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White WordPress Themes - Your Key Advantage in Online Business

Creating your website is painstaking work that requires a lot of time and effort. Using a CMS dramatically facilitates this process, making it accessible to the average user. However, even in this case, you need to decide what to post and how exactly to present your site. That’s why here we are talking about one of the most excellent solutions - buying a white WordPress themes.

If you have already chosen the technical component of your resource, it's time to move on to the next stage - the choice of graphic design for your site.

What Is a White WordPress Theme?

A simple white WordPress theme is a specific set of files that define your site's look and feel. It is their data that we use to design and correctly display information to users.

As a rule, a template consists of several files:

  • some are responsible for the visual presentation of various elements,
  • others determine the correct places for displaying information (what in which block to show on the resource),
  • the rest are graphic files necessary for the correct display of the theme.

Pay particular attention to the fact that the system and template files in WordPress work independently of each other; that is, you can change the theme and, for example, update the version of WordPress at different times.

How to Choose a Solid White WordPress Theme?

The developers and sellers divide all WordPress templates into two groups: paid and free.

As you might guess, free black and white WordPress themes are the ones you don’t need to pay for, while you have to pay to use a premium template.

You can find a list of silver and white WordPress themes in the section above. Since the number of white WordPress themes is several thousand, you can use the filter of characteristics for your convenience.

For instance, here you can mark the next features:

  • what color the templates should have,
  • how you should locate the blocks,
  • what functions the template should support.

Also, you can separately specify an exact template functionality:

  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Corporate
  • Blogging
  • Gallery
  • One Page Templates
  • Online Store/Shop
  • Magazine
  • Resume
  • Forum

You can filter over a dozen characteristics. Believe us. It dramatically simplifies the pain of choice.

Also, take as a rule to download white WordPress templates only from the official TemplateMonster site. All presented themes pass tests for security, cross-browser compliance, GPL compliance, etc. before being included in this list.

If you use an unverified source, then along with the theme, you can upload malicious code to your site that can harm your resource, you, and your users.

Free vs Premium White WordPress Themes

Paid themes have two advantages:

  • firstly, they can make your site design truly unique and not overlap with the designs of most other WordPress resources;
  • secondly, as a rule, paid templates have better code, which means fewer problems arise. They are also usually supported by the developers and authors of the project - if you have any questions, you will always have someone to contact.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which template to use - build on your desires and goals. As a rule, you can find a suitable free template for blogs and personal pages. Still, it is better to create commercial sites and extensive web resources using paid themes since they will stand out against other WordPress sites' backgrounds and differ in stability.

White WordPress Theme Choosing Tips

When choosing a suitable template, you should consider how much you like (or dislike) its design and some other parameters.

For example, if you plan to monetize your resource, you need to provide space for future banner ads. In this case, it is better to choose a template with three or more columns.

If you are going to use your logo on the site, when choosing a theme, imagine how it will work with your brand name and where it will be better to place it. Some templates already have a special place for the logo.

If you plan to promote your site in search engines actively, make sure that the chosen theme has SEO-friendly code or SEO-optimized. Be sure to read the descriptions of the templates, which often list their main characteristics.

The white WordPress theme you choose must be responsive - then your site will be convenient to view from both a monitor screen and a tablet or mobile phone.

Also, pay attention to the theme's loading speed - if your resource takes longer than 3-5 seconds to load, there is an excellent chance that you will lose most of your audience.

Before installing, be sure to test the template carefully:

  • how the buttons work,
  • what impression the design makes, the fonts,
  • do you like the design and functionality of the template in general.

How to Install and Configure White WordPress Theme

Installing a template is a quick and straightforward operation, which usually does not raise any questions. However, to fully cover the topic of white WordPress templates, from now on, we will show you step by step how to install, activate, and configure the template correctly.

  1. Go to your WordPress CMS site's dashboard.
  2. Go to the "Appearance" tab and then select "Themes."
  3. Go to adding a new theme and upload the template you have chosen by following the instructions above.
  4. Then you can immediately activate the template (do this immediately after installation or in the "Themes" tab, where all the themes installed on your site are displayed). Otherwise, see how the installed theme will look on your site by clicking the "Live Preview" button at the bottom template. When viewing, you can also immediately customize this theme.
  5. After activation, click the "Customize" button under the active theme and proceed to edit the appearance of your site (you can also go to the settings by selecting the "Customize" item in the "Appearance" tab).
  6. You can adjust many different parameters, and WP will immediately reflect all changes in your site's layout. And for them to take effect, click the "Save and Publish" button.
  7. If you want to remove a template, you need to find it in the list of all installed themes and click on the "Information" button - in the window that appears, click on the "Remove" button in the lower right corner and confirm your choice. Deletion is possible only if this white WordPress theme is not activated.

Check out the great white WordPress theme - Plumbing Services

Here in this package, you can find some pre-designed pages and layout types that you can use right out of the box. See more details in the video.

White WordPress Theme Questions and Answers

Why download a white WordPress theme?

There are a lot of free and paid WordPress templates right now. If you are a beginner blogger or need a simple website for your company, there is no need to spend time and money developing a unique design.

Take a ready-made white WordPress theme. Moreover, there is plenty to choose from. TemplateMonster has collected over 2 thousand responsive templates for sites on different topics, from cooking to photo portfolios in this collection.

Where to buy white WordPress theme? is the official resource where you can download free or premium white WordPress themes.

Experienced webmasters recommend using our service, and not all kinds of forums, blogs, file sharing, and so on. Moderators check all WordPress templates that developers upload to this site for security, display correctness, cross-browser compatibility, and several other criteria.

How can an unverified white WordPress theme harm my project?

If you find a seemingly high-quality white WordPress template on some resource, but it is not on the trustable sites, there is a chance that the authors did not pass the test, and they had to publish their creation elsewhere.

Also, somebody can embed malicious code or external links in free WordPress templates on unofficial sources, which do not carry the same harm as viruses but can interfere with the site's promotion. Of course, we are not claiming that all items from third-party resources have problems, but it is better to trust reputable ones.

Why choose a responsive white WordPress theme?

We recommend selecting your product precisely from responsive templates since today it is irrational to use non-adaptive ones if you don't want to lose some of your visitors. More and more people are surfing the Internet via mobile devices, and with a responsive theme, you will make your blog as comfortable as possible. And in general, for any site, the ability to adjust to different screen resolutions does not hurt. Now about 40% of traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. Internet analysts predict that this figure will only grow. Therefore, choosing a responsive white WordPress theme, you can't go wrong.