Top-notch JavaScript web templates

Need static content? HTML5 will do that. Want to breathe live into your site? Dynamic slide shows, touch swipes, photo galleries, parallax scrolling, multimedia, 2D/3D graphics and much more. JavaScript website templates will get this job done.
Don’t want to lose touch with your clients? Pick a fully responsive js website template with a contact form, so your users may send their inquiries 24/7. No matter which gadgets your clients use. All designs will be perfectly shown on any screen size. Be sure, a JavaScript homepage template will work smoothly at any device.
Want to create a website with a comfortable and rich interface, focusing on users? JavaScript web templates are the right thing. Impress your audience with awesome image carousels. Grab their attention with catchy swipe sliders. Add dynamics with parallax imagery, drag and drop functio ns, and vivid animation. Find out numerous features you don’t know yet. Choose a catchy JavaScript homepage template to grab attention on the web.
A js website template is a ready-made design, which is based on HTML and various JavaScript elements. Being rich in animation effects these sites are loaded on the fly. All js features are smoothly integrated into optimized HTML code. You don’t need any special software to edit these JavaScript website templates, as you can do this quickly and hassle-free in any HTML editor.
Keep in mind that we already took care of your SEO. All HTML CSS JavaScript website templates meet major requirements to get high SERP’s ranking. Want to get traffic for free? Launch a website that’ll be easily scanned by Google’ crawlers. Use themes, which contain necessary meta tags and required structure. That’ll be a long-term investment in any kind of project on the web.

A large collection of js website templates

Need an online portfolio? Want to run your own Real Estate agency? We’re here to present you a huge collection of JavaScript web templates, so you can find what you really need. All specialized themes contain sections and functions that are required for websites in these niches. Pick up the topic you need and launch your own business in the digital environment.

Do you need a one-size-fits-all solution? Try multipurpose JavaScript website templates. Use go-to designs. No matter what you choose. You can fully customize any of them. Change the structure of your site or its color scheme, modify its style, and choose features. Need a mega menu? Or, maybe, a convenient drop down menu when hovering over it? Make complicated things easily with js website templates. A clear HTML code gives you freedom for creativity.

A multi-use js website template video tutorial

A multipurpose theme is always a cost effective solution. An Extremely nimble web design with top-notch graphics. Numerous features and layouts to choose from. Get started with the all-new Intense now.

JavaScript website templates FAQ


It’s a pre-designed website. A user gets ready-made page layouts, design elements, and images in optimized HTML code, CSS, and JavaScript files. All that remains is to install the theme and add your own content.


If you pick a theme, which includes free lifetime updates, then you won't need to pay extra in its further enhancements.


You can customize these themes in any HTML editor. Keep in mind, you get free Pro support with any purchase from TemplateMonster. Alternatively, you can order Hire a developer- pay per hour service to get customization of any difficulty.


Yes, you will be able do this any time. Order Convert Website to WordPress service and a team of developers will get the job done.