WordPress Intranet Themes Features

Our WordPress Intranet Themes come with the following advantages:

  • WPML - you can create a multilingual website. It is a great option to deliver the message using different languages.
  • Google Font - use the fonts you prefer for your projects.
  • Testimonials - let people share their opinions.
  • Unlimited color customization - select the colors you prefer to achieve the necessary style.
  • Flexible sidebars - you may create an unlimited number of sidebars for your website and place them wherever you want.
  • Custom header - make a unique header element. You can easily set the style and font.
  • Smooth scroll - the page moves smoothly, making the site look advanced and pleasant to use.
  • Multiple UI blocks - add the necessary elements, like images, videos, buttons, dividers, spacers, etc., to achieve the desired look.
  • Numerous Styles - you may find the design that meets your needs.
  • Retina-ready - all visual elements look clean and sharp on displays with high pixel density.
  • Google Maps - mark the places on a map.
  • Events calendar - a useful feature to avoid missing an event.
  • Parallax - a modern depth effect that will make your site look impressive.
  • Background video - use a video as a background to make the design dynamic and interesting.
  • W3C-valid, clean, and commented HTML5 and CSS3 code, detailed documentation, SEO-friendly, contact form, and more.

WordPress Intranet Themes for Your Projects

TemplateMonster's products are ideal for small and large corporations. Our items provide you with limitless customization options. It is possible to build a user-friendly website that looks modern and impressive. The included components allow you to achieve the desired look and have the necessary features. The visual page-building solutions compatibility makes our designs ideal for all developers. You do not need to modify the source code. Instead, you can customize the style via the drag and drop feature. Experienced developers will appreciate the code quality and optimization. A website with numerous elements will still work fast and properly.

The flexibility of our themes allows you to create elegant and complex websites. Even if you build a site for a small group of people, it still should work properly and look impressive. Using our template, you save time - you avoid implementing any features or downloading plug-ins. Our products already come with all the necessary components. Such versatility makes them ideal for freelancers and companies that provide web development services. A product comes with all the required features. As a result, you reduce the time necessary to finish the project. It is what most clients expect.

Premium and Free WordPress Intranet Templates

Getting a freebie always seems to be a perfect solution because you do not spend anything on it. Please consider several factors beforehand:

  • Freebies may lack the required elements. Premium items come with numerous components, so you have multiple features to build a modern website. Freebies may not have the necessary function. It forces you to download and install extra plug-ins.
  • No professional support. If something is wrong, you have to fix errors personally. It requires a good understanding of coding.
  • Freebies are available to everyone. It becomes challenging to build a unique-looking site. You can change colors, add different elements, but the layout is the same. You may modify it manually. In this case, you will spend more time finishing the project.

It would be wrong to state that you should always avoid getting free products. There are some amazing products. Freebies are an option for people who want to test a template or learn how to install and customize them. Such items are good for small or personal projects when you do not need a modern site with multiple features.

If you provide web development services, then consider buying a premium item. It is a better option in the long run because it comes with multiple features. It allows you to focus on customization to achieve the required look and behavior.

Responsive WordPress Intranet Themes

Even if you create a website for a small group of people, you still have to make it mobile-friendly. It is impossible to predict what device people will use to access your site. A responsive theme guarantees that all elements will look and work properly on mobile devices. Please consider that all TemplateMonster's products are responsive.

Choosing the Best WordPress Intranet Themes

Finding the best design for your project will take some time. It would be great to have a general idea of what you expect to get. Try to answer these questions:

  • What features should the site have?
  • How should it look?

It will give you a better understanding of what you have to search for. To answer the first question, you should focus on the users' needs. It may be easier when you work on a website for a corporation.

To answer the second question, you have to focus on the user experience and design. It would be great to incorporate the company's design elements, like a logo and colors. You should not ignore the user experience. When you use many colors, buttons, and menus, you make the website difficult to navigate and utilize.

Buying a WordPress Intranet Themes

To get an item from TemplateMonster, you need:

  • Choose the design you like. Please check out the left panel where you set tags, color, style, compatibility options, price, etc.
  • Open the product page to learn more about it. You can find the list of features and a description.
  • Add it to the cart.
  • Checkout, download, and activate.

Please consider using our Live Demo function. It is an ideal option to see how the template looks and works before buying it. It will help you decide whether it meets your requirements or not. Please remember that you can always modify the template to make it fit your needs. It is also possible to sell your designs. In this case, please become an author.

An intranet is a corporate private network that consists of a number of interlinked local networks. Create a website using one of the intranet WordPress themes that TemplateMonster can offer and get a number of possibilities to jazz up your corporate portal! Any of the themes can be modified so that your employees could exchange messages, share files and events, tickets and forms, manage projects, edit documents, etc. All you need is find the most suiting WordPress intranet theme and create a high-performance portal for your enterprise.

The Best Intranet WordPress Themes

What is Intranet?

The employees of a big firm are a community. It is good for teamwork to have a common space on the web to share ideas and data. In plain language, an intranet is an inner network of a corporation. It is meant for sharing company information, digital data, and other computing resources among the staff. It can function as a full-blown online community with private messaging, social networking, events, project and task management, file sharing, etc.

An inner network for community communication needs a simple and elegant website – and this is the perfect place you can find a great intranet WordPress theme for it. The items of the TemplateMonster marketplace can help you to create a stunning site with only a little effort. WordPress intranet templates are professionally built and designed by real passionate artists.

Plugin Integration

Most Intranet WP Themes presented at TemplateMonster.com have integration with plugins like BuddyPress to create a member directory, feeds, and provide comprehensive social networking experience and bbPress to build forums and more.

Other features of our intranet WordPress themes:

  • Responsive design – your website will look perfectly on the screens of any size
  • Chat functionality – it could be important to talk without sending emails one to another
  • Additional layouts – listed intranet WordPress templates have lots of additional layouts so you can customize the website to your needs
  • Gutenberg and Elementor compatible – you will have no problems editing our WordPress intranet themes with those apps
  • Messaging and notifications functionalities – you want to keep your community informed and in touch with each other, don’t you?

This theme collection is a subcategory of WordPress Business Themes page, so go on and explore even more choices of custom WordPress themes.

Great Video Tutorial for WordPress Intranet Themes

Some of our intranet WordPress themes need additional plugins to be activated to make all the functionalities work right. This tutorial will show you how to find all the required plugins and get them installed to your intranet WordPress templates. The whole process is shown step-by-step, so you just have to repeat them.

Intranet WordPress Themes FAQ

Which Intranet WordPress themes are mobile-friendly?

All WordPress themes that are available in TemplateMonster inventory are optimized for the flawless performance on smaller screen sizes.

Are WordPress intranet themes SEO friendly?

All WordPress themes from TemplateMonster are built with the latest SEO standards in mind.

How many Intranet WordPress templates can be installed on one website?

You can install as many themes as you want. You will just have one theme active on your website but you can have a bunch of themes on standby.

Which Intranet WordPress themes are responsive?

All WordPress themes in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace are made to be responsive.

Which Intranet WordPress theme is the most customizable?

If you want to feel the ease of customization of a ready-made WordPress theme, then working with Elementor WordPress themes will be the best solution. These are intended to be modified in the visual mode, without any special coding skills.

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