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Create Education & Books Website

Are you trying to find high-quality education website builder templates? This web page is exactly what you need since right here we have gathered the best-suited website templates for schools, universities, libraries, private teachers services, and other educational institutions.

Education Website Builder Templates

First things first. Before we continue with the templates assortment, you need to ask yourself a question. Do you want an education website builder solely to present your educational establishment online? Or, perhaps, you would like for it to be an actual academic resource with online classes, timetable, and student’s testimonials? It is only for you to decide. And your response should determine what type of website you actually need. In case you only want to create a basic 'About us' page - we suggest you select an education landing page. On the other hand, if you want your website to be a helpful resource for teachers and students, it is more beneficial to opt for a professional education website builder with all the essential functions.

Therefore, in case you intend to operate a professional web resource, we recommend you to look through these templates created by MotoCMS and get the one that fits your requirements. And of course, if you'd like to find out more about the overall performance and get some useful suggestions on how to properly create a teachers website - keep scrolling down and find all that's necessary.

How to Choose a School Website Builder for Educational Websites

If you'd like to pick the best-suited education website builder, you need to consider the requires of your students and decide on the option which includes all the necessary features. Below are a few essential capabilities any university and school website builder should have.

  • Homepage

    Ensure that you provide important links to the most significant pages of your website here. It is the first page your students will visit when clicking on your website and it should direct to your Teachers, Contacts, Schedule, Courses, and other pages.

  • Testimonials

    Your students might want to share their opinion about your establishment. So give them such opportunity. Even if you have a website for a well-known governmental university, it will be still handy to attract new potential students with positive comments. So choose a website builder with a useful feature of adding testimonials.

  • Blog

    Any educational website should contain news, updates, guides etc. And blog is a perfect place for such stuff. In addition, blog will surely help you boost website traffic and bring more visitors.

  • Team page

    There’s a group of people behind any business. So don’t hesitate and show your students some talented tutors that will teach them.

  • Programs and courses

    Our website builder is powered with accordion functionality, so you can include a FAQ section to showcase questions and answers about all your educational courses and programs.

  • Schedule

    You can easily put lessons schedule online and be sure that all your students will be there without being late. Best way to do this is to use timetable feature on a separate page of your website.

MotoCMS Is the Best Website Builder for Teachers

Why MotoCMS is the best website building solution for an educational website? Because it includes all powerful features mentioned above. Furthermore, there are even more features to help you successfully promote your website online. If you have any doubts, try our website builder for free! We have a 14 days free trial for any MotoCMS template. Choose any education template and customize it any way you want. In case you decide to buy it, all your changes will be saved and transferred to your new ready-made website. No payments required. The trial is really absolutely free, just pick a template and create your website.