Medical HTML5 | Medboard Admin Template

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Medboard Medical Admin Dashboard Template

Med-board Medical Admin Dashboard template is a bootstrap 4 Medical dashboard that is built with the medical industry in mind. Packed with 80+ html5 pages & over a 1,000 HTML5 elements and components that can help you customize how your Medical Dashboard data distribution look ad feel. Developed with user-friendly features Med-board Medical Admin Dashboard template can be used by Doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, and all businesses which cater for the medical industry.

Medboard Medical Admin Dashboard Template has a medical blue and white color combination to match the industry colors. Every elements in this dashboard can easily be adjusted or customized without the help of advanced knowledge developer.

This template include Four main Admin pages where you can monitor all the activity in your hospital or clinic, in addition to 50+ pages to help the process, from bed booking to appointments page, add doctor page, chat, messages, email and much much more.

Medboard Medical Admin Dashboard Template Pages

  • client management page
  • project management page
  • social media page
  • web analytics page
  • add appointment page
  • appointment list page
  • chat page
  • email page
  • to do list page
  • add bed page
  • bed list page
  • chartjs page
  • morris charts page
  • add department page
  • department list page
  • add doctor page
  • doctor list page
  • add schedule page
  • schedule list page
  • form elements page
  • form layout page
  • form validation page
  • form wizard page
  • add employee page
  • add nurse page
  • add pharmacist page
  • add representative page
  • employee list page
  • nurse list page
  • pharmacist list page
  • representative list page
  • flatirons page
  • font awesome page
  • materialize page google maps page
  • vector maps page
  • add notice page
  • notice list page
  • add patient page
  • patient list page
  • add payment page
  • payment invoice page
  • payment list page
  • sweet alerts page
  • toast page
  • coming soon page
  • default login page
  • default register page
  • error page
  • faq page
  • invoice page
  • lock screen page
  • modal login page
  • modal register page
  • portfolio page
  • user profile page
  • doctor report page
  • patient report page
  • total report page
  • basic tables page
  • data tables page
  • cropper page
  • draggable page
  • modals page
  • range slider page
  • rating page
  • sliders page
  • tour page
  • accordions page
  • alerts page
  • badges page
  • breadcrumbs page
  • buttons page
  • cards page
  • pagination page
  • freeloaders page
  • progress bars page
  • tabs page
  • typography page
  • animation page
  • widgets page

3 Reviews for this product

Me gusta mucho el diseño, los colores, las imagenes y todo en general. El hecho de que sea tan completo y tenga paginas que no haya visto en ninguna otra plantilla me encanta. 100% recomendada.
well design with BS4 and helpful. Need to include select2 and datetime picker for future update.
very nice template, good job added dashbroad doctor The fix is excellent Thanks

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