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RTL WordPress Themes For a Better Interaction With Your Customers

RTL stands for Right to Left format of writing and reading. With the help of this format, you can target your audience whose mother tongue is:

  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Hebrew
  • Dhivehi/Maldivian
  • Kurdish (Sorani)
  • Persian/Farsi
  • Aramaic
  • Azeri, etc.

You can increase your sales if you make your app, website, or mobile application with RTL and LTL format. Users can easily navigate your platform in the way they find comfortable. Thus it will be more encouraging to purchase from your website.

Multiple Handy Features of RTL WordPress Themes

Besides the excellent opportunity to target Middle-Eastern countries with this type of language support, our web products have other useful features. A variety of our templates with advanced and essential functionalities meets the needs of any user. Composed with a built-in drag & drop builder, they allow you to create a unique and powerful website in only a few clicks. With this modern technology, you have to drag the necessary UX/UX elements from your library to the editor window. Then you are free to customize your web project according to its concept and your preferences. As well, our themes boast the following cutting-edge features:

  1. Original layout - all TemplateMonster items have unique designs to bring more traffic to your web page;
  2. Digital friendliness - your template will work smoothly on any device;
  3. Transaction option - your visitors will be able to buy products online;
  4. Browser compatibility - for easy use on all major browsers;
  5. Dropdown menu for intuitive navigation;
  6. Trendy Google web fonts, etc.

RTL WordPress Themes Video

Learn more about RTL WordPress themes and language modifications. Check out other free tutorials we offer on our Youtube channel to become a pro in WordPress customization.

RTL WordPress Themes FAQ

Why are RTL WordPress themes important?

If you want your service to be as convenient as possible for all users, it is imperative to adapt it to this type of language support. It will boost your sales and make your website more comfortable for people from different world regions.

Who needs to have RTL WordPress themes?

Any businessman or blogger who wants to increase their presence on the web needs these web products. You can also find a template suitable for industries like fashion, sports, healthcare, electronics samples, etc.

Are RTL WordPress themes SEO optimized?

Yes, sure. Nowadays, the SEO optimization feature is a must-have functionality for any website or online store. That is why all of our temples come with an optimized layout, allowing your platform to rank higher in SERPs.

Do RTL WordPress themes have a mobile-friendly design?

Today the majority of people use mobile phones to complete many tasks. Shopping or information search is one of them. For that reason, our web products have a mobile-friendly layout suitable for all screen resolutions.