Packing VirtueMart Template
Build a user-friendly store of packing items with this responsive VirtueMart template. It features a dropdown shopping cart powered by Ajax. This advanced web technology enables buyers to add each...
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Support: 4.1/5
Gamez VirtueMart Template
Gamez is a ready-made template that will appeal to any gaming website.The theme features lots of quality images. That's why, in order to make your site load faster, the lazy load effect was...
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Radio Control VirtueMart Template
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Flowers VirtueMart Template
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Computers VirtueMart Template
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Electro VirtueMart Template
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ebook VirtueMart Template
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Support: 4.1/5
Tools VirtueMart Template
Tools is a top-grade VirtueMart template that was developed specifically for eCommerce sites dealing with maintenance services, home repair and cleaning services. With an unusual purple palette...
Sales: 11
Support: 4.1/5

Create Stunning Websites with Dropdown Menu VirtueMart Templates

Shopping on marketplaces is becoming more and more common, and every entrepreneur strives to create a website to sell their goods or services. However, it is important to create not just a stunning design but a user-friendly interface. Buyers are more likely to remain regular customers of stores with convenient tools for moving and sorting products, and the dropdown menu VirtueMart templates are one of those. Receiving live chat support around the clock is also a meaningful feature. Setting up these assets is simple and won’t take much time, but the result will significantly improve your profits and help increase your reach.

Beneficial Features of Dropdown Menu VirtueMart Templates

These themes include wide functionality for the complete administration of all online store tasks. This becomes easier to do thanks to the basic qualities of setting parameters. Let’s see why developers prefer our service:

  1. It is free and open-source software that allows you to create websites and is an indispensable tool for developers. The service is unique and allows to easily manage all processes within the store, be it website administration or financial issues.
  2. The interactivity of elements is important to make the platform more convenient and attractive. This takes the user experience to a new level. These assets have breathtaking design, intuitive navigation, and well-thought-out transition scenarios. These are the sites the client wants to return to.
  3. All processes in the marketplace are available for editing. Creation of additional fields integrated with products, multi variability within one position for adding colors and sizes. Find out the status of orders, set the minimum amount to comply with the terms of the promotion, and much more.
  4. For programmers, one of the main advantages is open source. Compatible with automatic accounting programs, such as 1C: Enterprise. This allows time-saving in filling out the product catalog, prices, and other information by automating.

Which Business Areas are Dropdown Menu VirtueMart Templates Best For

Integrate content management systems and e-commerce solutions to create compelling, multifunctional interfaces. Administrating the site is simple and fast. Here are trading directions in which patterns are available:

  • grocery and nutrition;
  • fashion, clothes, and accessories;
  • jewelry;
  • interior and furniture;
  • art and stock photo;
  • digital technologies and devices;
  • electric tools;
  • car tuning

This is a partial list of business fields for which modern themes with stunning designs can be found. Each is suitable for conducting commercial processes and is compatible with all business processes.

How to Install Dropdown Menu VirtueMart Templates

Installation and setting are hassle-free and do not take much time. Follow this quick guide to add ready-made designs:

  1. Download and unpack the zip file.
  2. Go to the Back office and choose the module manager.
  3. Upload the module file.
  4. Choose the desired layout, set some parts if needed, and apply the changes.
  5. Click the Save button to confirm the action.

Then load the product pictures to the counter, add descriptions, pair the site with necessary contacts and services, and be ready to meet clients!


If you still have doubts about choosing the best service to create your website, watch this video. It tells how usable elements improve pages’ appearance and make a marketplace more convenient to clients.


How do we extend the dropdown menu VirtueMart templates support?

Basic support is six months, but with a MonsterONE subscription, you can extend it up to a year. During the support period, any questions regarding all items that were previously added to your profile are processed.

Is content management of dropdown menu VirtueMart templates provided?

This item is available with a ready-to-use website service. Installing themes on the hosting server, adding post blocks and updating pages, personalizing and integrating brand identity, customizing forms, and displaying retail outlets on the map are included.

Is there a service to make dropdown menu VirtueMart templates more user-friendly?

A well-organized user experience is one of the most important parameters for customizing pages. Here are well-thought-out themes, layouts for site orientation scenarios, and mobile versions. All patterns have a breathtaking appearance in addition to intuitive navigation.

Are dropdown menu VirtueMart templates animation add-ons enabled?

Animation is an impressive part of a page to make the experience of site visiting more adventure-like and turn a marketplace into a memorable platform. Animate any part of a page without code writing; add desired banners, buttons, and section transitions.