A good online resume is your chance to find the desired job, new clients and promote your works. Consider this CV Joomla theme designed by professionals and aimed at promoting your skills, output online. A site based on this theme will tell potential clients about your bio, skills, education in the timeline section, show your output in a gallery, and acknowledge with testimonials put in a slider. It will be easy to read all this information from whatever handheld device due to the responsivity of this theme.

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September 02, 2016

  • - We updated the engine version to Joomla 3.4.8;

    3 Reviews for this product

    Working with the template design has been great!
    I am a professional webdesigner with developer skills. Fine template. Install of template gives no problems except for arranging everything for the one-page-scroll-mechanism. Because I always use my own install of Joomla!, I had some small issues with some modules. But at the end everything works fine.
    I downloaded the template and installed it on an existing joomla!3 installation. At the same time, i installed the full package that contains the sample data and configuration, on a linux (Ubuntu 12.04LTS) test server. After having a look at the documentation on templatemonster.com, I was wondering how to set-up the template-only installation just to make it look like the full package installation. For me, this was too tricky. It would have been very helpful to have a description of modules, plugins, special folders etc. I decided to use the full package installation and filled it up with my own content for productive purpose. However, here are the things I like(+) and dont like(-): + Easy installation of full package + Full package works out-of-the-box + good template preview - no detailed template documentation - The template itself is hard to implement on an existing joomla!3 installation (if you want to have it look like on the demo site) If you dont want to customize a lot and this template meets your needs and if youre going to install jommla!3 anyway, then I can recommend this template to you. I can imagine that advanced php-programmers who are familiar with joomla!3 and the MVC model have no problems with applying the template to an existing joomla!3 installation.

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