landing's design and project's prosperity.
  2. Unique image(s) that draw the viewers and add visual interest to pages is a must. These might be best-sellers pics for product websites or portraits for portfolios. Besides, you could use neutral or themed animations with Parallax backgrounds to grab prospects' attention.
  3. Call-to-actions with buttons and other popular forms, like form submissions or floating boxes and windows. Do not confuse or hesitate users with too many CTAs. Depending on the project's design, 2-3 CTA would be enough. It is even fine to have only one CTA button for small projects.
  4. Smartly created lead forms. We recommend limiting your form to the essentials like name and email address to maximize conversions. All in all, the more form fields you have, the lower your conversion rate.
  5. Visitor-friendly navigation is another must for a landing one-page design. Even though it is single pages, the site needs a smart content hierarchy with proper blank space usage, fonts harmony, product categories, and a comfy menu. It could be a minimalist sticky menu that remains on the page's top when a prospect scrolls it down. With the feature's help, people could always find the needed details or site sections.
  6. The consistent brand logo you place on the menu or all over the page is one more must-check. It makes your business more recognizable and noticeable to new customers.
  7. Scannable content focusing on visitors and their needs. Here is where you might want to choose the template with a blog feature and social media interlinking.

Top-notch Bootstrap landing page templates offer all of these.

What else should you look for when choosing a product for your first landing? Let's pay attention to some technical features you require.

SEO-Ready Landing One-Page Sites

Before everything else, you might find Bootstrap landing page templates to meet any needs. People of different tastes would find something unusual for them among the numerous landing one-page products TemplateMonster offers for multiple business categories, including the following:

  • IT, computers & internet;
  • Medical templates with consultations;
  • Sport, outdoors & travel;
  • Social needs, personal pages, politics & charity;
  • Design, development & photography;
  • Clubs, games & entertainment;
  • Cars, motorcycles, repair & logistics;
  • Animals & pets;
  • Herb stores, drinks, organic food, vegan shops;
  • Lawyer & attorney;
  • Hairdresser, make-up artist, stylist & personal shopper;
  • Education, courses, schools, kindergarten, books, etc.

Honestly, it is hard to name a topic SEO-ready landing pages themes wouldn't cover. So why does one need their landing to be SEO-friendly? The feature is key to any website's popularity. It is specifically critical for landing pages if you would like to enrich the leads list and get more sales from international customers. To showcase their campaigns and reach a large audience, one needs a higher Google ranking.

One-Page HTML Templates with Multipurpose Design

The multifunctional design principle stimulates the search for multiple functions and a maximum combination of functions that can best be served by design. One-page HTML templates with multifunctional design offer numerous visual and functional solutions. Basically, a multipurpose template is a product that works for any website niche and offers everything an admin might need. The items offer features tailored to various needs.

Today's multipurpose HTML templates for one-page websites contain all the essentials, like contact web forms:

  • Contact form;
  • Search form;
  • Login form;
  • Newsletter popup;
  • Advanced search;
  • User registration.

They have design solutions for mobile websites and offer such popular options as:

  • Minimalist;
  • Flat design;
  • Corporate;
  • Material design;
  • Clean & mobile;
  • Geometric;
  • Vector;
  • Artwork;
  • Retro;
  • Grunge;
  • Paper-made, etc.

Lastly, TemplateMonster offers landing page templates with useful gallery scripts, such as a carousel, accordion, isotope, slider, and more. A drag-and-drop builder allows you to create custom visuals, choose from existing features, and change settings to create unusual designs.

More Reasons to Manage a Single Landing Page

Increasing conversions and getting new leads is the most apparent reason to manage a professional landing page project. It is a simple process nowadays as you have everything ready-made and simple to customize. You would bring new visitors to the business and collect their data for future newsletter campaigns. What are the other reasons to launch a single landing page?

  1. Landings provide additional insight into your website's target audience. One can track the topics to convert at the highest rate by creating different LP pages with segmented offers. This is especially useful for webshops and big corporations with more than a few active websites.
  2. Making a good first impression is always helpful. It increases brand value and makes your business remarkable, which is another reason to think about running a single-page site.
  3. Growing the website's subscriber list and filling it with potential high-quality leads. It is perfect for eCommerce when promoting new collections, fresh arrivals, or announcing a holiday sale. However, personal websites and even creative pages also need this feature to attract new visitors on a monthly basis.
  4. Landing websites are easy-to-taste, allowing viewing of different designs and features online. You can perform various changes and check them to avoid making common mistakes. By the way, landing page templates let you do all the design changes within the editor in live mode. It helps avoid making common mistakes and allows checking new changes immediately.
  5. Landing pages are meant to provide content for users who need it before they even decide to convert. They allow measuring metrics directly tied to business goals. Use these minimalist websites to determine how a new campaign is performing. This is important for the company's style and the brand's popularity.

Template One-Page Designs with Mobile Layout

No matter what the topic of your website is, mobile-friendly design is a must. The feature makes website pages look awesome on any small-screened device with the needed sections scrollable. Mobile-friendly design betters SEO and promises an audience increase, as many users use mobiles to look for new products and services nowadays. Besides, keep in mind that:

  1. Mobile-first design forces website designers to prioritize information.
  2. Mobilizing the website is one of the most proven ways to better user experience.
  3. The mobile market always gets more traffic. The latest Google algorithm updates make websites not usable on mobile devices suffer in terms of search rankings.
  4. Professional mobile pages make it possible to advertise goods or services to a wider range of prospects using portable devices to search the web. It would improve brand visibility and give more chances to make sales.
  5. Nearly 90% of users access the internet via mobile devices or engage in social activities, like social media. A mobile website ensures that possible leads won't be distracted by a poor layout when they visit the mobile website via social media.

When it comes to Bootstrap landings, they have another vital feature inside the pack - mobile-first design. This magnificent thing better the onsite experience and makes a valuable addition to any project. The feature starts building the site with its smaller version. You can develop an online experience for mobile before designing it for a desktop or another device, like a tablet, iPad, etc. With a mobile-first design, you have a small-screened website very quickly and could get the first visitors while the full-screened version is in progress. Doesn't it make a nice start to any online campaign? Designing for the smallest screens first and then working your way up empowers designers to focus on the core functions of their products.

Must-Check Features to Look For in Bootstrap Landing Templates

The newest one-page templates are responsive and have a pixel-perfect design to fit any device or screen. They contain Elementor, Visual Composer, or Navi Builder to change pre-packed elements and create new layouts without a hitch. Everything is simple with the recent drag & drop technology. You just need to open the required page in the editor, choose the design element you like, drag & drop it into the field, and tweak the component's settings.

It is easy to replace, duplicate, and customize visuals with Bootstrap landing page templates. One might check the requirements and download additional features, but we recommend you avoid third-party tools. So what are the basics except for drag & drop technology? Your landing template should have:

  • Easy customization;
  • Quick installation;
  • A compatibility check for major plugins;
  • Clean and descriptive code;
  • Eye-friendly fonts;
  • User-oriented navigation;
  • Bootstrap functionality;
  • Call-to-action policy;
  • Sortable gallery;
  • Social media integration;
  • Newsletter and other contact forms, etc.

Important-to-Remember Rules of Running Leads-Generating Website with One-Page Templates

The priority task of any landing page is to compel people to take a particular action, like visiting a product page or subscribing to a newsletter. Whether it is about clicking a button or purchasing an item online, business projects missing landings would lose clients. Would you like to create a single-page website that converts without losing big money? Check the video below! Here are 6 important-to-remember rules to set up a highly converting landing page for business needs.

Bootstrap Landing Page Templates Q&A

Do I need Bootstrap functionality for my landing one-page site?

Being the most popular framework for developing websites and applications, Bootstrap provides powerful functionality. Compared to other supporting services, Bootstrap provides extremely creator-friendly content creation. Bootstrap landing page templates are perfect for devs and designers who style and extend projects in real-time with CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. However, Bootstrap5 is the thing to look for if you are about to launch a landing. The feature promises fast and interactive editing and provides the website with a mobile-first design, which is essential for the project's popularity. Here are only a few reasons to look for Bootstrap-powered templates:

  1. It allows creating content quickly with ready-made content blocks.
  2. Provides responsiveness, mobile readiness, and cross-browser compatibility.
  3. The feature enables adding various visual components to the page's design and creating visually appealing landings that resonate with the target audience.
  4. Bootstrap has a mobile-first approach useful for eCommerce and personal website development.
  5. It has customizable page elements and allows low-code changes for beginners.

Who and why may need to purchase one-page HTML templates?

Even if you already have a multipage website, creating a one-page project would be a smart decision for any business. Landings are good for content and email marketing. They bring more people to your business, generate leads, and help you run advertisements. Basically, one-page HTML templates allow building simple but feature-rich sites customized to a specific campaign and guiding visitors toward a single call to action. With the help of pre-designed Bootstrap landing page templates, one could capture prospects' information (contacts, names, etc.) in exchange for something valuable for visitors. It is usually free products, trials, demos, and so on.

How do I create a single-page landing page with Bootstrap landing page templates?

Modern technologies offer simple and quick website creation, and a one-page landing doesn't make an exception. You could choose among numerous pre-made products from TemplateMonster's gallery and select the very template with a multipurpose or niche design. Purchase your choice or try a free item, for instance. Whatever you are going to choose, our Bootstrap landing page templates contain all the basics important for powerful LP creation. Make sure you use social linking and call-to-actions to get more clean traffic. There is nothing comprehensive in creating a page with one-page HTML templates. They offer out-of-the-box features and provide intuitive drag & drop editing with numerous customizable options and design elements. Download your template, open its builder, and start filling the page with custom content. Don't forget to choose a relevant domain name that introduces your business and add a custom logo to the website.

How many landings should a website have, and how do I get it with website one-page templates?

Marketers all over the world spend remarkable amounts of money on managing unique landing pages in order to increase sales and customer base. Experts researchers show that business projects with 10 to 15 landings would increase conversions by 55%, which is an impressive result. The same statistics show that websites with 40 single-page sites promise a 500% conversion increase. Big corporations and huge companies usually use multiple landings with worldwide auditory. There are no limits on how many LP websites one can set up for business prosperity. Running a few projects with Bootstrap landing page templates would be enough for a young company when a startup owner could get everything needed with a single product. You can also use one item to run several single-page sites. Just choose between a Commercial license with up to 5 websites available and a Business license that allows running up to 50 online projects with the same template. When chosen smartly, a pro-styled one-page template provides numerous design solutions. No one will ever know that you got all the websites through a single product, and you could save a lot of money. It is a nice option for both brands and corporations or for devs and designers who earn by making custom landings.