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Event Planner WordPress Themes

Have you ever been to a party or a concert? Or maybe, a wedding? Of course, you have! Come to think of it, organizing such events is not an easy job to do. It demands a great deal of managerial skill and talent. That's how event management or event planning came round. And someone at some point has made a decision to make it their source of income. Someone might even think that working as an event manager is a dream job. Event managers plan and coordinate different kinds of social occasions, meetings, parties, and receptions.

Event Management WordPress Themes

Event planning may seem like a cool business, still, there may be a few pitfalls. That includes creating budgets, schedules, venues selection, getting permits, and much more. Being a pro event manager also includes the ability to work out the emergency plan. Event management requires state-of-the-art software and a top-quality presentation on the web.

Why not cast a glance at event planner WordPress themes?

Event management can become an effective marketing and communication tool. It's quite universal for using in companies of different sizes. Promotional venues are a perfect way of communication with the target audience and potential clients. These can be press conferences, product presentations or launches. Not only traditional news media can come in handy for attracting new audiences. With the spreading of Internet, new kinds of media platforms have appeared. Websites can give a proper presentation of services and ensure sales of extra goods. Event planning blogs are also gaining popularity, so there's a niche for creative writing. People love reading advice on how to throw a hell of a party, so why not supply them with it? And that's high time to cast your glance on WordPress.

WordPress is a universal content management system. It is suitable for different web projects, including event planner business. WordPress is popular among the Internet users because it's easy to install and customize. Another cool thing is, there's plenty of event planner WordPress themes to select from. You can choose the appearance of your online project among thousands of templates. And even better than that - you'll be able to make any changes to your liking. Business owners must consider the benefit of selecting premium event planner WordPress themes. Ready-made templates make the process of creating a website faster and less painstaking. As easy as an ABC. Besides, these website templates have bulletproof quality. Professional designers have thought out every detail to make your event planner website remarkable.

What's in the package of event planner WordPress themes?

Each of our Event Management WordPress Themes is perfect for publishing a professional portfolio and clients' testimonials. But first, before launching your new event planning project, you need to clarify a few things. So, do you wish to create a brand new website from zero? Are you an independent event manager seeking clients? Or maybe you work for a major event planning company that wants to advance on the market? As you can see, all these questions need answering.

Are you're thinking of creating a big events manager WordPress based portal? Then, take a look at the juggernaut templates with a set of features meant for building complex sites. Or maybe, you'd like a minimalist blog for informing your customers? Then take a look at less complicated web design solutions. Just remember that appearance matters, but functionality is the most important thing!

Long story short, let's explore the features of event WordPress themes. That's crucial if you don't quite understand that meaning behind certain web design terms. Then you can make a responsible choice, selecting a WordPress events theme. The great news is, most themes have interactive live demos. So, you'll be able to test functionality and appearance of a chosen item. Keep in mind, you're seeking event manager WordPress themes to make your business shine.

Cast a glance at the selection of features included in events manager WordPress themes:

Fully Responsive Design

Responsive design is has been and is trending on the web. It's quite possible, you have heard about it a million times up until now. And still, you may not quite understand the purpose of using it in website design. Every event WordPress theme by TemplateMonster is 100% responsive. Due to this, all themes from our collection will resize and adjust to different screen sizes. CSS3 media queries in the code of a website allow responsive functionality. Thanks to the media queries, website content adapts to the output device. Yet, the content remains unchanged, though its form and structure may change. Using responsive design in websites has obvious benefits. First of all, it's great user experience for the prospects. Second of all, it allows better search engine optimization. Also, your target audience will be able to book event planner services using a tablet or a mobile phone. Responsive design makes life more comfortable and removes the need to view sites on a desktop.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Cross-browser compatibility means that a website can work in different web browsers. So, none of these Event Planning WordPress Themes makes exceptions for browsing software of any kind. Themes from this collection will work the same perfect in all modern web browsers. The advantages of cross-browser compatibility are enjoyable for developers and web viewers likewise. Web users will savor consistent website look on any platform or operation system. Web developers won't need any extra testing in various browser versions. So, no matter how they alter a website, its look and feel will stay unchanged.

Cherry Framework 4.0

The Cherry Framework is free of charge WordPress framework. It is licensed under GPL 3.0, which means it's possible to install it on the limitless number of domains. Provided by Template Monster, it offers different Parent and Child themes. Cherry offers frequent updates, so you may not worry about your software getting outdated. Consider using a parent theme first, then you may supply it with the child themes of the framework. It's quite handy if you update the framework. This way changes that you've performed to the individual themes will stay unhindered. Unlike standard standalone themes. Cherry Framework makes website creation easy and fast due to the functionality it has. Thus, you can build sites of any kind - from online portals to e-stores and blogs.


Each event organizer WordPress theme comes packed with rich documentation. All themes in this collection have clear and valid coding. It's beneficial for web developers because it doesn't require any extra explanation. With all the necessary instructions in the package, it helps faster debugging. The end users will also appreciate the explicit documentation while running an installation process. Besides, the instructions aim at helping people to customize a web theme by themselves.

Versatile Theme Options

TemplateMonster's wp event manager themes have versatile customization options. With their help, web users can alter the primary appearance and layout of the template. Or make the look and feel of a website stand out better among the competition. More than a hundred features are available to make any changes you like. You can change the appearance of the theme just choosing different typography and navigation. There's also a number of layouts like Blog and Portfolio. So, feel free to try any combinations to find the most suitable for your WordPress events theme.

Possibilities of Custom Post Types & Post Formats

As for customization, we can't help mentioning Custom Post Types and Post Formats. A website without content is an empty shell. That's why you need to embed as much information as possible to attract more new customers. With different post types and formats, it's possible to showcase your most successful projects. And tell a lot more about the services your company can provide. Custom post types will help you embed the customers’ testimonials and company bio posts. And also, don't forget about the offers and deals you'd like to highlight.

Use of Shortcodes

“Shortcodes” is another familiar word that needs a bit of an explanation. They have been around for a while now. And they proved to be quite useful for the regular web users. Shortcodes are minimalist pieces of code that allow inserting different types of content. No knowledge of programming is needed. 80+ shortcodes are at your service in every WordPress event theme in this selection. They serve for post output, grids, elements, tabs, lists, video, and audio. Shortcodes work for the introduction of the objects, where more than just a line of code is necessary. Thus, HTML and other markup get embedded into the web page where they have to be. Without shortcodes, some extra code editing would be needed.

The variety of Custom Widgets

Yet again, another mysterious word - "widgets". In short, widgets help to add extra content and features into the sidebars of a WordPress website. The default WordPress widgets include search bars, menus, archives, and post categories. These are website blocks bearing certain functions. Each WordPress events theme has a place that is fit for inserting widgets. These places can be located in different website sections. Thanks to drag and drop functionality of Theme Customizer it is possible to edit the pages with ease. The 'Preview' function shows all the alterations in real time. The editing process is also foolproof because final saving happens upon user's confirmation only.

WPML Ready

WPML makes it possible to create full-functioning WordPress based websites in several languages. All WordPress event schedule planner templates support foreign languages. It's easy and fast to run multilingual WordPress themes with a single install. Thanks to the WPML functionality, website content can be translated into several foreign languages. Just imagine, you can win over more audience not only from your hometown but also from abroad.

SEO friendliness

Search engine optimization has now become more important than ever. Every business owner has to think about going online. Because this is where the customers are. All event WordPress themes by TemplateMonster are 100% Search Engine Friendly. Yet, some people might still be in the dark about what it means. In a nutshell, every theme has special plugins for search engine optimization. A website based on any of WordPress event organizer themes will be indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Search engine optimization will help to get better positions on a search results page. So, your business will win over more new customers on the web.

So, you have familiarized yourself with the standard features of events organizer WordPress themes! Still, you will be even more surprised at a few more extra features they have to offer.

The supplementary features of WordPress event management themes

DropDown Menu

DropDown Menu has been trending in web design for a while now. And it has all the reasons to. The dropdown menu looks like a selection of items that appears after clicking a link or a button. It's a quite functional web design element. Using drop-down menu lets you save up on the web page space. Also, it helps in making the navigation more user-friendly. Thus, your site viewers can find the necessary information a lot faster.

Sliced PSD files in the package

All wp event manager themes have PSD files included into the download package. Professional web designers will appreciate this feature for a good reason. Thanks to the PSD files, it's possible to make changes to the look of a website. No more wasting time on the design related issues. PSD files have several layers that contain an array of top-quality fonts and images. With the help of Adobe Photoshop editor, it's possible to view and change these files with ease.

Social Integration Options

Social networks are as important as search engines these days. They are one of the greatest instruments of online promotion. This is why each events WordPress theme has social sharing buttons incorporated. They help to keep up the connection between the social profiles of your company and your clients. The web viewers will be able to book your services online and learn the latest news and developments. The users will enjoy communication on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc.

24/7 Free Lifetime Support

TemplateMonster is known for its 24/7 technical assistance services. Not only the quality of support is high, but also it's completely free of charge. Certified technical support specialists are happy to provide their help round the clock. Be sure, they will find solutions to any issues and save your precious time.

Here we are. Bet, you have learned more than enough about Event Booking WordPress Themes in our selection. Pay attention to the star ratings and client's reviews. They will help you make an informed choice about the products worthy of choosing. Just view these professional WordPress website designs, WordPress Themes for Personal Blog and Entertainment WordPress Themes and select the best item for your Internet project!

Go on and discover even more templates' choices by exploring subcategories below:
Amusement Park WordPress Themes;
Movie WordPress Themes;
Theater WordPress Themes.

5 Premium Event WordPress Themes 2024

Template Name Price Sales Collections
Eplannr WordPress Theme $75 40
Eventique - events company WordPress Theme $75 52 32
Memorable Events Planner WordPress Theme $75 60
Event Planner WordPress Theme $75 113
Event Planner Responsive WordPress Theme $75 36

Responsive Event Planner WordPress Theme Video Tutorial

Entertain yourself by browsing for great templates. If you want to create a good-looking and successful website - watch this video.

Event Planner WordPress Themes FAQ

Which Event Management WordPress themes are mobile-friendly?

All WordPress themes that are available in TemplateMonster inventory are optimized for the flawless performance on smaller screen sizes.

Can Events Company WordPress themes be edited in Photoshop?

All WordPress themes that are available in TemplateMonster inventory include layered PSD files. So, you can modify any design using the popular photo editor.

WordPress theme vs page builder - what's a better option?

As a rule, WordPress themes of the last generation include built-in drag-and-drop builders, which allow you to modify the pre-designed layouts effortlessly.

Which Event Planner WordPress theme to choose for non-techies?

You can select any WordPress theme from Elementor marketplace, which are intended to be managed in the visual mode.

How to choose the best Event Organizer WordPress theme?

The choice of the best WordPress theme depends on your personal requirements and expectations. Create a short list of features that you want to have on your site. Make the choice of the theme based on those criteria.

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