Lemon GameReady Low-poly 3D model
The 3D lemon model was prepared with a blender. With low polygon, it is game ready in all your game projects or you can easily use it in your render projects. It contains 1k and 4k textures. Thanks...
Handgun 3D Low Poly Model
Handgun 3D Model Low Poly Model By Blender 3.3.1 Textures Not Include! Render By Marmoset Toolbag 4 It is a level of work that can adapt to many game projects
Chess Horse Lowpoly 3D model
Chess Horse Lowpoly 3D model. You can use it easily in your 3d projects, you can use it in your games. You can use it in your render projects . You can make it much better quality by changing
Sci Fi Gun - Encre 3D Model
_Desc._ Sci-Fi Laser Bluster Assault Gun. It is rigged and properly skinned for animation. Provided the a Blend File, High quality textures, FBX file (For Unity and Unreal Engine) to export to Game...
Chess Pawn Lowpoly 3D model
Chess Pawn Lowpoly 3D model. You can use it easily in your 3d projects, you can use it in your games. You can use it in your render projects . You can make it much better quality by changing
Chess King Lowpoly 3D model
Chess King Lowpoly 3D model. You can use it easily in your 3d projects, you can use it in your games. You can use it in your render projects . You can make it much better quality by changing
Fish Meat Low-Poly 3D model
Fish meat 3d model, modelled on blender application High quality lowpoly model game ready 1K , 2K and 4K hd textures include. Just buy and download.
Pot of Gold Low-poly 3D model
3D Pot of Gold is ready for your projects and games. 3D Model is modelled on blender application High quality lowpoly model game ready 2K and 4K Textures include ready.
Monitor Low-poly 3D model
Monitor 3D Model Geometry: Polygon Count: 1166 Vertice Count: 1097 Textures: Yes Materials: Yes Rigged: No You can use for your custom projects
Soccerball Sport 3D Model
3D Low Poly Model of the Soccer Match ball. Made in Blender, subdivision ready, with 4096 px textures for PBR workflow. 4K Quality Textures included

Games 3D Graphics for Entertainment Projects

It is difficult to imagine a modern game without three-dimensional technologies and animations. This is an opportunity to immerse the user in the flow of emotions of the scene, create vivid impressions and make it possible to forget about time. With the help of such a design, you can reproduce any fantasy you have on the screen and earn a lot of money from it. We will tell you about what games 3D graphics you need to achieve such a goal.

What Are Games 3D Graphics

These are design images created using 3D modeling. They differ from 2D three-dimensional mapping, as specialists build them based on three axes. The surface of such objects represents a set of geometric shapes. They are called polygons.

Usually, when you look at 2D images, you can see width and height, but 3D graphics also have depth. For example, if you draw a square using four lines, it is a 2D picture. But you can add edges and make-up. In this case, you will receive a cube. This will be an element of three-dimensional graphics.

Software for Games 3D Graphics Creation and Customization

There are various programs for creating 3d graphics for games. We will analyze the most used and popular examples.


This option is suitable for beginners and professionals. It has tools for sculpting. You can design and customize the object as if you were working with clay. After obtaining the desired result, the program will help you choose the necessary textures, highlights, and shadows to make the final product look realistic.


This program is also suitable for anyone who wants to work with games 3d graphics. Here are all the necessary tools, which have an orderly configuration on the interface. It is a free and open-source product. Therefore, you have the flexibility to add modules to extend the functionality, as well as use many tutorials.

Autodesk 3ds Max

This option is suitable only for professionals. Here you will get everything you need for three-dimensional technologies. With the help of this software, specialists create films, games, cartoons, interior designs, clothes, etc. Texturing, rendering, tracing, and object interaction tools are implemented here at a high level, which allows you to reproduce fantasies of any complexity.

Kinds of 3D Modeling

There are three main types of 3D design.


This option consists of a coordinate system and manually entering points X, Y, and Z. Then, you connect them using edges. This is how you create polygons. Each of them has its structure, texture, and shape. As a result, you get a voluminous figure. The more polygons you use, the more detail your image has.


First, you model the curves, which you then use to build the model. This is called a spline. Several lines create a frame, and after that, the picture has a three-dimensional surface. Specialists use the spline method for objects that do not have faces on the cover.


This option is suitable for beginners in 3D. You can bend the finished polygonal model like clay. The sequence of such deformations forms the final result.

Games 3D Graphics Video

Do you prefer to choose and customize the element according to your needs and idea without contacting a specialist? It is possible with TemplateMonster. We have prepared interesting and comprehensive video tutorials about trends in this field. Use them at any time for free and without limits. Follow this link.

Games 3D Graphics FAQ

What is the difference between high poly and low poly games' 3D graphics?

High Poly designs have a large number of polygons, so their feature is maximum detail and informativeness of the image. Here you use textures with a resolution of 4096x4096px or 8192x8192px. This is good for rendering and video. They take up a lot of space and require powerful PC features.

Low Poly images have a small number of polygons. A more detailed format can be achieved with the help of texture maps. The texture resolution is 2048x2048px or 4096x4096px. Typically, developers use such models for VR/AR projects.

How to create games 3D graphics?

You should start with the 3D modeling process. You create an object on the computer using polygons, splines, or sculpting. After that, you add textures, shadows, and colors to bring your image closer to reality. After that, you add the scene. It can be a landscape to play with trees and bushes or space. It all depends on your imagination. Then make the animation. With three-dimensional graphics, it will not be difficult to achieve a high-quality result of movements.

How to customize games 3D graphics from TemplateMonster?

You operate ZBrush, Unreal, Unity, SketchUp, Maya, Cinema 4D / C4D, Blender, and 3DS Max. All items from TemplateMonster are fully editable.

How to get games 3D graphics from TemplateMonster?

We recommend registering on the TemplateMonster website. Add item to cart and make payment. You will then receive an email or call for verification. But we will send a link to download the product.