Contact Icons Set Vector and SVG
Contact Icons SetFEATURE:5 Versions Included (Ai 64px and 16px, EPS 64px and 16px , SVG 64px, PNG 64px, JPG 64px ) All in one ( Ai, EPS, SVG )20 Unique Icons100% VectorReady to useEasy to change...
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Hobbies and entertainment icons bundle
Pack contains 18 icon sets in various styles: RGB color, glyph, neon, linear for dark and light mode.Bonus: 2 social media highlight cover icon sets.You will find themes such as: — movie genres,...
Report and Analysis Vector icons Pack
We are offering you report and analysis vector icons, This vectors set incorporates and synthesizes business reports and analytics icons for concepts like budget and business charts icons full pack
Digital Marketing icon Set Vector and SVG
Digital Marketing icon SetDigital Marketing icon Set Vector and SVGFEATURE:5 Versions Included (Ai 64px and 16px, EPS 64px and 16px , SVG 64px, PNG 64px, JPG 64px ) All in one ( Ai, EPS, SVG )20...
Glyph Technology and Multimedia icons
Glyph Technology and Multimedia icons. Design elements for mobile and web applications.FEATURE:4 Versions Included (Ai , EPS, SVG, PNG) 20 Unique Icons100% VectorReady to useEasy to change color or...
20 Flat Technology and Multimedia icons
20 Flat Technology and Multimedia iconsVector collection of flat technology and multimedia icons. Design elements for mobile and web applications.FEATURE:5 Versions Included (Ai 64px and 16px, EPS...

Glyph Icon Sets to Download - AI, EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG file formats

Glyph icons are very popular across the web.

Their ability to confer an eye-catching look and improve the user experience make them elements that can't be missed in any digital assets.

They can be used as anchors to lead users along a path that lands them on the page where your business goal (purchase, subscription, and so on) is located.

Also, you can use icons to make your content accessible worldwide and improve readability. Users from all around the world can recognize and understand the icons' meaning with no additional information. Plus, you can place icons among the text and divide them into smaller and more readable parts, making them more enjoyable to view.

However, to perform their functions, icons need to be created using professional software, which requires experience.

If you're a beginner or have no experience at all, buying ready-to-use icons might be a better solution for your necessities.

Glyph icons at TemplateMonster

The TemplateMonster marketplace offers many glyph icon sets. Each set contains several icons representing different objects and ideas. By buying a set instead of a single icon, you'll get many illustrations with the same style. Thus, you'll be able to guarantee design consistency throughout your content.

All the icon sets are ready to use. However, if you're not satisfied with the design, you can change it, as most of them are editable and customizable.

To make the research more straightforward, you can filter the results by price, color, topic, compatibility, and file format. By doing so, you'll get only the results you're interested in.

Glyph icon topics

Glyph icons can refer to many topics. Whatever the industry you operate in, you'll find industry-related illustrations. The following are some of the most common topics you can encounter throughout the marketplace:

  • business;
  • games;
  • sports;
  • food;
  • beauty;
  • industrial;
  • city;
  • medical;
  • science.

Icon file formats

Icons are available in many file formats. Each format is more suitable for certain purposes. Based on your intended use, you can choose one of the following most popular file formats:

  • PNG;
  • PDF;
  • SVG;
  • PSD;
  • JPG;
  • XD;
  • FIG.

How to edit glyph icons

As previously mentioned, you can edit glyph icons by using one of the following compatible editing programs:

Where to place icons

Icons are versatile elements. You can place them in every digital asset. Even if their original file format isn't compatible with the intended use, you can convert it into another one using a free online converter. Anyway, the following are some of the most common icon placements:

Glyph icons FAQ

What are glyph icons?

Glyph icons are graphical representations of objects, actions, and ideas associated with the same topic.

What is the glyph style?

Glyph style includes graphical symbols that are expressed in the form of fonts on web pages.

What’s the best icon size?

The best icon size may vary based on the intended use. However, you can refer to the following standard sizes (in pixels):

  • 16x16;
  • 32x32;
  • 64x64;
  • 128x128;
  • 256x256;
  • 514x514.

How to convert icons from JPG to SVG?

If you'd like to convert your icons from JPG to SVG, you can use one of the following free online converters:

  • Convertio;
  • Vector Magic;
  • CloudConvert.

Glyph Icon Packs Unlimited Download with MonsterONE

If you're constantly looking for new graphics to update your content, a subscription to the MonsterONE plan might be a more convenient solution for your needs. It will allow you to access and download unlimited glyph icon sets and many other digital graphics designed by experts.