Web Developer Landing Page Template
Looking for Web developer landing page template? This is a great option for your project. Visual data presentation is the strongest point of this template design, which lets you showcase your work...
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Groundbreaking Landing Pages with Google Maps Feature

A landing page is a lightweight web page that has everything and anything to make visitors perform a specific action. Professionally styled single-page websites became one of the key elements of modern digital marketing. They make a perfect tool to create online campaigns and persuade prospects to take action, like purchasing a product or downloading a free eBook. When designed smartly, landing pages with Google maps and other essentials result in new leads and sales increases. Depending on the website type, you could make users click on links with call-to-actions and launch ads without additional payments. One can select from various types of one-page websites depending on the project’s topic and owner’s needs.

One-Page Website Templates Covering Any Need

There is a landing website template for every need in today's world. They meet recent website-building requirements and come with a wide range of creator-friendly options. Such must-have features include pixel-perfect, responsive design with cross-browser compatibility and search engine optimization. You also have an easy-to-manage visual page builder that provides intuitive editing with drag & drop functionality. Every content piece is simple to customize and has tweakable settings one can change without any special knowledge.

Landing Types to Select From

There are several landing types to run a worthy site with maps and other basics. One can select from the following options.

  1. A squeeze page, lead capture page, or opt-in page is the quintessential landing page. The main purpose of the product is to squeeze information out of the visitor. It is usually personal data, like name, email, and phone number. Visitors providing contact details typically get something in exchange. It is an attractive offer, like a free trial, infographic, eBook, and other downloadable content.
  2. Long-form landing or sales letters are the infomercials of the digital marketing world focusing on the benefits of products or services. This LP type showcases the advantages of using your products or services over and over to convince the visitor they want to buy from you. The more time a prospect spends on this type of landing, the higher the chance they will convert.
  3. The product details page is usually seen on the main website for business and services. The pages provide multiple pieces of information about the promoted items. Viewers can check out all the details to complete the purchase or contact a sales representative to learn more about the offer. This LP type mostly includes special features, like social integration, sliders, banners, footers with maps, etc.
  4. Click-through landing pages are single-page sites that create enough context to make viewers visit a transaction page. It warms up leads making it more possible to get another sale. Usually, this LP type means a simple page with no special features. There should be main offer details highlighting its benefits and best features.
  5. Video landings are beautifully created landing pages with pro video to boost sales. Its main objective is to build hype around a product or service by explaining its value. You might get a page with a single video or increase the design with more options.

Google Maps Landing Page Website’s Essentials

When buying a template for a pro-made landing, ensure it comes with the following features:

  • Translation- or WPML-ready design;
  • Multi-color options;
  • Mobile-ready design;
  • Elementor, Visual Composer, or another handy builder;
  • Customizable content blocks;
  • Easy installation;
  • Powerful framework with main plugins compatibility;
  • Versatile menu with sticky elements;
  • Ready-to-edit CTAs;
  • Sliders, grids & carousels for products promo;
  • Newsletter popup;
  • Google Maps;
  • Latest from the social media section;
  • Blog content, etc.

All the named options should be simple to customize.

Enriching Your Landing Page Website with Animated Maps

Would you like to add or change map markers? Here is a step-by-step video tutorial for beginners and middle-level users to create strikingly animated templates for landings. Follow the instructions to better the website look with unusual design solutions.

Landing Pages with Google Maps Q&A

How do I create landing pages with Google Maps?

There are a few ways to add maps to the landing’s design. Modern best-selling templates come with the feature in the pack. All you need to do is fill this content block with custom information details, and voila! Your maps are ready to navigate. And here is how one can add the maps feature by hand.

  1. Go to Google My Maps.
  2. Create a map.
  3. Make the results public.
  4. Generate an embed code for your map.
  5. Add your Google Maps API key to the embed code.
  6. Add the embed code to the Text tab in your WordPress page editor.
  7. Preview the map to ensure everything looks right.
  8. Save your page.

Where do I get free templates for landing pages with maps?

View this list of free landings with premium features. Everything is fully customizable. You can add awesome animations, test mobile layouts, and try other best options for free. Besides, don’t miss this list of free one-page themes perfect for lead generation.

Why do I need to add Google Maps to my single-page website design?

This simple feature makes your website more shopper-oriented. It would show visitors where your office is located and help them to find the shortest way to it. The more comfortable the website is, the more chances you get new customers.

Who can edit landing pages templates with maps?

Due to a 100% user-ready design, even newbies can edit modern responsive landing page templates. You can change color schemes, add new designs with editable features and choose from numerous pre-made content blocks. Today’s LP templates are drag & drop-ready, which provides quick and easy editing.