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Icon Pack: 100 E-Commerce / Online Shop IconsThis icon pack contains 100 icons for your e-commerce business. You can also use these eCommerce icons for your website, app or for printing. Please...
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JPEG Icons Sets to Download

Using JPEG icons is not an option anymore. The fact that users highly appreciate and are accustomed to icons makes them a must-have element for every website, presentation, document, and more and more.

They're not just visual representations, as many think. They enhance navigation by orienting and guiding the users. This means they also work as functional elements.

Apart from navigational functionality, icons are also able to improve content readability and accessibility. Since icons are universally understood, people worldwide can easily understand the meaning of icons and associate them with things, actions, and ideas.

To improve readability, you can use icons to break up long blocks of text. To make the text easier to read, you can add icons throughout and break them into smaller parts.

In short, icons can surely improve the quality of your content. What's not sure for many is what type of file format they should use for their icons. The fact that they're available in different formats may make, in fact, the choice difficult and confusing.

Therefore, you need to know what file formats can do more for you than others.

To mention one, JPEG is the best file format for photo storage and professional and rich-in-detail photos. This is why JPEG icons are rich in detail and highly defined in colors and shades.

However, to properly perform both visual and functional purposes, icons need to be designed using professional tools or software, which requires experience, dedication, and money.

If you're inexperienced in design or have no time, buying ready-to-use icons can be the right solution for you.

JPEG icons at TemplateMonster

In the TemplateMonster marketplace, you can find a wide variety of JPEG icon sets. All the sets include icon representations of different objects, actions, and ideas related to the same topic and industry. This means you can take advantage of the chance to represent diverse concepts while ensuring design consistency throughout your content.

Even if you don't find a design that fits your brand identity or personal preferences the best, you can edit it accordingly. You can edit the icons using some of the many available online tools or software. If you cannot view the JPEG format with those programs, you can easily convert it to another format.

JPEG icon topics

Generally speaking, JPEG icons are suitable for a broad range of topics and industries. This means, whatever the industry you operate in, you'll find a related representation.

Some of the most topics include:

  • medical;
  • sports;
  • nature;
  • people;
  • business;
  • data;
  • beauty;
  • security;
  • science.

Where are JPEG icons placed?

You can use JPEG icons in a variety of ways. What's more important, you can place them almost everywhere, regardless of the screen format or type of digital or printed asset. The following are some of the most common icon placements:

How to edit icons

Once again, you can easily edit the colors, shapes, and styles of ready-made icons using online editing tools or software. Some of the most popular are:

When you should choose and use JPEG file format

JPEG is a raster file format for Joint Photographic Experts Group, the team that developed it. JPEG is one of the most popular and used file formats online and for printing. It supports a wide variety of colors, and it is mostly used for large web images and professional photos.

What's more, you can highly compress JPEG files, reducing their file size drastically. However, they use lossy compression. In other words, the more you compress an image, the worse its visual quality will be.

That being said, you should choose a JPEG for:

  • professional and rich-in-detail photos and artworks;
  • printing photos and artworks;
  • sending image previews to other people.

You shouldn't use JPEG file formats if:

  • you need web graphics with transparency;
  • you need an editable and layered image.

Benefits of using JPEG file format

JPEG file formats provide several uses and storage advantages. Below are listed some of the most relevant.


JPEG files are highly compressible. This means you can compress them and get a small file size. This advantage will benefit you if you decide to place the icon on your website since it will not load or slow it down.


JPEG file formats are compatible with almost all types of devices and software. This means you won't need to convert them for their implementation or editing.


JPEG files support many color variations. In particular, they support 24-bit colors with up to 16 million colors. This is why images with this file format are rich in details, colorful, and vibrant.

Variable compression

You can compress JPEG files to different degrees, making sure you get the most out of them.


What are JPEG icons?

JPEG icons are graphical representations of objects, concepts, or ideas related to specific topics and industries.

How do I compress a JPEG file?

You can compress JPEG files using some online tools. Some of the most popular are:

  • TinyJPG;
  • Smallpdf;
  • Iloveimg.

How to convert JPEG to PDF?

You can convert your JPEG files using some free online converter tools. The following are some of the most popular:

  • PDFsimpli;
  • Smallpdf;
  • ilovePDF.

Is JPEG file format lossy or lossless compression?

JPEG file format uses lossy compression. This means every time you compress a JPEG file; it will lose some of its visual quality.

Which is better: JPEG or PNG?

PNG is a high-quality compression format, whereas JPEG uses lossy compression. However, JPEG files are faster to load.

JPEG Icon Pack Unlimited Download with MonsterONE

If you need more than a single pack of icons or several digital assets, then a subscription to MonsterONE might be a more convenient option for you. It will let you download unlimited JPEG icon sets and many other professional digital graphics.