Landing Pages for SEO - Improve Website with Ready-Mades

Even if you are a newbie, you might have heard about the importance of landing pages. They increase brand value and help site owners to make a nice first impression. The main goal of landings is to attract people to the needed page and collect prospects data for future campaigns, like holiday newsletters or new arrivals showcases. On the other hand, landing pages for SEO websites also cover the needs of those who run personal websites. You get a clean space to introduce yourself and show visitors what exactly you are offering. Promote your skills and generate more leads with ready-made products from TemplateMonster. The templates are built with a powerful framework and meet all the current requirements. Would you like to attract more people to the project? Let's see how it is possible nowadays!

What Is a Landing Page in an SEO-Oriented World?

Basically, a professional landing page is a standalone web page that is meant to cover the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. Modern landings are designed with a single objective in mind. These elements are better known as Call-to-Action or CTAs.

With it, an SEO landing page is a single-page website with the Search Engines Optimization feature inside the pack. Experts all over the world widely use landing pages for SEO throughout the inbound marketing cycle, from presenting personal skills and introducing your team to the target market to creating brand recognizability and making prospects perform a particular action.

Landing Pages for SEO

The premium task of landing pages for SEO is to convert and build a repository of leads that can be noticed with more personalized marketing campaigns. Usually, it would be best if you had to use email, direct mail, paid ads, and other types of targeted marketing before those leads reach your sales team to make a purchase. The good news is that SEO landing page templates allow you to promote without making additional payments.

Don't hesitate to impress would-be-customers with pro-designed landings you would get just out-of-the-box. Even in cases when a visitor doesn't convert rapidly, a sleek LP project with all its essentials might improve the company's recognition and attract viewers' attention.

SEO-Optimized Landing Page Design Solutions

Even though they are one page, landings shouldn't be boring. Our landing pages for SEO templates come with numerous gallery scripts with simple-to-tweak settings. You can enrich the SEO-optimized landing page with a carousel, accordion, isotope, slider, etc., to promote stylishness.

The gallery collects templates for both personal and corporate projects. Users of all skill levels could manage custom designs with pre-built content elements or choose among such popular styles as:

  • Minimalist;
  • Flat design;
  • Corporate;
  • Material design;
  • Clean & mobile;
  • Geometric;
  • Vector;
  • Artwork;
  • Retro;
  • Grunge;
  • Paper-made, etc.

Everything is code-free though you might play with the template's source if wanted.

Who Needs Landing Pages for SEO Websites?

You already know what an SEO landing page is, but who and why might need it?

Even if you already have a multi-page website, creating a landing project would be wise for any business. Single-page websites are good for content and email marketing. They allow building simple but feature-rich sites customized to a specific campaign and guiding visitors toward a single call to action. Using a pre-packed template lets website owners capture prospects' information (contacts, names, etc.) in exchange for something valuable for visitors. Here is how you can run advertisements and increase the number of website would-be customers in a lucrative way.

So, SEO landing page designs are just what the doctor ordered for anyone who wants to bring more prospective clients and improve the project's popularity. Don't miss your chance to convert leads into happy paying customers without touching a single code line. The items are just what the doctor ordered:

  • Marketers, developers & SEO specialists;
  • Designers who earn with website creation;
  • Brands, startup owners, and companies looking for corporate identity solutions;
  • Young website owners who want to increase their audience;
  • Web store owners promote single products, best-selling goods, new arrivals, etc.

Modern landing pages for SEO templates provide designs for multiple business niches, like the following industries:

  • IT, computers & internet;
  • Medical templates with consultations;
  • Sport, outdoors & travel;
  • Social needs, personal pages, politics & charity;
  • Design, development & photography;
  • Clubs, games & entertainment;
  • Cars, motorcycles, repair & logistics;
  • Animals & pets;
  • Herbs stores, drinks, organic food, vegan shops;
  • Lawyer & attorney;
  • Hairdresser, make-up artist, stylist & personal shopper;
  • Education, courses, schools, kindergarten, books, etc.

There is no topic modern templates won't cover. Just use smart filters to search by features, styles, prices, etc., and purchase your perfect landing page template for impressive SEO results.

The Importance of SEO Landing Page Optimization

Did you already find the very template? Ensure it comes with search engine optimization in the pack. SEO-ready design is a key aspect of any online project if you want it to be popular. Big players do their best to ensure their online presence is SEO-ready enough to get a higher ranking from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Why should you miss your chance to make popular searchers love your website's content? Landing pages for SEO ranking provide all these possibilities.

According to SEO experts, using the feature would bring a 70+% click increase. One could easily boost sales with the international SEO feature. Newbies may not know that Google's organic rankings are mostly based on what the algorithm determines as the top results for a particular topic. That is why SEO landing page optimization is a must.

Fortunately, you won't need to add functionality by hand. One would get everything ready-made and set up automatically within the latest LP templates. Here are a few reasons to look for SEO-optimized products. They allow one to:

  • Improve their marketing strategy;
  • Generate more visits to the website;
  • Attract potential shoppers and enlarge customer list;
  • Better promotions;
  • Get more sales;
  • Enter the global market;
  • Attract international customers or sponsors;
  • Increase a company or brand visibility;
  • Use proper keywords to showcase content;
  • Save on Google ads.

By the way, multi-page sites also get more chances to succeed with the feature. SEO friendliness makes engines scan your pages faster and without interruption. It helps projects to stand out from the crowd and be reviewed faster than other websites with similar topics.

Trendy Visuals to Use for a Winning Landing Page SEO Optimization

Today's market offers many pre-designed items, making creating a poorly designed website almost impossible. Any business owner wants to stand out from the crowd of competitors. That is why you might want to enrich the landing with catchy web design elements. It adds beauty to landing page SEO optimization and provides a unique online presence with powerful functionality.

Parallax effect

Parallax scrolling is a popular technique well-known among web designers and experienced website owners. It makes a magnificent addition to any website based on a sleek depth and motion combination. Modern Parallax landing page templates offer smooth scrolling without overloading the pages. Landing pages for SEO would become more catchy with the feature. Try the product demos to ensure the effect is especially good for galleries, portfolios, backgrounds, and other image-related sections. It helps to emphasize the needed details and showcase goods or services stylishly.

One can effortlessly use Parallax for product reviews and other showcases where you need to grab attention to a particular image. It brings visual interest to the website pages and engages visitors with the illusion of depth as they scroll through the website. Enriching site content with Parallax scrolling encourages longer page visit times and helps highlight the company's creativity level.

Lazy Load

The Lazy Load effect is another popular yet easy-to-apply feature to enrich the landing page design for an SEO presence. The feature betters images' presentation, conserves data, and reduces network connection for critical assets. It already became a web standard a few years before today. The working mechanism of the LL effect is simple. To illustrate, imagine the picture is not visible to site visitors when the page loads. It starts loading later, just after users scroll the pages. The Lazy Load effect makes an awesome addition to blog posts and gallery sections landing pages for SEO. Readers checking the blog post might not reach the bottom of the text for several minutes. It makes the browser wait to load the diagram until the person scrolls to that section. This way, the page loads faster at first because the browser loads one image instead of two.

Canvas Animation

When enriching designs with SEO for landing page websites, canvas animation is another thing to consider. This attention-grabbing feature allows adding animated elements to the web design and makes catchy animations with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Landing page owners would add more interactive solutions with the canvas element. It makes dynamic texts, controls graphics, and makes unusual image presentations.

Landing Pages for SEO Additional Features

What else might add beauty to a one-page website? Here are some more functions to attract people to your online presence:

  • sticky menu for a better onsite visitor experience;
  • animated color texts to introduce the site owner;
  • scrollable testimonials with star rating;
  • animated social media icons;
  • a back-to-top button that appears when scrolling the page;
  • scroll-right and -left buttons appearing with mouseover;
  • percentage graphics to highlight skills;
  • a dropdown menu with a unique logo.

We also suggest using interactive counters to showcase the number of happy customers, completed works, and other achievements. It is easier to remember info with visuals rather than with long texts. Landing pages for SEO provide simple visuals customization.

Local SEO Landing Page: What Is It & Why It Is Beneficial?

Initially, a local SEO landing page is a web page created to attract prospects in a local market with the help of location-specific SEO strategies. Content on a local landing page should be specific to the geographical area of the business. Creating different landings lets one customize their content for very specific types of customers, ultimately increasing their chances of getting a conversion or at least winning someone over.

Location-based pages would help any project as they are completely SEO-ready. This helps get more traffic from search engines and makes the website appear to the needed audience, like for specific cities and areas.

Local landing page SEO templates would help you to get the following:

  1. Relevance for niche audiences. Site owners could speak directly to a niche target audience and set up targets individually.
  2. Optimizing local keywords. One could optimize location-specific keywords to better the website's page performance in Google. You would attract customers who conduct searchers in the regions mentioned with the proper location keywords.
  3. Proper link-building. The smartly created local landings provide link-building potential. It makes a quick way to generate new domain authority.

Local one-page sites provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the differentiating features of each of your locations. They are especially good for service-based businesses when your income depends on the near-located users.

Optimizing a Local SEO Landing Page

They say perfection has no end. How to improve your pages to provide an even better SEO experience? Here are some tips used in SEO landing page best practices. Use these to craft well-optimized location landings without losing much time or money on additional services. Here is what you would need:

  • Optimizing images with ALT texts and tags;
  • Adding unique photography samples;
  • Incorporating keywords in title tags;
  • Making your page mobile-ready;
  • Ensuring your URLs' structure meets Google usability standards;
  • Creating proper meta description;
  • Standardizing user information.

All in all, what is an SEO landing page without meeting the latest Google requirements? Your navi tools should conform to the needs of desktop and mobile users. With it, the page content should format itself neatly within the confines of the phone screen. Luckily, modern best-sellers come with all of these in the pack. Besides, you have a fast loading time without interrupting the site-visiting process.

Landing Pages for SEO Best Practices

Before everything else, landing page SEO best practices require you to have the next features in the landing design. This would make the one-page website rank higher on Google results and ensure you have reached the target audience. It also ultimately increases conversion rates and betters the overall success of a business or company. So, here is what you need to look for:

  • Retina-ready design with multi-browser showcase;
  • Mobile-first design;
  • Flexible layout with the latest Bootstrap functionality;
  • Multi-color settings to change in a few clicks;
  • Font Awesome icons and clean typography;
  • Smooth scrolling for mobiles and desktops;
  • MegaMenu to menus of any complexity;
  • Modular elements with simple customization;
  • Blog with catchy visuals;
  • Online chat, etc.

Besides, modern search engines pay special attention to pages when determining which one is the most relevant. Among the aspects making Google rate your landing better is how long the website exists. It is a common mistake for beginners - to create landing pages with a short shelf-life when projects with proven long-term campaigns get more attention from Google.

Translation-Ready Landing Pages for SEO

Additionally, we suggest selecting templates with WPML readiness in the package. The feature makes the site visible in different countries and brings higher chances of attracting more leads. Online projects with translation-ready content get better ranking results, as the page(s) could be noticed and scanned by search engines working with native-speaking websites.

Translating a landing into another language is key to smart international communication and a powerful marketing strategy. The WPML-ready templates are what make the websites more user-friendly. One gets better onsite communication and could increase the audience, which leads to more sales and conversions.

Thanks to the feature, one could:

  • Enlarging the website audience;
  • Get a better marketing strategy.
  • Have more sales abroad;
  • Generate more leads;
  • Enter the global market;
  • Improve credibility and trust;
  • Attracting foreign visitors;
  • Better onsite experience;
  • Increasing organic discovery & high-quality site traffic;
  • Get the attention of non-English search engines.

All of these are meant to improve the landing's popularity.

Landing Page SEO Checklist for a Perfect One-Page Site

To sum everything up, let's see what information your landing should contain. Whatever you promote, make sure there are the next:

  • Clear, unique selling proposition (USP);
  • Engaging hero shot;
  • A strong call to action (CTA);
  • Compelling benefits.
  • Inspirational social proof.
  • Social links;
  • Newsletter popup.

How to make the project even more perfect? Take a look at our quick landing page SEO checklist. Here is what you need for winning landing page building.

  1. Proper keyword research and tag analysis.
  2. Choose a unique domain name and publish content there.
  3. Make sure the titles you use are SEO-ready.
  4. Also, work on your meta descriptions.
  5. Optimize the website images and ensure other visuals look good on smartphones.
  6. Also, optimize your URLs.
  7. Provide user-oriented site navigation with a sticky menu and other comfort-bringing elements.
  8. Work on your link-building plan.
  9. Integrate the landing with YouTube, Facebook, and other popular social media.
  10. Optimize your website’s speed.
  11. Check your forms so that they work quickly and without issues.

Running a landing page in the SEO world isn't so comprehensive. However, you need to pay special attention to the points listed above to make it professional.

Running Landing Pages for a Successful SEO Strategy

The main purpose of a modern landing page website is to make visitors perform the needed action, whether it is a product review or email subscription. The more interactions you get, the better result there will be. You might lose lots of prospects without a professionally built landing. Here are 6 important-to-remember rules to set up a highly converting landing page for business needs. Everything is simple and possible to perform without having previous experience.

Landing Pages for SEO Websites Questions & Answers

Where can I check winning SEO landing page examples?

TemplateMonster's gallery collects many landing pages for SEO websites to take a look at. The templates provide differently styled single-page solutions with Parallax, Lazy Load, and other animation effects. One gets different styles and options sets depending on the needed category. For example, here are items for business and service landings. You can see templates with multi-topic and niche designs. Don't hesitate to view the products' demos and check how everything works in action. It is possible to display the layout the way it would look on a PC, iPad, mobile, etc.

Why do I need my landing page for SEO to be mobile-ready?

What is an SEO landing page without a mobile-ready layout? Just a waste of money, we would say. Over 50% of traffic comes from mobile-friendly websites, which makes the feature a real must-check when buying LP templates. Modern visitors got used to comfortable websites, which makes them skip projects with a low-quality mobile presence. Modern mobile-styled website templates come with everything pre-designed and ready-to-use for smartphones. The feature attracts new prospects and increases landing popularity since Google loves mobile websites. Loading pages from different mobile devices becomes easier with the templates' lightweight design. Talking about small-screened promos, we recommend looking for products with mobile-first designs. The feature starts building the site with its smaller version. You can develop an online experience for mobile before designing it for a desktop or another device.

How do I improve SEO for a landing page?

Today's landing pages for SEO come with built-in SEO readiness. It means they already meet the latest Google requirements and provide the website with SEO-optimized content. You have a translation-ready, responsive design looking good in all browsers and on all devices. Besides, there are helpful call-to-actions, working contact forms, clean fonts, and the right content hierarchy. You would also benefit from using a taggable gallery with image descriptions. Among the other essentials, visitor-friendly site navigation, localized information, comparison charts, and link-building campaigns can be seen.

Who and how can edit SEO landing page templates?

Being absolutely user-friendly, today's landing templates with SEO integration are simple to edit. Users of all skill levels can perform web design changes without touching a single line of code. The landing pages for SEO website templates’ packages contain an intuitive drag & drop editor. It can be used by anyone thanks to a live preview that allows avoiding content-editing mistakes. Craft unique pages easily, even if you have never used the technology before. The builder comes with various pre-made content blocks and features with easy-to-change settings. One can manage colors, sizes, and shapes, replace elements and create duplicates. Elementor, Visual Composer & Navi Builder are today's most popular d & d content builders.