Evolwent - Interior Design Responsive Modern HTML Website Template

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Evolwent - Interior Design Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 1Evolwent - Interior Design Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 2Evolwent - Interior Design Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 3Evolwent - Interior Design Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 4Evolwent - Interior Design Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 5Evolwent - Interior Design Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 6Evolwent - Interior Design Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 7
Every business has to be online nowadays. And ceiling and bulking design companies are no exception. A website allows you to present your previous projects and advertise your services. It is important because for many customers the Internet became the main source for shopping and search for services. Yet, if you need the best website you have to purchase a template developed specially for your business. This is why our developers created Evolwent HTML Template. It has a modern design that will be perfect for service presentation and highlighting the most important information. Moreover, it is highly responsive and looks perfect on all devices and OS. This theme includes google maps, social options, testimonials and many other useful features for your website.

This Design website design template is Responsive

What is it?

This is the ability of the layout to change based on the width of the display.

Why is it Good?

Smart phones generate 80percent of worldwide Internet usage. It's important to develop your web property responsive unless you want to drop your own clients.

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This is a Bootstrap 4 Home & Family web template

What is it?

Every different framework is a massive box packed with instruments for web developers. Bootstrap 4 is the new edition of the well-known framework made up of lots of helpful instruments that will expand available options for web owners and deliver them fresh new functionalities.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap is known as a responsive, mobile-oriented framework. It's easy to work with and has lots of convenient resources.

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This is a Bootstrap Home Remodeling Designer website design template

What is it?

Bootstrap is actually a extremely popular framework, that makes the work with Web coding, Cascading stylesheet and JS easier. It was created as a tool to build up a responsive design, but later it integrated lots of extra overall performance.

Why is it Good?

Using this kind of framework noticeably enhances the process of producing pages. Standard styles are easy to transform, which provides an adaptable and simple procedure for building site designs.

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This Construction Firm website design template is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Any time a user types a thing to the research bar, the google search searches for it based on a number of guidelines. Search Engine Friendly template's code is generally especially clear and structured to make SEO work more effortless.

Why is it Good?

SEO enables to make it to the top of search results and match the ranking factors necessary for the most common search engines. As a result, your website is visible on the web.

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Evolwent Version 1.1 (April 08, 2019)

  • - ADD: Pug sources ;
  • - UPD: Bootstrap updated to versiton 4.1.3;
  • - UPD: RD Mailform to 3.51;
  • - UPD: jQuery to 3.2.1;
  • - UPD: Owl carousel to 2.2.1;
  • - UPD: Google map instead of RD Google map;
  • - UPD: RD Navbar instead of SF Menu;
  • - UPD: Swiper slider instead of Camera slider;
  • - FIX: Minor bug fixes.

9 Reviews for this product

Its always a pleasure working with a template from TemplateMonster, because everything works just fine. Everything was easy to handle, the website works very well and the order procedure was easy also. TemplateMonster gives us the possibility to leverage our performance in terms of the clients expectation about design and to present them with many different options. The categorized views of the website give us a way to find the most suitable template fast. Thank you for your service.
I have bought by good price and have installed with a not custom CMS. We just used the HTML code for website. Interactivity and presentability are the most good options of the template! Also I found for myself that Ewolvent is not only template, its also a theme for a frameworks. I didnt use it yet. During the work we easy have changed a color schema and backgorund pictures. Also we used easy another fonts for the template that could be work for cyrillyc keyboard.
I received great online service with quick response when first purchased. Helpful staff with good communication. Im very pleased with the purchase and would recommend. Overal the purchase and transcation was easy and hassle free.
The template I bought is great! Really easy to use and to fill in! I’m not a programmer but with the tutorials about how to modify the template it has been really easy! It is really responsive with all the mobile devices! This is the second time I buy a template and it has been great! My clients are really impressed with the quality of my webpage! It is a great choice to buy if you want to change or have a really cool webpage and not spending tons of money doing it. I really recommend buying it!
I bought a template for a construction company, the main important factor that I decided this template are: 1- Responsive with bootstrap 2 - The main menu is not with select but with window on touch 3 - colors and animations Im a freelance web designer and programmer php, javascript, jquery and java olso html, xhtml. I have several clients everybody are different beetoween each other, somebody are electrician, other sell interior design, hairstyle, school, wedding planner. This is a web site for my client. This model is perfect so, Im sure Ill must modify the project because the requests are different, but this template is enought to start and reduce me the works hours. I know in your projects you check the form by javascript, but this is a problem because if a pc, or laptop has a javascript off the form doesnt function works, so in all project I change this way with php class, olso the email are not autenticate, so the most times the email goes into spam. Templatemonste is perfect if you want an original web site with the last tecnology. Thank you

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