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RTL WordPress Themes For Better Interaction With Your Customers

A lot of people in the world use right-to-left languages. The RTL WordPress themes are essential because they are compatible with these languages. They also have language selection and multilingual compatibility built into their design so that you can easily switch between languages without changing your theme or setting up a plugin.

These WordPress themes with RTL compatibility are a fantastic way to engage your audience and make them feel at ease. They are also a good way to increase the diversity and inclusivity of your website.

What is a WordPress RTL Theme?

RTL stands for Right-to-Left format of writing and reading. The content of RTL-ready sites is typically mirrored from what appears on left-to-right (LTR) ones. With the help of this format, you can target your audience from the Middle East and Asia, in particular, whose mother tongue is:

  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Hebrew
  • Dhivehi/Maldivian
  • Kurdish (Sorani)
  • Persian/Farsi
  • Aramaic
  • Azeri, etc.

You can increase sales if you make your app, website, or mobile application with RTL and LTR format. Users can easily navigate your platform in the way they find most comfortable. Thus, it will be more encouraging to purchase from your website.

Why You Need RTL WordPress Themes

There has never been a more convenient time to design your web resource in a translation-ready way. The ability to accommodate foreign users is vital since we live in a global culture. The right-to-left option is essential for those speaking Middle Eastern and Asian languages. Therefore, starting with a theme with the appropriate feature built-in is crucial because otherwise, this layout change will break up ones that weren't created with it in mind.

Besides, your website is the face of your business, and it is your sole channel for communicating with potential and current clients—if you want to succeed online. Poor conversion rates are no laughing matter in the world of business. Whether you have a small business or an enterprise, your web project is a key component of your success, but without conversions, the project has no meaning.

Why not use RTL WordPress themes? These templates give your customers an appealing and straightforward experience regardless of their language barrier, thanks to their right-to-left language compatibility. This collection has something for you if you're creating a personal page, blog, or e-store because they are appropriate for various uses. Your website shouldn't exclude anyone; these samples will help you with that.

The Benefits of Ready-Made RTL WordPress Themes

Undoubtedly, the important step you must concentrate on for your site to produce positive outcomes is creating quality content. However, people won't enjoy even the most delicious cake if it doesn't look appealing. This is where these samples come in handy.

An RTL-oriented WordPress theme is a set of files, including multilingual plugins, that determine your website's look. It is responsible for your site's layout, header and footer styles, link colors, and other elements.

They are thus a fundamental component of WordPress. Use of a pre-made theme may be in your best interest for several reasons, including the following:

  • To enhance the aesthetics of your site: You may have a clear vision of what your website must look like, whether it is a formal design or casual. Select one of the many themes available to find one(-s) that fits your vision. You are free to customize it by adding images and text.
  • To allow for greater design flexibility: Most samples from this collection include a variety of customization features to aid in the creation of the ideal design, even if you lack design or coding skills.
  • To add extra functionality: According to your requirements, a theme could provide niche-specific functionality that isn't available elsewhere. In your case, it is support for multiple languages.

Multipurpose vs. Narrowly Focused RTL WordPress Themes

The RTL-supportive themes fall into two primary groups:

  • Multipurpose. This type supports a variety of website types and niches. Regardless of its emphasis, it often offers different page styles, extensions, widgets, and features to provide you with more customization possibilities.
  • Narrowly focused. Although this type, in contrast, can also be customized, it is frequently dedicated to a single subject or sector, such as real estate or a pet shop. Even though they won't offer as much customization as multipurpose ones, the advanced functionality is usually specifically tailored to the needs you'll have for your project.

When selecting a theme, there are typically no correct answers. Before deciding, it is crucial to determine your needs, among which your budget is one.

Multiple Handy Features of the Best RTL WordPress Themes

Besides the excellent opportunity to target Middle-Eastern countries with this language support, our web products have other useful features. A variety of our templates with advanced and essential functionalities meet the needs of any user. Composed with a built-in drag & drop builder, they allow you to create a unique and powerful website in only a few clicks. With this modern technology, you must drag the necessary UX/UI elements from your library to the editor window. Then you are free to customize your web project according to its concept and your preferences. As well our themes boast the following cutting-edge features:

  1. Original layout—all TemplateMonster items have unique designs to bring more traffic to your web page;
  2. Digital friendliness—your 100% responsive site will work smoothly on any device;
  3. Transaction option—your visitors will be able to buy products online;
  4. Browser compatibility—for easy use on all major browsers;
  5. Dropdown menu—for intuitive navigation;
  6. SEO-friendly—enabling you to achieve high search engine rankings;
  7. Fully customizable—easy to control your website's appearance: change the background, use your custom logo and customize the scheme colors;
  8. HTML5 & CSS3 compatibility—for quick load times and a modern approach to web design;
  9. Documentation—authors provide clear, easy-to-use instructions with a purchased item;
  10. Lazy load effect—helps your site load as quickly as possible and prevents lagging;
  11. Drag 'n' drop—to easily move and place blocks/elements on the page;
  12. Countless color combinations—to suit your site's color scheme;
  13. Blog support—you will be able to add posts in your pre-made blog section;
  14. Gallery—to appealingly display any images or media you want;
  15. Code-free customization—easily create a professional web project in minutes without the need for technical knowledge;
  16. Trendy Google web fonts, handy admin panel, interactive maps, background video, etc.

What Types of Websites to Build with RTL WordPress Themes

These samples have plenty of features that make them great for site-building needs. They come with an assortment of customization possibilities to suit your needs. They also offer various layouts, so you can pick the one that's best for you. Whether you want to create a business site, blog, or e-shop, these assets can provide an easy solution.

  • Corporate site: These samples are perfect for building a professional business-oriented resource. They offer plenty of features and styles to take care of all your needs regarding marketing communications.
  • Blog: The templates are useful for setting up blogs as well. They already have a blog layout that you can use to publish news and posts on your chosen subject.
  • Online store: These templates also work well for launching an online shop. They are compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, enabling you to sell goods and services online.

What RTL WordPress Theme Should You Use?

You must determine which RTL theme for WordPress is the best fit for you. Most of the time, this decision is based on your target audience. Luckily, these RTL WordPress themes are already oriented toward Arabic or Hebrew speakers to reach them. However, before choosing, you must also consider a few things.

Web Project Type

It might be best to choose a WordPress theme with an RTL option and WooCommerce integration if you have an e-commerce project. Or, if you manage a corporate site, a multilingual-specific design will offer the right features for your specific needs: testimonials, team members, contact form, etc.


You must ensure that the design is in harmony with your content. For example, if you are an author, you want to ensure that the cover design is in line with your style. However, if your content is about a specific film, and the design mimics that film's trailer, it'll be jarring.


Does your brand have recognizable colors? Using colder colors will not make sense if your company is visually known for having warm colors. A user can even mistake it for the website of another business.

Extra Functionality

Designers often create shortcodes, modules, and options that increase a template's usefulness and lessen the need for plugins. Consider the scenario when you require a WordPress layout for a restaurant. In such instances, it may include certain shortcodes for features like booking forms, menu lists, and others that might be helpful for websites dedicated to catering. On the other hand, if you require an e-store design, you will likely receive items like category lists, shopping carts, wishlists, advanced search, filtering options, etc.


What age group does your business target? What sort of things do they like? If you're writing for a children's magazine, your design should focus on bright colors and cartoon-like drawings. Keep that in mind when designing your cover.


No matter how good a template is, it would help if you made sure that the price suits your budget. Don't be afraid to search for free templates, but don't expect them to have the same quality as those that charge money. Moreover, in the TemplateMonster collection, most demo samples are low-cost and do not require regular payments (i.e., one-time purchases).

Quality of Work

Getting a random template from an unverified source may have some bugs or issues that are not yet solved. In contrast, if you buy it from a reputable source like TemplateMonster, you will be sure that all those issues are fixed.

Now that you've got an idea of what to look for, it's time to choose a template!

No Code—Only Easy-to-Use Page Builders

Many online site-building tools have a drag-n-drop feature so that users may easily and intuitively create the look of their web projects. The RTL WordPress themes, however, impact more than just the appearance of your website—they also influence its functionality.

Visual editors are a popular solution for WordPress users. They provide a huge selection of features and functionalities to build stunning pages. These page builders aim to make site-building easier for non-technical people. You can quickly launch a website by dragging and dropping content blocks on a page.

The Most Widely Used WordPress-Oriented Editors

  • Elementor: WP users tend to use this editor the most. Elementor is easy to use and affordable, providing a lot of value. You can make layout changes with a simple drag-and-drop interface, which you can see in real-time. As a result, there is no need to preview changes in a new window or refresh a webpage. The plugin provides a lot of pre-made widgets and the ability to preview how they will look on a smartphone, tablet, and PC. The free version offers pre-made elements for text, images, headings, dividers, columns, icons, galleries, and more.
  • Gutenberg: Gutenberg introduces a new concept of "little blocks." This makes the whole thing interesting, as there are plenty of advanced layout options. Gutenberg's "native" nature makes it easy to use and doesn't require any other plugins. For instance, it supports the insertion of multimedia content, such as YouTube videos, which was previously only possible with a third-party plugin using the "traditional" editor.
  • WPBakery: The builder has many features, including a front- and back-end editor, a mobile-friendly style, and various add-ons. It's straightforward to use, even for beginners. They must drag and drop the blocks whenever they want to add something new or fix an old page on their site. Besides, there are over 40 handy options provided by this editor.

The Downloading & Installing Process

The process of downloading products from TemplateMonster is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. On a product page, select the license type (personal, commercial, or business) and click "Add to Cart."
  2. After that, mark the services you require (e.g., Classic Customization, Installation & Setup, Logo Creation, etc.).
  3. Then hit "View Cart" and check your order.
  4. If everything's all right, click "Checkout Now."
  5. Finally, provide your contact and payment information and complete the checkout process.

After you have downloaded a file, unzip it to install it on your site. Installing a WP template is not too difficult as long as you follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your dashboard;
  2. Click "Appearance" > "Themes";
  3. Continue with "Add New";
  4. Choose "Upload theme";
  5. Select the file that you want to upload.

Meanwhile, this comprehensive guide contains more details about template installation, plugin activation, and other tips. If you have some time, this process won't be tough. Otherwise, you can use the Web Installation Service to spend your time on more important and pressing tasks.

Turning on RTL on WordPress

After installing a template, you can easily activate the RTL mode in less than a minute by following the simple steps below:

  1. Access the WP admin panel by logging in.
  2. Click "Settings" and then "General."
  3. From the "Site Language" option, select a language.
  4. Hit "Save" to keep the changes.

You're done now! You have adjusted your site to RTL language layouts as soon as you click "Save."

Things to Check After Installing RTL WordPress Themes

There are several ways to create an RTL-friendly site with WordPress, but we will focus on five things that help make your site readable and appealing:

  • Consider activating the WPML plugin. The WP Multilingual plugin is free to install and is managed through the backend. You can change the direction of writing with over 100 languages supported.
  • Choose the proper fonts. Your website will also benefit greatly from the typeface. The font should be compatible with right-to-left languages like Google's Noto. By doing this, you'll keep your pages' translations consistent.
  • Take care of the appropriate alignment of text and visuals. The alignment of a webpage is crucial. For instance, you will utterly destroy the readability and UX if the text is aligned to the right and images are oriented to the left. To 'accommodate' the RTL language and prevent misunderstanding, items like pictures and icons must be oriented to the right.
  • Test the site's appearance. Never forget to examine your design. Make sure all its aspects appear appropriately across all platforms and browsers. So, before making a purchase, be sure to check out a demo. Once uploaded and activated on your site, consider installing WP plugins like RTL Tester to see what your website might look like when using RTL-ready layouts.

Free vs. Premium

Premium designs are the best option for people looking for good quality and sleek websites. For making an appealing website, they offer a ton of customization options. Here is what you get with premium WP templates:

  • Commercial use: Three licenses are offered to choose from (personal, commercial, and business), depending on the number of planned projects. In other words, you can freely sell and distribute a final product built on one template.
  • Professional help 24/7: All paid products come with support from the author. You can get assistance by chatting or submitting a ticket. Find more details about what the plans cover at Support Policy.
  • Future updates: Premiums will be updated over time with new features, fixes, and small changes.

Free RTL WordPress themes, on the other hand, have fewer customization options and plugins than premium ones.

  • Educational purposes only: Freebies are good for people who want to create a non-profit web project. You can use them for personal purposes without selling the end product.
  • No technical assistance: Professional support does not cover free products. This means that users will need to look for answers independently if they have questions.
  • Updates are not always available: Since a free item is not intended for commercial purposes, an author may not update it periodically.

The items available in the TemplateMonster marketplace, whether they are paid for or not, must undergo a stringent screening procedure to be listed. This guarantees quality and allows you to choose a product solely based on its appearance, functionality, and user evaluations.

Changing Page Language: Video

WordPress is a powerful CMS that anyone can use for various needs, such as websites focused on personal blogging or business-related content. Whatever you're using it for, it's important to know how to change a language so visitors can browse your resource in the desired language. Learn more about RTL WordPress themes and language modifications. Check out other free tutorials on our YouTube channel to become a pro at WordPress customization.

RTL WordPress Themes Q&A

Why are RTL WordPress themes important?

You can build a stunning website using premium WordPress templates without experience with web design or dev software. The purpose of premium samples is to help people who don't want to learn all this stuff but still want a great-looking project that runs quickly and easily on any device. Plus, if you want your service to be as convenient as possible for all users, it is imperative to adapt it to this type of language support. It will boost your sales and make your website more comfortable for people from different regions.

Who needs to have RTL WordPress themes?

Any businessman or blogger wanting to increase their web presence needs these web products. You can also find a template suitable for industries like fashion, sports, healthcare, electronics, etc.

Are RTL WordPress themes SEO optimized?

Yes, sure. The SEO optimization feature is a must-have functionality for any website or online store. Therefore, our temples have an optimized layout, allowing your platform to rank higher in SERPs.

Do RTL WordPress themes have a mobile-friendly design?

Today, the majority of people use mobile phones to complete many tasks. Shopping or information search is one of them. For that reason, our web products have a mobile-friendly layout suitable for all screen resolutions.