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The Best WordPress Beaver Builder Plugins for Your Website

If you consider using WordPress beaver builder plugins, then you know the value of page-to-page experience. Today, a DIY website design is no more an issue of expertise. Instead, it is about the right theme packed with powerful tools.

Premium themes come in various forms and shapes with many customization options. In turn, free themes also offer a lot of that stuff. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to get even more. Tools like Beaver help everyone freestyle with no limits.

With the right extension at your fingertips, you add a bunch of helpful functionality and new modules to your toolkit. Arrange content elements, and delete or create new ones, all that with zero coding skills. Be it shadow borders or specific buttons, there is an extension out there to help.

The list of the best tools is handy for everyone. It will give you access to an excellent kit that will add plenty of features at a low cost.

3 Reasons to Use WordPress Beaver Builder Plugins in Your Website Toolkit

#1 Use widgets

Unlike many powerful page-building tools, Beaver does not compose pages using shortcodes. That is the key difference that makes you the owner of the content you create.

When you edit layouts, at least one thing might go wrong. Now imagine, you spend hours entering text or editing images, and kaboom, you end up with a mass of shortcodes instead. Go the other way. Use widgets instead. So, if something goes wrong, your content will still be attractive. Edit it using a regular editor.

#2 Add More Functionality

The standard installation doesn’t allow you to augment functionality. Need to create full-width layouts? Easily. Want to design the entire webpage, including headers, footers, and single templates? There is an add-on that will help. In turn, the SEO link-building addon will help index newly added pages in SERPs. There are many and come in handy with a ton of new features.

#3 Increase Productivity

With handy add-ons, you create a beautiful website more quickly and still save time. Thus, you get access to a much more robust set of offerings. You do not need to code or design a new page style to integrate new ideas left on the table.

How to Know Which WordPress Plugins for Beaver Builder to Use

Whether free or premium, extensions promise to make your life easier. Not each option works for everyone. And when looking for the right one, there are a few things to consider.

Before heading to the best WordPress Beaver builder plugins, check some points below.

  • Opt for a beginner-friendly add-on with a simple and clean user interface;
  • Check the details for modules you need to set up your page layouts;
  • Enhance the performance of your webpage with an extension that is built with speed in mind;
  • Use add-ons that offer unique styling options;
  • Read comments and reviews to form your own opinion about the product.

External add-ons help increase your page’s productivity by adding a much more robust set of tools to the list. For instance, you can display a timeline, create a full-width layout, customize a dashboard, and more. Thanks to that, you build an appealing website without having prior coding knowledge. And that means a lot.

What About SEO? Are WordPress Plugins for Beaver Builder Good for SEO?

There are many tools out there for WordPress that do not work well with SEO techniques. When you are just getting started, you might feel like there is a lot to tackle at once. However, things get much easier with such a reliable tool as Beaver.

Ensure you follow a few key steps to create a page with the best SERP results.

  • Opt for a great theme;
  • Pick a quality SEO extension;
  • Avoid nesting rows and columns as much as possible;
  • Follow the right formatting practices;
  • Include keywords and titles;
  • Optimize your images;
  • Build pages that are optimized for mobile devices.

Video for Editing WordPress Plugins for Beaver Builder

You can always get some inspiration from compelling videos that help you design and edit your theme in a quick and easy way. There is always something new, even if you are sure you know how things work.

WordPress Beaver Builder Plugins FAQ

How to Implement WordPress Plugins for Beaver Builder into My Theme?

Once you are sure about the external add-on, insert it into your site theme. Open your admin board and select theme settings. Decide the part where you want to add the extension and employ the changes.

Do I Need Coding Skills to Use WordPress Beaver Builder Plugins?

It depends. Generally, there is no need to learn how to code. It works well with drag-and-drop functionality.

Do WordPress Plugins for Beaver Builder Slow Down My Site?

That is all about the right addon that is built with ease and performance in mind. With it, you can disable the features you don’t need and leave the site speed untouched.

What Are Some Best Beaver Builder Plugins for WordPress for Me?

It always depends on what part of the webpage you want to extend. For example, the Hotel Booking add-on has a big number of downloads. Or the MotoPress Slider extension is just the thing for creating eye-catching slideshows. Take your time to check the list.