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Adobe InDesign Icons Sets to Download

Whether to highlight benefits or summarize a concept, Adobe InDesign icons are must-have elements.

Their versatility and ability to improve the user experience make them appreciated by both the users and those who use them.

There are different ways icons can improve the user experience. First, they can improve the readability. You can use them among the text and break it into smaller paragraphs, which will be easier to read and more enjoyable to see.

More than that, icons can enhance the appearance of your content. They confer style and help your brand identity get stronger. Icons can also be animated or work as links. The animations will make the experience more memorable and eye-catching.

Icons are also universal. They're recognized and understood by people from all around the world. Thus, you'll make your content accessible worldwide by using them without the need to translate it into many languages.

Icons offer many advantages, as is clear. Even so, there may be some uncertainties when it comes to choosing the icon file format. There are many available file formats, and picking one over another isn't always straightforward.

Each format is specifically designed for a specific application. Therefore, knowing the purpose and best use of each will benefit you and ensure the best results.

For example, Indd is the best file format if you intend to edit the icons using Adobe InDesign software. Adobe InDesign icons are professional and rich-in-detail graphics. This is why their creation requires competencies in web design.

If you're inexperienced, you can buy ready-made icons, saving time and money.

Adobe InDesign Icons at TemplateMonster

The TemplateMonster marketplace offers several Adobe InDesign icon sets created by expert web designers. Each set has a unique style, with different colors and shapes.

The chance of buying a set instead of a single icon will help you guarantee design consistency throughout your content. In this way, you won't have to purchase icons from distinct sets, risking ending up with representations with different styles and colors, which may make the content appear inconsistent and messy.

Plus, the icons represent different objects, actions, and ideas related to different topics and industries. Thus, whatever industry you or your business operate in, you will find a topic-related representation.

Even if you don't find a design that reflects your brand identity or personal preferences, you can edit it using professional software or online editing tools.

Adobe InDesign icon topics

As previously mentioned, Adobe InDesign icons can be related to different industries and topics. Here are some of the most recurrent:

  • medical;
  • business;
  • people;
  • nature;
  • games;
  • sports;
  • industrial;
  • beauty;
  • weather.

Where can you place Adobe InDesign icons?

Icons are very versatile. Even if the Adobe InDesign file format (Indd) is not compatible with certain digital assets, you can convert it into another and then use it.

The following are some of the most common icon placements:

How to edit Adobe InDesign icons?

In addition to Adobe InDesign, other editing programs will allow you to edit your icons. Here are some of the most popular:

  • QuarkXPress;
  • Adobe InCopy.

Adobe InDesign icons FAQ

What are Adobe InDesign icons?

Indd icons are graphical representations of objects, actions, and concepts created using Adobe InDesign software.

What is Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application for creating books, brochures, and other products that require a tidy layout.

Are Adobe InDesign (Indd) vector or raster files?

Adobe InDesign files are vector-based. This means they're made up of lines, shapes, and curves based on mathematical formulas. You can resize and make them bigger or smaller without losing quality.

What is the difference between Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is mainly used for the creation of different artworks, including icons and typography. Adobe InDesign is the best choice to design multi-page documents containing text and illustrations.

Which is better for logos: Illustrator or InDesign?

Illustrator is the best choice for logo creation because it offers all the tools you need for the best possible result.

Adobe InDesign Icon Packs Unlimited Download with MonsterONE

If you're looking for more than a single set of icons or a graphic, a subscription to MonsterONE plan might be a more convenient option for you. By subscribing, you'll be able to download unlimited Adobe InDesign icon sets and many other digital graphics designed by experts.