Male Head Sculpt 3D Model
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Eyeball Realistic 3dModel
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Police people 3D Model
Total Models Included (79)Verts 33,604 / Faces 33,406 / Tris 64,412Props (19): Verts 1,838 / Edges 3,460 / Faces 1,681 / Tris 3,362Men (30): Verts 15,110 / Edges 29,712 / Faces 15,246 / Tris...
Asena Female Rigged 3D model
Asena Female Character Rigged 4K Textures 3D Rigged Character with Fbx,Obj,Dae,Stl and Blend files For Unreal , Unity or Other Projects Blender File inside for remodelling or your animation...
Human Eyeball Pack Low-poly 3D model
Human Eyeball Pack 3d model with PBR maps 4 colors: Blue, Brown, High Quality Blue, Illustration Blue Eye Use this model for any purpose. It is suitable for video and static visualization.
Sales: 1
3D T-Shirt Set Model - made in blender
4 T-shirts (folded, on the ground, hanging) These models use the same uv, which will be very useful when making mock-ups for branded T-shirts. The models are compatible for upload with most 3d...
Lego Man PBR rigeed Low poly 3d model
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3D Human Skull - Low Poly 3D model
Human Skull is a high quality and Low poly model Realistic detailed and anatomically correct but slightly simplified real 3d model that will enhance detail and realism to any...

Premium Human 3D Graphics Collection

Among the many CG techniques, modeling people is essential to the production of today's video games, films, and advertisements. Designers do this by using specialized programs to make human 3D graphics that are lifelike enough to be animated and used in a wide range of media. This library provides artists with a wide range of pre-made 3D models of people of various ages, sexes, and cultural backgrounds for their own creations.

Why Choose a Pre-Made 3D Design of People?

In addition to mastering the software, a specialist, even a beginner, must have a good understanding of anatomy. They must understand how muscles and their articulations work, how bones work, and what elements they are made of. Artistic anatomy is needed in this work when specialists understand why muscles should look the way they do, how and where they are located, and what their size is.

For this reason, many designers resort to templates. Crafted by experts, they provide a reliable starting point for designing lifelike characters. They are also much more cost-effective than having a professional designer make something unique for you. In addition, ready-made assets can be downloaded and put to use right away, while tailor-made ones take several weeks, if not months, to develop.

Finally, here is a wide selection, so you can find exactly what you need. Furthermore, each is adaptable to meet your individual requirements. For instance, the hair, skin, and clothing can all be customized.

Features of Three-Dimensional Person Items

  • Superior texture quality that successfully simulates human skin and hair.
  • Expressive facial animations that go beyond simple smiles and frowns.
  • A motion that appears natural and realistic.
  • Numerous options for physical construction.
  • Animated and rigged elements for lifelike motion and facial expressions.
  • The ability to scan and print in three dimensions.
  • Capability to generate simple geometrically shaped low-poly images.
  • Different kinds of high-poly models with many polygons and thus more realistic details.

Methods of Employing Human Objects in 3-D

Here are a few examples of well-known modeling tools that work with the current set:

  • Autodesk Maya;
  • Blender;
  • Cinema 4D;
  • 3ds Max;
  • ZBrush;
  • Unreal;
  • Unity;
  • SketchUp.

Because of this variety of programs, the designs are available in several formats, such as:

  • Blend;
  • FBX;
  • OBJ;
  • DAE;
  • STL;
  • 3DS, etc.

You can take the following steps to customize these graphics:

  1. Select a 3-D software that allows for the creation of human-like figures.
  2. Start a new project in the program and upload a file into it.
  3. Change the proportions, skin color, hair color, and other attributes to your liking.
  4. Position the figure as needed.
  5. Improve the scene by giving it lighting and a setting.
  6. Render the scene to create a realistic image of the figure in its environment.
  7. Now save the project.

There are many applications for your project after its creation, for example:

  • making animations and works of art in three dimensions;
  • creating video games and VR environments;
  • producing courseware for instructional purposes;
  • making prototypes and promotional materials for a product.

The list of possible uses is endless!

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Q&As for Human 3D Graphics

How are human 3D graphics created?

Computer-aided design (CAD), 3-D scanning, and photogrammetry are just some of the methods used to create three-dimensional designs. Figures are modeled in CAD software before being scanned or photographed to add realistic textures and details.

What are some of the applications of human 3D graphics?

They have many uses, from entertainment to education to medicine. They're additionally useful in creating realistic avatars for online interactions.

What are the future trends in the 3-D design of people?

It is likely that developments in digital imaging technology will shape the future of three-dimensional imagery. More powerful GPUs will allow for more lifelike and detailed human-like representations. In particular, to further enhance the realism of animations, researchers are working on new methods of capturing movement and expression.

What can I create with these assets?

There are many options, from skeletal and muscular systems to anatomical organs such as the eye or brain.