2500+ Isometric Icon Set

2500+ Isometric Icon Set by SmashingStocks

Download this premium 2500+ Isometric Icon Set published on TemplateMonster.✅ Icon files have vector, raster graphics type;✅ The product contains fully editable PNG, SVG, XD, FIG file formats...
Sales: 7
Web Hosting Icon in Modern Filled Style
Here we bring a unique collection of web hosting icons in modern filled style that are perfect in any kind of web related project. Vectors of this set are totally editable. Get hold on this set...
3000+ Glyph Icon Set

3000+ Glyph Icon Set by SmashingStocks

Download this premium 3000+ Glyph Icon Set published on TemplateMonster.✅ Icon files have vector, raster graphics type;✅ The product contains fully editable PNG, PDF, SVG, PSD, JPG, XD, FIG...
Sales: 5
50 Cool Casino Flat Icons

50 Cool Casino Flat Icons by SmashingStocks

Looking for cool casino icons? We have what you need. Our pack of cool casino icons like poker icon will help you make your web and mobile projects more engaging and exciting for the users. All...
Sales: 1
1200+ Flat Outline Icon Set
Download this premium 1200+ Flat Outline Icon Set published on TemplateMonster.✅ Icon files have vector, raster graphics type;✅ The product contains fully editable PNG, PDF, SVG, PSD, JPG, XD,...
Sales: 1
100 Fintech isometric icons
Are you looking for technology icons? So, your wait is over. We bring an alluring collection of fintech isometric icons. This pack includes cryptocurrency, blockchain, and business vector designs....
Desktop and Laptop - Stroke Icon Pack
We all know starting a project takes time. Iconuioo Desktop and Laptop package will help you with it. Bringing editable 49 icons directly into your design tools: Figma, Sketch, AdobeXD,...
Isometric Icons of Casino

Isometric Icons of Casino by SmashingStocks

Download this isometric icon of casino portraying poker, gambling, bet, and other casino games with a variety of detailed vectors. These well-crafted vectors are utilizable in apps, websites, and...
Cybersecurity Icons - 100 Flat Concept
A set of flat cybersecurity icons is created with conceptual visuals having cyber crime, cyber protection and related elements. These flat concept icons are purely vector based with editable...
750+ Bundle of colored vector line icons
Are you looking for modern and irresistible flat icons? If your answer is yes you will definitely love our new set of 750+ colored line icons. Organized into different categories, this set will...
Delivery services logistics isometric icons
Discover this creative pack of delivery services logistics icons. These isometric vectors are perfect for the web and applications. You will easily use these vectors in related niches.Fully Layered...
Isometric Cybersecurity Iconset template
Download this set of amazing isometric cybersecurity icons which includes a variety of 3D icons that are useful for your next design project.Features — Fully Layered and Grouped — 100% Vector...
Flat Detailed Breakfast Icons
Nothing better than a healthy breakfast in the morning. This set offers breakfast icons, which you can use in your projects. All graphics are vector-based and can easily be resized and recolored....
100 Isometric Casino Iconset template
Breathe some life into your app, website, or video theme with these isometric casino icons. You can use them easily on any platform that supports canvas. The icons are fully scalable because...
Veterinary Services Glyph Icons
By designing these veterinary services glyph icons we are bringing health and happiness to your pets. These solids icons are best to avail in your web design, veterinary projects, mobile...
Flat Detailed Government Icons
Here we present an extensive pack of government flat icons. You will find it most useful for your legal, law, and order, corporate lawyer, and many more projects. These vectors for sure make your...
Global Warming Glyph Icons
We designed an impressive and splendid pack of global warming in glyph style icons. In this solid vectors pack includes climate changing, global pollution and greenhouse effects designs. These...
100 Shopping and Ecommerce Icons
Sometimes the only difference between a boring and engaging UI/UX is vibrance. Our set of vibrant shopping and ecommerce icons is here to make your shopping and ecommerce projects user-friendly....
Flat Detailed Casino Icons
Casino flat icons set is best for projects like game designs, web designs, and mobile apps. These flat vectors portray various casino and gambling ideas via graphical language. This pack offers...
Cybersecurity and Hacking Flat Icons
Download and enjoy this high quality flat outline concept icons crafted with a keen eye on detailing. This conceptual pack offers 50 icons on cybersecurity and hacking themes. Grab these editable...
Cyber Security Isometric Icons
We are excited to share this knowledgeable pack of cybersecurity isometric icons with our vulnerable customers. These vectors provide you awareness about hacking, malicious websites, and many other...
National Clothes Vectors Set Icon
Download this premium National Clothes Vectors Set Icon published on TemplateMonster.✅ Icon files have vector, raster graphics type;✅ The product contains fully editable PNG, PDF, SVG, JPG, XD,...
60 Software Testing Icons

60 Software Testing Icons by SmashingStocks

This vector set in flat style has been designed to fit the requirements of projects in the software testing niche. These software icons refer to various process involved in software testing. All...
165 Flat Casino Vectors Iconset template
This flat casino icons set is best for projects like game designs, web designs, and mobile apps. These flat vectors portray various casino and gambling ideas via graphical visual language. This...
Medical and healthcare linear icons
We are portraying medical and healthcare icons in this global pandemic for the safety of you and your loved ones. Grab these editable vectors and use in medical, healthcare and fitness related...
Sales: 1
Passive income Glyph Icons
Are you looking for investment opportunities icons? So the wait is over. We are launching glyph icons of passive income for our vulnerable customers. This pack presents you all the designs that you...
100 Artificial Intelligence Icons
Need Artificial intelligence icons for your UI/UX project? Look no further, because here we have a comprehensive set of artificial intelligence icons that fits the requirements of the AI niche....
User Interface User Experience
User interface user experience isometric icons are here. These vectors of UI, UX, and technology are super useful in web designs and mobile apps. Download and enjoy!Fully Layered and GroupedReady...
190+ Education Icons Pack
A creative pack of education icons is here in glyph and line style. Each icon in this set is simple, unique and consistent. You can edit, change and modify these icons so easily according to your...
Bacteria Linear Icons Pack
A set of bacteria in linear icons is a scientific project which is designed to the current epidemic situation. You can avail these bacteria and viruses based visuals with premium download and use...
Disco Icons - 99 Detailed flat Graphics
Pick up these cool disco icons. A perfect blend of high-quality flat graphics and elements of fun makes it a must to download. Use these icons in your website or mobile apps to entice users to...
100 Sports Flat Vector Icons
Sports icons are available at premium subscription. Easy to change color and shape icons. So, download now to use in your presentations, mobile applications, and websites. These sports vectors are...
Logistics Icons - 100 flat Vector Icons
Shipping and Logistics icons packs is live now for digital and print interface elements. A fantastic pack of vector icons are well-designed and show the concept of cargo services and online...
Pack of Finance Flat Icons
If you are looking for a finance icon set, wait no more. We are excited to share these finance flat icons.The simple yet conceptual money icon collection is a must to have for designing finance,...
50 Internet Security Icons
This Internet Security Icons set is designed perfectly in flat round style with bright colors and exact visuals. In this pack, for sure, you will find all graphics that provide you knowledge about...

5 Best XD Icons and Icon Sets in XD File Format 2023

Template Name Downloads Price
2500+ Isometric Icon Set 7 $28
3000+ Glyph Icon Set 5 $25
1200+ Flat Outline Icon Set 1 $16
Medical and healthcare linear icons 1 $16
60 Cybersecurity Isometric Illustrations 1 $16

Premium XD Icons Sets to Download

When it comes to enhancing websites, menus, presentations, ebooks, and other digital assets, icons play an integral role by then. By visually communicating a message, they are a perfect solution for creating a visually appealing look, saving words, and breaking down text walls. In this sense, XD icons can improve the overall readability and experience of users.

What's more about icons, they are now globally recognized: people with other cultures and who speak other languages can easily understand the meaning of icons. In this sense, icons make your content accessible worldwide, saving you from the work of translating your content into many languages.

Plus, as icons can be animated and used as links between pages, they can make the experience with your content more memorable and engaging. The animation can perform manually, every time the page loads, or manually, every time the user hovers the mouse over it.

There is no doubt that icons are beneficial.

However, some uncertainty may arise when it comes to choosing the icon file format. The availability of many types of formats makes a choice overwhelming. Even so, each format is more suitable for a certain use than another. This is why, to make the best choice, you should know the differences, at least, between the most popular.

For example, the XD file format might be the right choice if you intend to edit ready-made icons with Adobe XD software. XD icons come up with different shapes, colors, and designs and can be related to different topics. Creating them from scratch requires expertise, money, and a lot of dedication.

If you're inexperienced with the use of some software, buying ready-to-use XD icons might be a better solution for you.

XD icons at TemplateMonster

The TemplateMonster marketplace make at your disposal a massive variety of XD icon sets. All the sets are designed by expert web designers and come up with different colors, styles, and shapes. And you can freely choose the one that best fits your needs.

However, if you don't find a design that completely satisfies your personal preferences or suits your brand identity, you may edit it later. You can edit and customize most of the icons using compatible editing online tools or software.

XD icon topics

In the TemplateMonster marketplace, you can find XD icons related to many topics and industries. The following are some of the most common you can encounter:

  • medical;
  • health;
  • sports;
  • nature;
  • code and development;
  • people;
  • business;
  • holidays;
  • data;
  • security.

Where can you place XD icons?

Despite the XD file format is not compatible with every digital product, and you can always convert it into another format. Plus, most of the icon sets include several file formats, among which you can choose.

Anyway, some of the most common icon placements include:

How to edit XD icons

As mentioned before, you can edit and customize ready-made XD icons. However, to do that, you need a compatible editing program. In this case, you may need Adobe XD software.

In the alternative, you can convert the XD icons into another file format and use some other compatible online editing tools or software.

XD Icons FAQ

What are XD icons?

XD icons are graphical representations of objects, ideas, and actions related to some specific topics and designed using Adobe XD software.

Are XD icons vector or raster graphics?

XD icons are vector-based graphics. This means they're made up of lines, curves, and shapes based on mathematical formulas. As a result, you can scale them up or down indefinitely with no quality loss.

What is Adobe XD?

Adobe XD is the prototyping software ideated for user experience and interaction designers. Adobe XD is mostly used for creating wireframes, prototypes, and screen designs for digital assets, such as websites and mobile apps.

Is Adobe XD free?

Adobe XD is free for personal use. In addition, there is also a paid plan for small teams and professionals.

How to convert XD file format to Sketch?

If you intend to convert your XD files to Sketch, you may need to use some online converters. Here's an example: Xdtosketch.

XD Icon Packs Unlimited Download with MonsterONE

If you're constantly looking for the newest designs and many digital assets for your content, a subscription to the MonsterONE plan can be the right solution for you. It will let you download several XD icon sets and many other professional digital graphics.