Music Responsive WordPress Theme
Promote your music band online with Musicians WordPress Theme. Feel free to add different types of content to your site and make it more triggering. Custom widgets like pricing tables, animated...
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Music Responsive WordPress Theme
VisuaFX is your goal for promoting your film video production studio. Being fully responsive, this movie studio theme has a stunning design with a background video and Parallax animation,...
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Why Choose Music WordPress Themes for Your Business?

  1. High quality. The team of specialists builds the templates that we have with all the needed features. You are not obligated to buy additional plugins or modules to make it look the same as the demo. You get it at the price that you may see on the description page.
  2. Technical support. It's important to know that you get assistance if you meet any issues. You don't need to Google how to install the template, edit it, or change the design. You can join our support chat, and our technicians will assist you with great pleasure. It's for free if you go with a paid template.
  3. Instructions. Along with the design, you get all the necessary tutorials and documentation. We provide clear instructions on how to work with the template.
  4. Big choice. There are a lot of different designs on our website. Ensure that you can find something suitable for your line of business. You may see various colors, styles, types.
  5. User-friendly. To get more clients, the website should be easy and understandable to work with. All our designs are user-friendly, so your visitors can quickly find the things they are interested in.
  6. Fully editable. If you require any additional functionality, the modification you can easily change our themes. It's possible to edit the blocks that you see on the template, add new sections, and extend functionality using plugins.
  7. Hire a developer. You get the possibility to ask our developers for help for an extra fee. We might install the theme, add your content, optimize with SEO, protect from spammers and hackers, and more.

How to Work with Music WordPress Themes?

All the items that we provide are fully editable. It means that you might change any part without coding. Moreover, we provide all the needed tutorials for editing.

First of all, you need to select a hosting provider. Please, check our Recommended Hosting providers to be sure that your website will work well. We have tested all the items with these providers to check if they are suitable. It's possible to go with your hosting provider, but every template has its requirements. You may find them in the description section.

After installation, you may start editing. You get an admin panel to make all the changes. It would be best if you had your logo replace with the existing one. The next step is filling the website with content. It's feasible to change the text, pictures, colors, blocks, etc. The templates come with visual editors such as Elementor, WP Page Bakery, Cherry Framework. We build the items with such page builders to make editing easier and faster.

Finally, when everything is ready to go, you may start thinking about its promotion. It's better to SEO optimize the website to improve the quality and quantity of client's traffic. It should be on the first pages of the Google search. You may use some marketing tools to attract more clients. Please, check which marketing services we have for you here.

Feel free to ask our support agents for help if you require it. Stay with us!

Things to Consider Before Building a Site

In general, when you start a business, you don't want to spend a lot of money. You try to learn how to work with the theme by yourself instead of hiring web developers. Where to start? What should you know? Here are five tips to prepare:

  1. YouTube videos. TemplateMonster has its own working YouTube channel that always releases new tutorials. There are many detailed instructions, explanations, and good content that will help you understand how it works. You can feel more confident when you watch these tutorials.
  2. Help Center. There are many tutorials for any kind of theme: PrestaShop, Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, etc. You may check some useful content for musician WordPress themes as well. They are clear instructions on installing templates, removing blocks, adding new languages, and others.
  3. Hosting. You need to host a template to make your website alive via the Internet. It's important to deeply check this question because the work of your future website will depend on it. We have tested our designs with recommended hosting providers to make sure that they are suitable.
  4. Description. Every template has a detailed description. You may find all functionality and description there: page builder, version, plugins, and so on. Please, check this section attentively to ensure that you make the right choice.
  5. Chat support. If you have any questions, you might join our live chat anytime; it works 24/7. Pre-sales agents will be happy to assist you in clarifying the things that you don't understand. You can ask about functionality or design specifics of WordPress themes for music.

Please, use this advice to make your work with the website faster and easier.

Free VS Premium Music WordPress Themes

Firstly, there are not a lot of free WordPress themes for music. You may find some related designs, but they won't look as professional as Premium ones. Free examples are not able to satisfy all your needs for musicians.

The second point is technical support. We provide professional assistance for the templates that are purchased on our website. You will be able to join the live chat at any time and get help with any questions. There is no such possibility if you go with free design. You will need to pay for the support if you require it.

Thirdly, guarantee. You can be sure that we guarantee a good quality of the Premium template, and it will have the same look and functionality as in the demo. Unfortunately, we don't give any guarantees for free examples.

You are free to choose which type to go with, but we recommend Premium Music Themes for WordPress.

Which type of websites can you build with Music WordPress Themes?

We have a wide variety of templates for music. You might select any of them for your future website. Here is a listing of the business that you can do with offered themes:

  1. Music School. It's possible to build informative websites to represent music schools. There are Home page, About Us, Services, Features, Portfolio, News. You also get a Contact form to receive feedback from your clients.
  2. Musicians website. We have some designs for musicians to offer their services. You can give information about your activity, releases, events, concerts and so on. It's also feasible to use social media icons. Your visitors will be able to find you on FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram etc.
  3. Music Band. Some fresh designs can professionally represent your brand. The visitors get the possibility to check all the events and even buy tickets online. All the designs are fresh and modern; it will help you to attract more clients.
  4. Night club. If someone is going to a nightclub, it's better to gather more information before they come. Website is the best way to highlight all the events, performers, DJs, bands, styles, and so on.

We are happy to share the templates with you to improve your business.

TemplateMonster marketplace provides thousands of digital products designed to make the process of web development a piece of cake. Among other themes and templates, you can also find WordPress themes for musicians. Using them for site creation allows saving much time, effort, and money. Here’s why.

The average cost of WP templates reaches $70-80 while hiring the specialists may sometimes cost you thousands of dollars depending on the site functionality. Although you have to additionally purchase hosting and a domain name, the final price will still be rather low.

Pre-designed premium themes also come equipped with detailed documentation to help you with the installation and further customization. When you look into the template, you may also find a real-time visual editor and a bulk of custom widgets, content modules, and other handy tools. They are added to let you change the way your website looks without touching a single line of code.

Even if you face some difficulties during customizing the template, you can always communicate them to tech support and get the issue resolved. This is, to be fair, another significant advantage of pre-styled premium WordPress themes.

Who Can Use Musician WordPress Themes to the Best Advantages?

The Music WordPress theme has a comparatively wide area of use. The templates will benefit online music stores and blogs, recording studios, music portals, or fan club websites. The developers who created this type of templates did a great job and designed them for music projects of various styles. No matter if you run classical, pop, rock, or jazz music projects, you can use these WP themes to your maximum benefit.

Any of you will also find fascinating web designs for music clubs and festivals, music producers, singers, and other artists. Built-in modules and widgets will help you present your portfolio in the best manner ever. Should you plan to build up a web resource for your music school or music sharing portal, this type of template will also come in handy. Using a pre-designed theme will let you give your clients a clear understanding of what services you are offering and projects you’ve already implemented.

Key Features of WordPress Themes for Musicians

Bonus High Res Images Pack

The best music WordPress themes usually come with a pack of high-quality topical images. Using them for your web design saves you much time and you don’t have to purchase media on photo stock resources.

Custom Admin Panel

Having the admin panel inside the theme allows you to alter it without searching for a web designer who would customize it according to your needs. Everything in the panel is set to be handy and intuitive, so you shouldn’t experience issues during the customization process.

100% Responsive Layout

Like many other WordPress themes, this type of template ensures a flexible and adaptive design. It means your site will perfectly perform on any modern handheld device, be it a tablet or smartphone. A fully responsive website design significantly improves the on-site experience and lets your visitors enjoy browsing your music blog.

Audio Player

Neither one of music web channels is complete without music. If you plan to apply audio files to your website, you will need a built-in audio player to play music with no hassle.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a useful platform to spread a word about your music projects and build trust with your fans. WordPress themes for musicians support integration with the most popular social media sources, so you can link your site to your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account. While doing so, you will be able to strengthen your relationships with the visitors giving them access to your real life. Besides, the social sharing buttons will let them mention your website on their own social media profiles. This way, you will reach a wider audience and increase your fan club.


This particular feature is helpful for music bands' projects since it allows marking the tour dates on the calendar and lets your fans book the tickets in advance.

How to Play MP3 Tracks Using WordPress Music Template

Elementor Page Builder bundled with JetElements plugin included in most music WordPress themes allows playing tracks from the media library. Follow the tutorial to find out how to add music to your blog and impress visitors. In addition to the practical knowledge, you will also get a ton of helpful styling options.

Best Music Wordpress Themes FAQ

Where Can I Get a WordPress Theme for My Music Project?

Browse TemplateMonster marketplace that provides thousands of classy pre-designed WordPress themes for as many niches as possible. All digital products are divided into categories, so you shouldn’t have issues finding the needed template for your music band website.

What Features I Should Consider When Choosing From the Best Music WordPress themes?

The key features of any WordPress music template include a pack of high res topical images, audio player, social media integration, calendar, and a contact form. Make sure the theme is fully responsive and contains a custom admin panel, so you can alter it without a hassle. Blog and gallery functionality, eCommerce plugin, and different animation effects will be a great bonus as well.

Are Music WordPress Themes SEO-friendly?

All templates available at TM marketplace are designed following the latest SEO trends. So, you can optimize your website to get more organic traffic and reach the top of search results.

How Can I Install the Theme?

You can install the template on your own following the integrated instructions or you can order the installation service at an affordable cost. Our specialists will create databases and upload the files, install and activate the theme, as well as importing sample data.

How Much Do Musicians WordPress Themes Cost?

The cost varies from $45 to $85 depending on different factors.

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