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Best Collection of Top IT Website Templates for Your Projects

Our IT website templates are pre-made with professional graphics to find a style that suits your needs and the requirements of the brand. You can get a unique, fully responsive template and create a customer-ready page with lower expenditures by investing a tiny part of the costs of hiring a professional web designer. Along with HTML, the selection of themes includes packages compatible with most content management systems, such as WordPress, Woo Commerce, Joomla, Moto CMS, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. Purchasers may find and buy the samples corresponding to their preferences and needs. Analyze whether you need a framework to establish an online shop, wish to launch a one-page site, or look for a more complex solution to introduce your goods.

Features and Characteristics of IT Company & Services Templates

Some advantages that make a good impression will only be a great addition to the responsive multipurpose themes you obtain:

  1. Multipurpose. Once purchased, you can apply the themes for different occasions. They are standard and offer a wide range of elements to be modified.
  2. Dropdown Menu. These components enable the page builder to structure the sections and hide them comfortably. It helps to keep the links to various subpages available at any moment. Besides, it saves space on smaller screens of smartphones and tablets for more important information and messages.
  3. Sample content. In case you have no time or resources to order or create texts and images for the page by yourself, use the pre-developed posts and check the picture databases mentioned in the samples if they are not included in the package.
  4. Google Maps. Do not forget to mark the venue online and make it available for the customers and visitors to get directions or find routes. Mapping the address, brand owners allow their purchasers to leave and share comments about the firm and its products.
  5. Gallery. Samples help to organize images in different configurations, such as accordion, grid, isotope, slider, carousel, etc., to make the page more interesting for potential visitors.

Who Needs to Create IT Company & Services Website

As an IT company or agency, clients expect you to have a professional, credible front online. The site is the core of your business, and a good design will stand you in better stead when it comes to attracting new clients and impressing existing ones. But without a huge budget or plenty of time that must be invested in developing a website with its means, it cannot be easy to get the required results efficiently. The best solution is to use a web template. IT professionals design all these themes. They are styled to reflect industry-standard layouts. Our samples are fully responsive so that visitors can interact with the site on any device. Besides, they can be easily installed to get started. Templates come as sliced PSDs with source files, so you can even make further graphics changes if necessary. Get your IT business online today with our technology website designs, and take the sting out of building a high-quality website for your agency.

How to Create a Successful IT Website

A personal web page for the brand is important to inform your audience, explain your value, boost brand recognition and drive sales. Follow this guide to establish your online presence:

  1. Choose a domain name that would become the most important characteristic of your website. You will share this link with potential and current clients and promote it on social media. The domain name must be short, easy to remember, descriptive, clear of abbreviations and numbers. Do not forget to confirm whether this name is available and buy it through a domain registrar.
  2. Select a web host to place the data for public access. You can decide between a shared hosting and a private server, depending on your financial possibilities.
  3. As soon as the place for storing the data is paid, set up your hosting account, and you can start building the page. You can either hire a team of designers and programmers to assign them for these works or just purchase a ready-made HTML template suitable for IT companies. These themes are already optimized to fit the most important parts of an online presence: they are SEO- and mobile-friendly, customer-oriented, accurate, and uncluttered. So you need just add texts and images, change the colors and fonts, and opt-out and structure the modules and blocks relevant to your brand. These several tricks will enhance the efficiency of a web page based on the appropriate templates:
  • do not forget to add the contact information;
  • check the speed of page loading;
  • add a call to action;
  • make the navigation simple and understandable;
  • keep the design is clear and uncomplicated.

Test and publish your website via the control panel of your hosting account to make it visible for consumers and search engines as long as you have customized the sample.

IT Website Templates FAQ

What is the average price of IT website templates?

You may pay between $5 and $175 for a package depending on its advanced features, integrations, additional modules, and functions.

What software and hosting do IT website templates require?

Designs do not need any special knowledge to process them. Check whether you have the following programs installed on the device:

  1. Notepad++ or any PHP-editor.
  2. Sublime Text2 or later.
  3. Adobe Photoshop CC+, 5.5+, CS2.
  4. Hosting with PHP5.2-5.4 and MySQL5x.

Please note that the description of the definite package must check the exact software.

Are IT website templates SEO-friendly?

Yes, designs contain:

  1. All the necessary titles.
  2. Meta tags.
  3. Other elements that make them visible for search engines and depict that as the most relevant for the topic users are looking for.

Is it possible to integrate web forms into the IT website templates?

Yes, by the majority of themes, the purchaser can add contact or registration options and newsletter subscription.

Hottest Web Design Trends for IT Website Templates to Use in 2023

Check a helpful video about the most relevant design trends and use them in your IT website for the best results. Vivid colors, minimalism, fancy typography are the features that suit any computer, innovate, programming project.