Security Pack PrestaShop module
JX Security Pack module was created to improve your store safety using PrestaShop templates. It is used to increase the level of online store protection: block the possibility of publishing...
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E-commerce Prestashop Modules for the Best Online Store

An online store is a site that can have boring basic functionality or exciting features for you and your visitors. Expansion of the database depends on the availability and number of plugins. The platform provides a list of ready-made e-commerce Prestashop modules. You add any features you need. It will help you manage the site, and your customer will find and buy the necessary product faster.

What Is E-commerce Prestashop Module

Extensions are a perfect opportunity to make the functionality of your store convenient for the owner and user. It solves many problems related to filling products, managing catalogs, importing, exporting, editing, extending front-end modality, etc. The potential customer will be satisfied and able to choose the necessary product faster. You are guaranteed to get a solution to business problems and an increase in the average check with conversion.

E-commerce Prestashop modules are short programs that improve the potential of your site with functionality. They must be compatible with the platform and its version so that there are no problems with the site operation and display in the design. Prestashop is an open-source eCommerce CMS with many free options. It allows the admin to easily create, customize the site, and scale their project. The platform provides a wide range of basic functionality, but sometimes this is not enough to implement your ideas. CMS provides a list of free and premium modules to extend functionality. You operate the official platform provider or the TemplateMonster marketplace.

After downloading the plugin, you will get a folder that has a specific structure. It all depends on the particular situation, but often you will receive a list of files:

  • controllers include controller files;
  • translations have documents with translations;
  • the upgrade provides an update for the module;
  • views include .tpl files;
  • config.xml exists for cache configurations;
  • my_module.php is the main PHP document;
  • index.php is the index element;
  • logo.png has a logo document.

You also see a list of the following folders: classes, config, controllers, override, src, and themes.

Reasons to Use E-commerce Prestashop Modules

Developers create plugins for different categories of programs. You meet them using browsers, CMS systems, landing pages, games, graphic editors, etc. It may seem strange that you should use applications for the system. But this has three advantages:

  1. The individuality of platform settings. Any user has requirements for the program and wants to adjust the workspace conveniently. To do this, it uses additional tools, functions, and other elements that you add using plugins. It makes it possible to adjust any version to the specific requirements.
  2. Reducing the size and speeding up the operation of the software. If the developer releases a program with a total package of functions, the result will be complex to download and will operate many computer resources. It can cause bugs and inconvenience to use. The customer will not be satisfied with the product and will leave a bad review. If you install several additional extensions, there will be no such problems.
  3. Improvement of the program. Using a modular system allows you to improve the program not only for its developers but also for other programmers. For example, you add and remove e-commerce Prestashop modules without the help of a specialist since the platform is open source. If you have programming skills, you create an application according to your request.

E-commerce Prestashop Module from TemplateMonster

Marketplace TemplateMonster provides ecommerce prestashop modules. To quickly find the necessary item, we recommend using tags. It will tell you the presence of style elements or features the product includes: security, watermark, responsive design, security panel, e-commerce, demo, etc.

Pay attention to the Security Pack PrestaShop module. Agree that every online store needs protection from hackers and spam. It is necessary for you and your customers because they leave confidential information about themselves. The vendor created it to increase the security of your site using platform templates. It blocks suspicious posts in the content, edits the URL when trying to copy it, monitors user activity, and blocks them if necessary. You also watermark your products. The author provides detailed documentation with instructions and support.

E-commerce Prestashop Module Video

What professional website can do without a gallery and beautiful images? It is impossible! To take advantage of this opportunity, you should operate very simple plugins. The TemplateMonster team has prepared a video for you to familiarize yourself with such extensions. Follow the link for installation and setup information.

E-commerce Prestashop Module FAQ

Is it possible to create an eCommerce Prestashop module?

If you have programming skills, then you create an extension. To do this, you need to master several concepts that you will need for development. The configuration store data in the Shop database and does not require a specific module list. It includes a list of key-value properties from anywhere. Hooks are any specific actions the platform takes with your code. You operate them to place code on pages, specific actions, etc. Widgets are needed to display content where you need it. Doctrine helps you manage data through object databases.

Who can operate the eCommerce Prestashop module?

It will be helpful for anyone who works with the site: administrator, marketer, financier, accountant, SEO specialist, user, etc.

How to install an eCommerce Prestashop module?

You can choose any option that is most convenient for you. First is a manual method - you copy the code file to a specific program folder. The second one is Automated: you install through the software menus, if this option is implemented. Automatic: by launching a file that finds what and where to install.

How to get an eCommerce Prestashop module from TemplateMonster?

To get started, you should register on the TemplateMonster website. Check out the PrestaShop plugin collection on the site. You choose the module that corresponds to your functionality and request. All products are open source, and you can edit them. Add module to cart. Fill in all the data required for billing and your account. Pay for the product using a convenient payment system: PayPal, Stripe, or card. After that, you go through the verification stage by calling or emailing. The system sends you a link to download the file with the product to your account. Now you operate the extension for your needs.