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Quasar Form Pro - Premium WordPress Form Builder. A simple and convenient constructor of forms and calculators. Allows you to create dynamic form and quiz. You can completely control the design of...
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Galfilter Wordpress Plugin
Galfilter is the gallery type wordpress plugin which is consist of custom post type gallery and filter of each category. This galfilter plugin will generate a widget and a sidebar area after setup...

What are Premium WordPress Plugins?

If you want to get the most out of your WordPress-based website and make it work according to its design, then you need to invest in premium WordPress plugins. These powerful tools will give your site the credibility that it deserves. Fortunately, we have found the best add-ons and made them available to you at a fraction of the cost. TemplateMonster vendors are constantly adding new, great, and useful assets to the marketplace. They are the best way to make your website more interactive, personalized, and feature-rich. The best thing is that they are easy to install and will help you improve your site's functionalities in a jiffy.

Go ahead and browse through this list of the best WordPress plugins and download the ones that suit you. You won't regret it! Stop paying more than you should!

Why Use Premium Plugins over Standard Ones?

Premium plugins are the most in demand due to their functionality. While standard plugins are simple to use and free, they fall short of premium plugins. In particular, paid add-ons come with features that make them worth their price tag. They offer more flexibility and better usability than standard ones do. This includes pro-functionalities like high-speed optimization, detailed analytics, increased security, more SEO features, etc. Hence, they have additional features that you cannot get with the free version.

In addition, "premiums" usually have more support, are easier to use, and can be integrated with other software.

Why Use Paid Plugins Instead of Free Ones?

If there are so many freebies available, why would you pay for premium WordPress plugins? What a wonderful question!

Suppose you want to move/export the site database. Yes, you can move a database by hand using a program like PHPMyAdmin to sync files between a local WordPress installation and a live WordPress installation or when switching hosts. Even though it's completely free, doing this might be a hassle. Why would you do this when you could just use a premium tool to perform all the work for you instead? When you think about how long it takes to switch sites by hand, the cost of the license quickly pays for itself. This time may be made available for use in other areas of your company.

In addition, many users waste hours trying to find a freebie rather than spending money on a commercial solution that already accomplishes that job. While you may be saving money by using a free utility instead of a paid one, doing so will likely cost you time and your sanity. This might make you unhappy with WordPress or, even worse, could lead to a poor solution for your company that isn't producing the outcomes you want.

Use premium plugins for these three primary reasons:

  • Functionality: Premium WordPress plugins deliver excellent performance and fantastic features (which the majority of free plugins are unable to provide).
  • Updates: There are frequent updates.
  • Support: They offer support channels to focused on client pleasure.

If you're serious about making money online, you should invest in your website. Investing in add-ons that provide exceptional value is one of the best ways. Here on this page are assets that are well worth the money.

What is the Best Premium WordPress Plugin for Your Business & Needs?

Even though WordPress can make your website work better by giving you add-ons with lots of features, that doesn't mean you have to install them all at once. We're here to save you hours of research.

WordPress Premium Plugin Types

Many types of premium WordPress plugins help optimize your site, create exciting content, and more. They vary in purpose. For example, some can be used for SEO, while others can help you with your content creation goals.

  • Affiliate: This topic includes monetizing tools that help you promote your website through an affiliate program. It allows you to monetize your website and receive payments from advertisers in addition to commissions funded by advertisers.
  • Analytics: These add-ons provide insights into user behavior, traffic patterns, and engagement metrics. They usually give statistics in the form of graphs, charts, or tables, which help you understand what's working and what's not.
  • Development: This category offers developers the tools they need to create websites. They help with coding and runtime errors that can make your site's life easier.
  • Advertising: These premium WordPress plugins will help you advertise your web project. They often come with tools to help you maximize the effectiveness of your ads and bring in more traffic.
  • Marketing: This topic is essential for marketing and brand awareness. In particular, it lets you expand your reach through social media sites, newsletter emails, etc.
  • Navigation: A category of add-ons that offers helpful navigation tools like breadcrumbs and pagination. They're essential to making your site user-friendly and helping it load faster and be easier to navigate.
  • Secure: Essentials that keep your site's security in check with features like SSL certification.
  • SEO: By improving organic ranks, these tools boost your online presence on search engines, helping to bring more visitors through organic means.
  • Translation: These premium WordPress plugins make the website multilingual, saving you the time and effort of having to do it manually. They may also offer translation into different languages while also accommodating WP's current language settings through its translation feature.

How to Find the Right WordPress Premium Plugin for Your Project or Niche

The best premium WordPress plugins for your business will depend on what you need them to do and what features are important to you in their feature set.

  • For example, if you have a WooCommerce-based website and need a method for managing and delivering orders online, then FoodMan might be the right option for you.
  • If your business requires a gallery with numerous photos of different classifications (e.g., a creative online portfolio), then Galfilter will come in handy.
  • Regardless of the business, today's websites need improved page load times and site performance in general. Speed Pack will be the solution in this case.
  • Customer service companies understand how critical it is to be seen as experienced and successful in the eyes of potential customers. Themex Counter generates counter-style widgets on the desired page to show, for example, the number of satisfied customers or completed projects.
  • Stories have grown in popularity over the past few years and are a terrific way to highlight your products and keep your customers interested. You can design beautiful full-screen stories for your Woo store with Product Stories.
  • We need calls to action to motivate and encourage visitors to buy, download, subscribe, etc. Your website can have a modern-style CTA button in just a few minutes with the help of the Elementor Page Builder and Themex Button.
  • Forms are a must for every website, and Quasar Form Pro will handle this. It is an easy-to-use premium WordPress form plugin for constructing dynamic calculators and forms.
  • Tables help with site optimization, so they should be SEO-ready.
  • With Themex Pricing, you can rest assured that your pricing strategy is effective. It’ll let you easily customize pricing plans and adjust prices as per a specific customer type.

What Benefits Do Top WordPress Add-ons Provide?

Premium WordPress plugins offer the following features:

  • Mobile-friendly: Full responsiveness ensures that your website is compatible with mobile devices. After the implementation of this feature, some page builders (like Elementor) added the option of previewing both on desktop and mobile.
  • Shortcodes: This is a powerful tool for creating custom content on your site without writing code or using HTML tags. This feature makes it easy for you to create forms and media content with a few mouse clicks, saving you time and effort.
  • Fully customizable options: The add-ons are highly customizable. It is possible to customize your web project the way you want it, from the color of the button to the currency to the product filter.
  • Drag & drop: Premium WordPress plugins offer the ability to drag and drop content (elements) onto your site-building interface, saving a lot of time.
  • Compatibility: Compliance with WP v. 5.9 and earlier allows you to work out all the processes smoothly. In addition, almost all add-ons support Elementor Builder as well as other page editors such as Gutenberg, WPBakery, etc.
  • 24/7 assistance: Get technical support and free lifetime updates for both personal and commercial purposes.

How to Use Plug-ins to Boost the Performance of Your WordPress-Based Website

The user experience is critically dependent on the site’s performance. Your visitors will leave your site quickly (four seconds is enough) if a page loads slowly. Therefore, you need to avoid frustrating customers with poor speeds.

Apart from the current premium WordPress plugins, there are some others that you should look into. These are “essentials" that will speed up your website and make it much more efficient.

  • WP Super Cache. This add-on will cache your static files on the server so that they are not reloaded every time people visit your web pages.
  • WP GZip Compression. The utility compresses your site data so that it takes less time to load.
  • WP Rocket. This one optimizes your performance speed by enabling caching, minification, and compression of all scripts and CSS files automatically when they change or are updated.
  • Yoast SEO. It's a popular add-on that helps improve your site's search engine optimization and readability.
  • Google XML Sitemaps. This utility automatically creates and updates XML sitemaps so that other search engines can see your content. As a result, you'll get indexed by search engines faster.

How to Use Premium WordPress Plugins to Create a Website

The main steps in building a site are picking a domain name, getting hosting, and setting up the CMS. After that, it's time to focus on the functionality and appearance of the pages. Let's talk about all of that in turn.

Decide on a WordPress plan

Choose a plan to start site-building. WordPress.org has one free plan—you'll only have to pay for your domain, hosting, plug-ins, templates, and other parts of your website.

When it comes to WordPress.com, you'll need to pick from one of the five plans. The main differences between these plans are the price per month, how much you can change your site, and whether or not you can use advertising tools.

Domain & hosting

One of the most important steps is choosing a domain name. You can find dozens of domain name providers online that offer low-cost options (e.g., GoDaddy and NameCheap). Once you have your domain name, you need to choose a hosting provider that meets your needs and budget.

When building a website, choosing a hosting provider and setting up a domain name often happen at the same time.

  • Your domain name will serve as the address for your site on the Internet, and it will direct users to your site. This is how your domain name will appear: www.domain.com
  • Your web hosting is similar to your home in that it keeps your site's data. Your website would not be able to "exist" on a server without a web server. A2Hosting, Bluehost, and Dogado are a few of the top WordPress hosting companies.

CMS installation

If you use a hosting service that doesn't focus on WordPress, like GoDaddy, you'll need to install a CMS to link your new domain to your website. You won't have to go through this step, though, if you decide on a WordPress-focused hosting provider like BlueHost or Dogado. These services will already have WP installed for you.


Thanks to pre-made web designs, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to create the next web project. On TemplateMonster, you can find both free and paid WordPress themes. Some come with all the features you need already built in, while others only need minor changes to become the design you want.

Each template has a wide range of layouts, formatting options, colors, fonts, and other options for how it looks. WordPress uses a fairly boring theme by default. You may retain it, but the people who visit your website might not be as impressed. A professional WordPress theme, whether you pay for it or not, will make your site look polished and appealing to people who might want to buy from you.

Due to the large number of available designs, we've created a tutorial on how to choose the best WP theme.

Plugins—Here They Are!

By now, you know that premium WordPress plugins are the most important part of a WP website because they make it user-friendly and easy to manage. So first, go to the Plugins area of your admin panel. This displays every add-on that is active and installed on your site. Your host may have already installed several add-ons, so check. Remember that after installation, an add-on has to be activated to function. If your site is brand new, or if you don't currently have any utilities installed, the Plugins area will be empty. If you were to install a plugin, it would be listed on the list of active utilities.

Click on "Add New" > "Upload" to add a new add-on. Select the plugin on your PC, click "Install Now," wait a moment, then complete with "Activate." From here on out, your experience will be much easier if you continue with this guide in a step-by-step fashion.

Use WordPress-Powered Website Examples as Inspiration

You can experience a sense of overwhelm when you start to customize your site. Instead of starting from scratch, it might be helpful to look at some good WordPress sites for ideas. Some noteworthy ones that can be used as a starting point for your site are as follows: Global News, Rolling Stone, Capgemini, etc.

Guidelines for WordPress Projects

  • Use fewer plug-ins. Having an excessive number of premium WordPress plugins may cause your site to load slowly and potentially jeopardize its security.
  • Put Google Analytics to use. Google Analytics is a widely used tool for monitoring results, gathering information, and providing a glimpse into how users engage with your pages. Due to this, it serves as a crucial tool for evaluating the effectiveness of your website.
  • Control your comments. You should avoid spam replies to your posts since Google analyzes both them and your content. By using your dashboard, you can control your comments.
  • Add tags to images. Images may perform a lot of behind-the-scenes work in addition to just looking engaging. Make sure to include relevant titles and alt text when you upload graphics.
  • Stay up-to-date. WordPress releases software upgrades every month to maintain its security. Major changes happen around once a month, while minor updates generally happen every two weeks.

The Effect of a Plugin on the Complexity of Theme Integration

Some premium WordPress plugins, like those for search engine optimization, analytics, or performance, serve more practical purposes. These types usually don't require much work after installation. Image-compressing add-ons, for instance, optimize photos irrespective of the WordPress theme you're using. You don't need to worry about a template becoming involved when you activate these kinds of plug-ins.

Additionally, some themes already support certain plugins. Many templates, such as those on TemplateMonster, for instance, already include WooCommerce integration. Some developers also make both themes and add-ons. If this is the case, you can usually find templates made to work with their tools. These authors provide WordPress themes compatible with their WordPress plug-ins.

Begin Using a Premium Add-On Today to Increase Your Productivity and Creativity

It is difficult to set up a web project without the right tools. This is the time to begin using premium add-ons. They are offered at a great price and provide a ton of value.

To get an idea of how much your productivity and creativity will improve, try one of the current exclusive add-ons today. If money is not an issue, then why not invest in a premium add-on today?

Your Next Great Plugin Discovery Has Arrived

The level of effort and skill displayed in the premium plug-in market is astounding. The TemplateMonster marketplace is a place to buy digital products that help with web design and development. It is also a way to find high-quality add-ons. To locate your new favorite plugin right away, search in our main directory.

5 WordPress Plugins You Need To Survive

Want to learn more about these and other top WP plug-ins? This video tells about the most useful of them, including how well they perform and what their functionality is.

Premium WordPress Plugins FAQ

What is the difference between premium WordPress plugins and themes?

Plugins are used to add features to your website, such as new widgets or custom menus. They also allow you to customize parts of your web pages without editing any code by simply navigating to a specific settings page and clicking on the options you want. Themes, in turn, change the overall look and feel without changing any code. In other words, it is easier for site owners and web administrators to make changes and updates without worrying about breaking any existing functionality.

I have a plugin for WordPress with premium features—can I sell it on your marketplace?

If your product is available but not in the TemplateMonster directory, feel free to apply to become an author. Make sure you read the terms of use. Once you register, we'll check and try to add you as soon as possible.

What is the difference between premium WordPress plugins and free ones?

Premium items have more features than free ones and come with full support, while free ones only have their basic set of features.

Are there any additional fees?

If the item you are purchasing is worth more than $10, then there will be a $2 handling fee. If the item is under $10, then $1 will be added to the order.