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Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 1Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 2Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 3Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 4Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 5Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 6Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 7Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 8Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 9Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 10Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 11Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 12Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 13Cycling Equipment OpenCart Template - Features Image 14
Here is a responsive Bike Store OpenCart Theme providing quick installation and easy usage. It comes with free licensed images of high resolution. To personalize your online store, you can also change the default images included into the theme package with your own photos. Advanced search, back to top button, and dropdown menu ensure utmost convenience for shoppers. Due to easy on the eye palette and contrast of imagery and light background, the template is visually appealing. Green is used for add to cart buttons, typography and even the whole block of testimonials, whereas sale stickers are marked with red. Social media integration, online chat and Google map can largely enhance interaction with customers.

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This is a Bootstrap Outdoorssports OpenCart ecommerce template

What is it?

Bootstrap is definitely a totally free front-end framework that provides for a lot quicker and quick website design practical experience.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap scales any of your web projects from mobile phones to desktop computers employing the same codebase. It makes the web developing process faster and easier.

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This is ycling OpenCart design template with On-line chat

What is it?

Online chat refers to any type of connection that occurs over the Online world in the real-time.

Why is it Good?

Online chat through tech support is often a indication for the consumer - “this specific company really is concerned about me”. The internet consumers don't need to wait hours and hours for their ticket to be fixed or undergo tonnes of documentation to get the solution for himself. Helpful technical support specialist definitely will answer him quickly and can fix his trouble in a little time.

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This is a Parallax Sport Equipment OpenCart template

What is it?

When you travel someplace, far away things move around a lot slower as compared to the close ones. Replica of such an effect on the web property - if the background graphic moves slower compared to the subject material, is known as parallax. It's always used to create a feeling of space in the web-site visitor's eyes.

Why is it Good?

Parallax scrolling will allow you to add depth to your webpage appeal.

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This Sports OpenCart design template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive designs alter to little and greater display screen dimensions mechanically.

Why is it Good?

Responsive webpage design allows you to get better buyer experience and give a complete access to the website data from any device.

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Update (May 10, 2016);

  • Updated engine version to 2.1 ;

  • Added new sample data dump;
 Added Blog module;
 Added MegaMenu module ;
 Added Parallax module;
 Added Google Map module;
 Added Background Video module (optionally);
 Replaced ‘lorem ipsum’ text with theme text;
 Extended category number;
 Enabled styles for new modules via SCSS;
 Added new module positions for element’s output in the container and fullwidth;
 Added Google Map module;
 Added Parallax module;

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This was the perfect OpenCart theme for our client, who has a Bicycle store in our city, and needed a webshop for sale, because during the COVID virus, 80% of their customer was disappear and he wanted the business to roll. We purchased this template and reedit with his logo/slides/pictures, than put our Language and some menus, and immediately wham, we got the right design and the customer loved it.
Очень классный, удобный для пользователя и красивый внешне шаблон, а сборка поддерживает все модули и легко поддается SEO оптимизации, благодаря этому я вышел в ТОП Google не прилагая особых усилий. Техническая онлайн поддержка помогла в решении всех возникших вопросах в короткие сроки. Рекомендую приобретать шаблоны именно в этом интернет магазине, не пожалеете, а при изменении решения-они легко идут на компромиссы и обменяют шаблон на любой другой!
La plantilla es Excelente, tiene un buen disenio muy atractiva, pero el problema es que no existe la posibilidad de hacer un cambio de colores que vayan casi por la misma gama de tono, y existe un problema para instalar la carpeta de actualizaciones. Pienso que deberia haber la posibilidad de ofrecer la plantilla a manera de catalogo, para poer sin precio y sin cantidad.
amazing! Template Monster is truly amazing. They provide impressive templates with reasonable prices. They not only produce a wonderful product, they guide you through making the theme work for you! The price is highly affordable! And also responses are fast! Responsive layout and responsive staff. They are really helpful and provide a lot of the constructive suggestions to us. Will definitely continue to use! Thanks a million! Youre so great!
Этот шаблон отличный, никаких ошибок нет, в сравнении с купленным ранее
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