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This hotel Joomla theme features a rather capacious layout accommodating multiple elements in a compact manner. Visitors can easily look through your vacant rooms in a full-width slider at the top and in a carousel in the middle of the layout. Previews of the latest news are also shown in a carousel, thus taking minimum space on the page. Under that block, there is a newsletter signup form, which will let you keep visitors constantly informed of your news. By means of a mega menu, you can arrange links in rows on a single panel instead of overloading your website navigation with multiple subcategories. What's more, you can also supply it with an attractive promo banner to engage the audience.

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In my opinion this template is very good for begginer user! goog lookin and comfortable to navigate~.

George Daskalakis

This template was really nice .It is a great installation. It was very easy to install and setup and it can be very helpful even for the beginners. It can be deducted that you know your job very well, so as to help us do our job easier. The template was perfect for our needs. I would surely recommend it to anyone who really needs a classy website. Appart from that, I am always satisfied with the support services. The design is so modern and years ahead. Whenever I want to use your services I am sure that I will be pleased once again, since you always do your best.

BLUE Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa

Simple yet very effective template. Joomla still stays the simplest, yet strong architecture, for client training and access autonomy on their website. Up to now, client still very satisfied being able to update and review their website by themselves.

Giuseppe Papaianni

Template also did very well in every detail. Like all tempatemonster products. Very professionally assisted also in the post sale. Participants also greatly appreciated the assistance in Italian performed by highly trained and knowledgeable staff.

Marc Bastarache

Anybody who has a strong grasp of how JOOMLA works will be dazzled by the ability to add useful interactive features into this template - which is very well thought out for all hotel needs.. Yet, those people who haven't entered JOOMLA (expecting a WordPress CMS interface will be in for a shock - and a few days of basic JOOMLA tutorials).. Being a website mysql/php/javascript/jquery programmer for 10 years (and programmer for 25 years) - without JOOMLA exposure - does not provide me any advantages when trying to decipher how to change the color theme, logo - or even written content.. It's like starting over again.. There is nothing about JOOMLA that web designers will recognize.

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  • Adobe Photoshop CC+

    Adobe Photoshop CC+

  • ZIP unarchiver

    ZIP unarchiver

  • Joomla! 3.4.x

    Joomla! 3.4.x

  • PHP editor.

    PHP editor.

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