Top Collection of Forum WordPress Themes for Your Online Business

During the period of active digitalization and the transition to online business, developers are trying to create the most convenient and unique websites to attract audiences. It is because a user-friendly web resource is a real weapon in the world of the Internet, which allows you to promote a company and receive a decent income. Recently, there are not enough quality services and attractive pictures to engage customers, so entrepreneurs are increasingly introducing various interactive tools, such as a forum. Forum WordPress themes are for you if you strive to implement this feature without the hassle.

The forum is one of the oldest types of Internet communication, which does not give up its position even today. Initially, they were created as separate websites where people exchanged opinions and received answers to exciting questions. Now it is a tool often added to a ready-made resource as a community engagement platform for your business. Many people shy away from this form of interaction, believing that creating a message board is a difficult task. Fortunately, with WordPress, everything is much easier. CMS offers a lot of plugins to set up the feature on the page and provide convenient communication between users.

What is a forum, and how to work with templates? Let's find out right now!

Forum - What Is It?

Forums appeared back in the 90s as platforms for communication, exchange of opinions, and getting answers to various questions. It is an ideal place for an in-depth discussion of any topic, presenting ideas, and sharing experiences. For example, there are gatherings dedicated to hobbies, technical issues, cooking, etc. Also, the tool can exist as part of a website. In this case, the email board is dedicated to the topic of business and consists of communication between clients. Sometimes the question for discussion is launched by the moderators of the web resource. In other cases, visitors generate content themselves.

Of course, this type of interaction is only suitable for some projects. However, there are many companies for which a WP message board is the key to success. For instance, this tool is a great decision if you provide services or sell products. It engages the audience and keeps customers coming back for more.

In a nutshell, it is a great feature to add zest to a website and stay on the same wavelength as clients by answering their questions or letting them know about upcoming events. In addition, this is the best way to enrich the page with custom content and significantly improve SEO performance. The main advantage of the feature is its easy integration with forum WordPress themes!

Starting a Business with WP Templates - Main Benefits

Forum WordPress themes have an advantage over other ready-made items in that they allow you to implement a unique tool for communication. It provides interaction with customers and makes them come back again and again to read new posts. This way, visitors feel at ease and freely share their ideas using your page as a chat or social network. In addition, this is a great way to generate unique keywords for Google queries and further promotion.

In general, the WP layout offers the following advantages:

A platform for communication and expanding horizons

The most basic and simplest benefit is providing interaction. In addition, it helps visitors to gain knowledge and experience in a particular issue without reading huge articles, but simply by viewing short comments.


Providing support services via email is only sometimes convenient for large companies because the mailbox is overloaded with requests. If you encounter such a problem, the email conference is the best decision to satisfy demands on the page directly. Moreover, this approach lets clients help each other and look for answers to questions in previous materials.

Pre-purchase advice

Each buyer is puzzled by the choice of goods, especially if shopping happens in an online store. Forum WordPress themes allow you to answer all customer questions about a product or service and immediately suppress their doubts. In addition, visitors receive feedback from previous buyers about a particular item.

Social network element

If your web page is dedicated to a specific topic, such as culinary or IT technology, engaging the audience in content creation is a cool idea. Gather a community of like-minded people and lets them communicate with each other. Therefore, clients visit your resource regularly to chat with each other, like Facebook or Twitter.

Additional keys for SEO

WP layouts are a great opportunity to improve your SEO performance. How does it work? By discussing new topics and asking questions, users generate keywords independently. Thus, the range of queries in Google search, according to which your resource will rank in search engines, increases significantly.

What Characteristics Do Best Forum Themes Offer?

Undoubtedly, ready-made WP solutions have many advantages and offer you to expand company opportunities. However, more is needed to launch and develop a full-fledged resource. Fortunately, the developers took into account all the needs and needs of consumers and added them to the forum WordPress themes.

One of the main features is full customization with a convenient drag-and-drop editor. It offers you to completely modify layouts and add your ideas to them even without coding skills. Check out the rest of the main features and see how cool they are:

Fresh & modern design

The best specialists design the layouts, considering the latest trends, so each mockup looks stylish and unique.

Fully responsive layout

Nowadays, consumers increasingly surf the Internet on their smartphones, especially when viewing posts. Responsive themes ensure that all elements of your digital page look great and work correctly on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Cross-browser compatibility

All templates have high performance in any browser. It means that clients get seamless access to the website from all possible sources.


Promotion is an integral part of business development. Therefore, forum WordPress themes offer all the conditions for easy selection of content and effective promotion through search engines. Be sure that high-quality optimization and unique queries form the real engine of your company's advertising.

Functionality for eCommerce

Want to sell products or services on your website? A great solution because it is another source of income! Choose one of the eCommerce WordPress layouts and launch a full-featured online store with a shopping cart and various payment systems.

Blog module

Posting multiple articles on your site is not a problem with forum WordPress themes. Resort to blogging if you want to gain customer trust and increase traffic. Also, discussing new posts at the message conference is a great idea.

Google Maps

Sometimes, finding a route is a real challenge for clients. Make this task easier by attaching a map with the location of your office so that visitors save time and conveniently get to you.

Web form builder

Wondering how to implement more interactions with visitors? Add various web forms to receive feedback, offer a newsletter, or allow registration on the site.

Lazy load effect

If you want an interactive dynamic interface, then lazy load themes are for you. This feature helps you to create an interactive search and makes web forms more convenient.

Reliable documentation

Each WP theme has well-prepared documentation containing instructions for installing and using the product.

How to Choose the Best Forum WordPress Theme?

Choosing the right product for all parameters is a challenging task. It is important because your online company's success depends on the template's quality and design. Therefore, do not be too lazy to devote enough time and effort to this stage.

What is the main challenge? Very often, getting on a page with a bunch of ready-made solutions, clients feel confused and find it difficult to find the best option. It is not surprising, as all forum WordPress themes offer brilliant features and unique designs. Therefore, deciding on a purchase requires selecting your preferences and checking all the necessary points. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice as soon as possible:

  • Decide on the design you want. Visualize the appearance of a website or search the Internet for modern resources. Then find a similar layout to make it even better.
  • Use the sidebar to set the desired parameters (color, features, prices) and see the products that meet your preferences.
  • Go to the theme page you like and check out the demo to see the mockup in action. Feel free to read the description and reviews from previous buyers.
  • If you have any additional questions before purchasing, don't hesitate to get in touch with the TempleMonster pre-sales team. Reliable experts are on call 24/7 to give detailed advice and help you find the perfect option.

Which Companies May Use Forum WordPress Themes?

WordPress posting board layouts are designed for a wide audience. The TemplateMonster collection provides a huge selection of designs for any purpose and type of business. Such variety allows even the pickiest entrepreneurs to choose a brilliant option.

Moreover, the layouts are equipped with dozens of cool features, including a convenient drag-and-drop editor. It lets even consumers with zero coding knowledge and IT experience work with products. As for the posting conference, there is no specific group of companies that may use themes with this feature, as they are suitable for almost everyone. However, there are several types of companies for which a posting board is the most practical solution. If you are one of them, do not hesitate and start your career:

Online store

The message conference fits perfectly into the eCommerce concept for several reasons. First, using the tool, you provide contact with the client, answer questions and accompany the order. Secondly, it is a great place to ensure reliable technical support. Finally, the posting board allows customers to share their opinions and discuss certain products.

Educational platform

The educational process does not stand still; many online courses and schools have appeared in recent years. How to ensure communication between students and teachers? The best option is a conference. Here, students can ask questions to teachers, discuss writing assignments, and learn more about courses or lessons. Educational WordPress themes are for you if you want to create a full-fledged learning website.

Device repair services

Working with gadgets is something that often causes problems for customers. Moreover, people are very fond of discussing this topic, discussing issues, and getting good advice. Give them that opportunity! Implement a chat with forum WordPress themes, and customers will repeatedly return to you.

Entertainment or gaming platform

It's no secret that gamers like to gather in communities and discuss different entertainment, heroes, or levels. The tool on this type of website will fit perfectly into the overall idea. If you are still looking for the perfect layout for your resource, check out the entertainment and games WordPress templates collection and find the best one.

How to Make Money on a Startup Forum?

If you create a website using forum WordPress themes, it's time to find out how to make money on it. Many entrepreneurs are sure that the message board cannot become an additional source of income. However, there is a way to monetize this feature.

The solution is paid participation. Of course, you may implement this option if your message board is mature enough and offers unique features. Such a chat should include the services of a moderator, specially selected topics, the participation of specialists for a detailed consultation, and so on. This approach is good for several reasons:

  1. First of all, it saves the community from spam and an overload of unnecessary information. It is because people are unwilling to pay to participate if they are likely to be banned for prohibited materials.
  2. Another reason is that a paid version is a great way to create a cozy community where members will feel at ease. It's where people discuss interesting topics, get expert advice, and are part of something special.

One of the tips for introducing a paid version is to offer cool conditions and not to set an exorbitant price. Ensure each member's monthly or annual fee is a great addition to your budget. Therefore, spare no effort in customizing this tool.

How to Run a Successful Message Board with Forum Template WordPress?

Many entrepreneurs are interested in monetizing the resource and bringing it to a higher level. To achieve this goal, you need to try your best and take certain measures. It is a real challenge for beginners in online business because in this area, in addition to everything, you need to take care of launching a website, choosing a hosting provider, developing advertising strategies, and determining the target audience. All this sounds complicated and time-consuming, but it is not as it seems.

First, let's look at the basics of launching an online page. Fortunately, with a ready-made forum WordPress theme, you do not need to worry about choosing a CMS, creating a design, and adding features. However, you should find a reliable hosting provider, fill the website with unique, interesting content, and set up SEO optimization.

The next equally important step is customization of the chat board. The resource has to be at the highest level to be popular among consumers. Here are some tips to make your posting board user-friendly and successful:

Establish rules and guidelines

Ethics of Internet communication is important for modern Internet users, so if your conference does not have certain guidelines, most likely, customers will not stay there. Create and pin recommendations at the top of the chat so clients know what behavior is expected of them.

No spam

Keep your resources from being spammed with irrelevant links, advertisements, or inappropriate content. It interferes with communication on the topic and repels customers.

Hive a moderator

If you need more time to control everything in the chat, then it's time to turn to the services of a specialist. It should be the responsibility of the moderator to clean up the spam in the chat and ensure that the rules are followed.

Generate content

If you do not think over the content strategy, then the topics in the chat are exhausted very quickly. Prepare new material regularly so that clients always have something to discuss.

Give feedback

Very often, visitors want to get an expert opinion on an exciting question. Therefore, the company's specialists should be involved in communication and give important advice on a particular topic. This approach allows you to be on the same wavelength with customers and achieve their trust.

Why Is Shopping on TemplateMonster a Great Solution?

Nowadays, there are many companies offering services and products in the IT field. One of these is TemplateMonster. The marketplace provides users with ready-made layouts for various CMS, plugins, presentation layouts, resource customization and optimization services, and much more! The company is renowned for its wide range of high-quality offerings, friendly staff, and good reputation. One of the great reasons to choose TemplateMonster is that they accompany customers at all stages of shopping. Moreover, they provide reliable technical support for all premium products. If you want a pleasant shopping experience, check out the TemplateMonster range and choose something special for yourself right now!


As you can see, a forum is a brilliant solution for making your page stand out. This feature allows you to unite clients around a topic and make them come back repeatedly. In addition, the message board helps improve SEO performance and creates unique keywords for queries. Another advantage is the ability to monetize the project and make it an additional source of income.

Most importantly, you can easily run this feature with forum WordPress themes. They are easy to operate, flexible, and feature-rich. They satisfy the needs of both IT beginners and advanced users. Moreover, the collection has a large selection of designs for different types and sizes of companies. Learn all the features of working with finished products and the intricacies of running a messaging platform, and start your career right now. The best WordPress themes are waiting for you!

How to Create a Responsive Logo - Tips from TemplateMonster

An eye-catching, responsive company logo is one of the keys to success. It makes the first impression on customers and expresses your firm's message. Therefore, this is the element that is worth your attention. If you're ready to approach this question with all your creativity and skill, there's great news for you. TemplateMonster YouTube channel offers a responsive logo design guide for your company. Follow the link and arm yourself with knowledge and ideas to create your masterpiece!

Forum WordPress Themes FAQ

Can I edit forum WordPress themes without coding skills?

Yes. WordPress layouts are created using easy drag-and-drop website builders such as Elementor. It lets you customize templates and change all elements, even for persons without coding experience.

How do forum WordPress themes help in promotion through search engines?

First of all, the fact that all mockups are SEO-friendly plays an important role in advertising. It makes it easy to optimize content and be at the top of search results. In addition, a message board is another tool for improving performance. It allows you to embed user-generated content and expand the number of keywords on the page.

Who should I contact if I have questions about choosing a forum theme for WordPress?

In these cases, the TemplateMonster pre-sales team is ready to answer your questions 24/7. Contact experts via live chat and get detailed advice instantly. Moreover, if you are still deciding on the choice of layout, then explain your preferences and entrust this task to the best experts.

Are there instructions for working with forum WordPress themes?

Of course. All products come with reliable documentation that includes instructions for installing, configuring, and running the mockup. In addition, if you have any problem points, feel free to contact the author or the support team of TemplateMonster to fix the problems as soon as possible.