Looking positive and optimistic, this Medical Services Website Template can be used for developing a medical, beauty or any other website. Flexible and easy to customize, it allows adjusting every element of this design to fit your particular requirements. Full width slider and background images set the right tone on the site and serve to separate content. Banners and bright buttons catch the eye and call to action. Intuitive contact form at the bottom of the page welcomes users to get in touch with you. Contact details and open hours are also here and can be easily reached by any passerby. You may feel safe the sleek design of this template will provide your visitors with excellent browsing experience.

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This Business Bureau website template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design means that the web page adjusts its shape and size in order to suit almost any display screen, from the smallest cell phones to the largest Computer displays. For each and every gadget, website page components grow or scale down to look perfect.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design help to make your internet site appear equally awesome on screen of any kind of personal pc or handheld gadget.

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This is a Parallax Medical Services web template

What is it?

Parallax is a scrolling technique in which front visuals move more quickly than the back ones.

Why is it Good?

A web page with parallax scrolling effect always grabs the attention of a viewer and increases company's identification because of the enticing design.

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6 Reviews for this product

Great template. Easy to use with many customization options that make the designers job easier. I was looking for a template that would give me the ability to just exchange the images that come with the template for my clients images. The site was approved very quickly and thus making my flow of work development much more effective. The effects of parallax make the navigation very pleasant and leave the customers very satisfied with the look of the pages.
It is a great cross browser template with all the bells and whistles. Easy to navigate through and easy to customize.
good template ,nice css transitions ,very easy to modify
muito bom este template... Superou minhas expectativas. Ótimo trabalho
Overall good experience. The only issue I had was during payment. It seems like the company/eCommerce portal is overseas and it kept rejecting my business CC. After a lot of back and forth wiht the lady on the phone, it got resolved. Beside that everything else was great and excellent!

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