Automobile Towage Joomla Template

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Updated: Dec 31, 2014

When cars break down, they should be towed to a service station. If you want to promote the latter on the web, this template will come to your help. Its layout gives an opportunity to present the information about companies providing towage in a convenient way. On the right side, youll be able to enumerate services, while the left one is meant to give a warm welcome to website visitors. Moreover, any company will look authoritative and responsible against the background of a saturated color scheme combining red and black. Thus, drivers will believe their cars will be transported to a destination safe and sound. Thanks to the templates design, everyone will be determined to make use of the promoted services in no time.

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September 02, 2016

  • - We updated the engine version to Joomla 3.4.8;

    9 Reviews for this product

    Nice looking template. Easy to organise and to prepare for your own look.
    I really like the feel of this template. Going to install it and enjoy the colors as well. The sample images also look very appealing and they just fit nicely with the over all design and outlook of the template as a whole. The clean effect is most appealing my view and generally speaking I think this template will appeal to any company that is a car dealership.
    This one was used to updated an old HTML site to bring the customer into the 21st Century. Boy! Did it impress them! Easy to work with template with a lot more options than was needed but its easy to disable the parts that are not required.
    Мы - веб-студия. Разрабатываем сайты для заказчика. Данный шаблон был приобретён для сайта автосервиса. Выбрали этот шаблон по следующим причинам: во-первых, он достаточно современный и смелый. Во-вторых, (это главное) он идеально подходит задачам сайта, которые мы определили. В третьих, адаптивный. И самое главное - великолепное представление демо-версии шаблона на сайте. (Это можно поставить в заслугу всем шаблонам этого магазина). Можно показать клиенту его будущий сайт со всех сторон. Если кто-то попросит рекомендации, обязательно посоветуем TemplateMonster для выбора шаблонов.
    Very good template ! Easy to install with the documentation. I installed the sample and changed it, this is the easier way to create the homepage. The part where the positions are documented is also very helpful. The only tricky thing was to change menus that looked like modules.
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