Why Choose Blue HTML Website Templates?

Today the Internet is full of offers of HTML5 templates for website creation. It is not surprising. Compared to CMS, HTML5 sites have several advantages. First, a high load speed. It will provide higher positions in search results. HTML5 sites are also harder to hack. Our blue HTML templates are developed, taking into account the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap. Also, we optimize our templates for mobile devices. They can ensure that users can access your content regardless of the device they're on.

This category provides a convenient sorting of templates into categories: science, creativity, business, education, medicine, etc. Thus, you can find a product of a particular type. Our Blue HTML templates also come with built-in components, blocks, animations, and some additional features. By using our template, you will significantly simplify the process of creating your site.

Advantages Of Using Blue HTML Website Templates

  1. Price. The cost of creating a website based on one of our HTML templates is much lower than developing a website from scratch.
  2. Short website development time. Using an HTML template significantly reduces the time for developing a site. In this case, you'll skip two stages, design and coding. You'll need to install and configure the selected blue HTML template and then check its work on the Internet.
  3. High diversity. The number of templates available to users is increasing daily. Therefore, for each project, you can choose several options.
  4. Distinctive design. When choosing an HTML template of a particular color scheme, you'll know ahead how the site will look. The development of an interface for your needs will take much longer. Using a template, in this case, will save time and allow you to see the result immediately.

Add Visual HTML Website Editor to Blue HTML Website Templates

This video will provide you with information about adding a visual constructor called Novi Builder to your blue website template. You may find a lot of useful information in it if you're planning to use an HTML-based resource in the future and want to have CMS-like ease of use.

Blue HTML Website Templates Q&A

Do I need an HTML template to make a functional website?

ou can safely use a CMS-based theme. The advantage of the site based on CMS will, of course, be simplicity. But if you need something more functional, then CMS capabilities won't be enough. An HTML5 template will be more suitable to create a site with a more complex structure and variety of elements.

Will an HTML template make my site run faster?

HTML sites do load much faster than CMS systems. It is due to the smaller size of the pages on the server.

What are the disadvantages of using an HTML Template?

You'll have to have at least some necessary coding skills. The level of mastery in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript must be higher than if you used a CMS theme.

Should I choose a free or premium HTML template?

Compared to the free templates, the premium ones' range of possibilities is much broader. They have many ready-made pages, and the buyer gets elements that are not present in the free templates. The layout design is also more dynamic.