One-Page WordPress Themes: Main Features, Tricks & Tips on Setting Up

The single-page platform structure does look a lot simpler and clearer. But that does not make site-building any faster or easier. Many developers unwittingly ask even more questions. For example, how to competently place all the content? Which blocks should be chosen for intuitive surfing? Is it necessary for a landing page to be responsive? How to make a resource informative and attractive at the same time? TemplateMonster has already prepared answers to all these questions. We are happy to present a collection of completely exclusive and multitasking one-page WordPress themes. They provide an advanced toolkit for creating an online single-page platform at an affordable price.

Why Do You Need One-Page WordPress Themes?

Today it is not easy to imagine a world without gadgets and all the privileges they present to the routine, study, and business spheres. It is no exaggeration to say the world wide web completely absorbs modern man. The Internet today is not just entertainment. It is also a way of earning money, an intermediary for education and development, an alternative to personal meetings, and a powerful tool for organizing the work process and reporting. In general, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of computerization because a person receives a daily dose of benefits.

Creating landing pages is becoming an increasingly popular and popular service. It is partly due to their convenience and ease of use. Do you agree that it is much easier to browse a single-page site from your phone and not wait for a new page to load? Users of any gadget, from computers to smartphones, flip up or down to view a full range of information.

Why Are One-Page WordPress Themes Of Such High Value To The Designer And Developer?

First of all, these are finished products. Let's simulate a situation where you are a beginner with a surface web design background. You have pretty superficial knowledge regarding generating online platforms. You do not know where to start your part of the job. That is when themes come to the rescue. They offer a prepared layout and design. Your task is to set up, fill it with your content and publish.

Second, WordPress themes for single-page sites are always very flexible in customization. They are like a piece of clay that can turn into a masterpiece in a few minutes. If you have previous experience designing web projects, feel free to do so. The desire to experiment will also succeed if you are not afraid to try new things.

Third, the one-page WordPress themes are positioned as multi-functional items. They have a full arsenal of built-in tools that facilitate and accelerate the platform's preparation, creation, and SEO. Often our team offers additional services and modules to expand functionality.

It has everything a beginner and an expert can dream of - refined models, affordable editing, automatic promotion, and a decent selection of auxiliary parameters.

Key Features of One-Page WordPress Themes

  • Strict admin panel. The foundation of any resource is the clear and powerful control panel. Give visitors access to all categories, parameters, filters, and other components. The more information page contains, the more it needs a quality administration panel.
  • Unlimited styles and colors. There is no accounting for taste. But it is always important to stick to personal style and emphasize identity with a visual editor. You have limitless options for choosing hues, contrasts, and shadows. Take your sense of aesthetics and transfer it to your screen monitor.
  • Custom widgets. The one-page WordPress templates manage to introduce interface elements to increase informativeness and attract attention. Icons inform the visitor and do not take up much space (quite relevant in the case of landing pages).
  • Videos and audio support. Does the page look boring and old-fashioned? Add dynamics! Feel free to dilute your content with YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud materials.
  • Advanced typography options. Single-page WordPress themes support more than 1,000 text fonts. Give the letters some shape, and make the data readable and pleasant to view. In such an abundance, choosing an option that is in harmony with the site stylistics is feasible.
  • Blog grid and options. Proper markup and pre-prepared layout for the blog will save you time and allow you to publish articles, materials, photo reports, and so on at once.
  • Parallax effect. The visual component of the landing page plays an important role. Visitors who become interested from the first seconds stay there and check your offers. Parallax creates the appearance of two-dimensional space, where objects are moving at different speeds relative to each other and the recipient. It is an exciting solution to diversify your project.

Extras For One-Page WordPress Themes User

  • Detailed demos. Enjoying a preview and having a visual is always a good idea before buying a digital product. Each Elementor template has up to several dozen demos that visualize the page. It helps the buyer decide on the choice and immediately imagine the look the site will have.
  • Easy to install and configure. A lot of the models on the site are completely user-friendly. They require no site-building experience and no knowledge of HTML or CSS code. It is enough to follow the instructions on the TM site, pay/download, install, and then explore the functionality yourself.
  • Instructions. In addition to the previous point, each package has a documentation file. It is a kind of corpus of all relevant data, which is a good guide for the developer.
  • 24/7 support service. With the help of expert tips, anyone can master the one-page WordPress theme and implement the craziest ideas. Contact the author of the product to get an answer to your question in a short time. Besides, it is the optimal solution to many emerging breakdowns and errors with the functioning.
  • Drag & Drop. A drag-and-drop UI element management system does not require a lot of resources. A computer mouse (alternatively, a touch screen) is all you need to use. Manage blocks, tables, and images and create a layout from scratch without help or additional extensions.
  • Cross-browser capability. Compatibility with many browser systems at once is extremely important. Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and others successfully display your platform in the output. It contributes to the rapid growth of your customer base.
  • Contact form. Feedback and consumer engagement are important to you. Integrate feedback form into your site, design it according to common color schemes, and communicate with customers around the clock.

How to Apply Single-Page WordPress Themes?

The online presence of a company or individual forms their image in the eyes of a potential client. Many areas of human life are undergoing an operational digital transformation. Therefore, creating a landing platform is a great solution to joining the online community. If you make an effort, the resource will be memorable and catchy. Regular updates will help to keep up with the times. Thus, a visually aesthetically pleasing and informative page can serve for many years and rival multi-page websites.

The collection of one-page WordPress themes has more than half a thousand different examples. There are options for such industries and spheres:

  • Food (cafes, restaurants, food delivery, catering, personal pages of chefs, cooking courses, and manuals).
  • IT (frontend and backend developers, system administrator, programmer, moderator, web analyst, game and UX designer, SMM specialist).
  • Business and economy (large, medium, and small enterprises, companies, firms, economists, financiers, marketers, accountants, auditors).
  • Tourism and leisure (travel agency, train stations, airports, hotels, hostels, motels, sommelier, guide, spa, nightclubs, karaoke, PR-manager, active rest stores).
  • Justice and law enforcement (private detectives, lawyers, attorneys, criminologists, notaries, judges, investigators, prosecutors).
  • Media and advertising (journalist, copywriter, editor, presenter, videographer, announcer, blogger, publishing sites, newspapers, news services).
  • Beauty (health and beauty studios, cosmetology, stylist, make-up artist, hairdresser, master of manicure and pedicure, laser hair removal, sugaring).
  • Real estate and construction (realtor, broker, engineer, builder, architect, interior and exterior designer).
  • Medicine (clinics, sanatoriums, emergency rooms, family planning, and maternity centers, pages of private practitioners).
  • Sports and health (fitness equipment stores, gyms, personal coaches, nutritionists).

Why Do One-Page Elementor Layouts Have to Be Responsive?

There is a huge range of available gadgets for Internet surfing. Users choose different options according to age, modern technology proficiency, and wishes. Therefore, you need to have a website optimized for different screens.

One-page WordPress themes from the TemplateMonster selection have a 100% responsive design. This technology has several significant benefits for both you and your target audience.

  1. These samples allow you to generate one product and receive multiple. How does it work? Developers maintain the site: edit, improve, and modify. Through flexible markup and images, the whole interface is easily controlled. It creates a million interpretations of the appearance.
  2. Flexible platform structure. The responsive design easily adjusts to the resolution and size of the screen. It resizes all the UI elements, including blocks, images, text, video, etc. It ensures that the platform has the same design for everyone.
  3. This approach to constructing a landing page is relevant for Google, as indexing is several times faster and more productive. The search engine easily scans the content and promotes it in ranking results. Thus, responsiveness is the key to successful SEO.

How to Choose Right One-Page WordPress Template?

Preparing for site-building usually takes place in several stages. The first one involves choosing a niche. It is necessary to clearly understand the features of your business and the wishes of the target audience. The second step implies selecting one page WordPress theme. Choosing the perfect digital product is never straightforward. Many novice webmasters complain that it is time-consuming. You risk getting stuck at this stage for hours or even days. However, the page's functionality and styling directly depend on the layout. Let us provide a few key rules to keep you oriented.

5 Aspects In Choosing One-Page WordPress Themes

  • Match your needs. To reject irrelevant items in a few seconds, please use filters. On the left side of the screen, you have a box with available search filters. Choose a subject: medicine, arts and culture, education, etc. It would be helpful for you to select key features, styles, and web forms. It significantly saves time and maintains your interest.
  • Rating. There are five stars next to each product, which signify an average rating. The template is checked and is a good match if you see the maximum number of marks. However, take your time. Switch to the one-page WordPress theme page to see the vendor status on the right. The rating system there is the same. In addition, do not neglect reading the reviews. All comments are genuine and written by real customers.
  • Release and update details. The important part: avoid the latest solutions. Usually, new products have major bugs and flaws in functionality. Authors successfully deal with them in a few months. Also, consider whether updates are coming. Product versions should constantly improve because the web design world is vibrant and unpredictable. Otherwise, they will become outdated and of no value.
  • Evaluate the visual component. Design is the key to attracting attention. It must be perfect for pleasing the bulk of your audience. The tip: Visualize always! Imagine the landing page: is it bright or faded? Minimalistic or bold? Long or short? Pick models that meet your needs.
  • Extensions. Pay special attention to available modules and plugins. For example, a thriving online store needs WooCommerce. If you dream of going worldwide, you can't do without a multilingual plugin. Some may be free, while others are affordable for an additional fee. Focus on your financial capabilities.

Top-6 Plugins for WordPress One-Page Theme

The functional modules of a website have different purposes. They ensure customer communication, improve usability, facilitate the user experience, increase productivity, realize monetization, and so on. The development of standard modules to extend the resource's functionality is dedicated to high-class specialists. Their implementation takes a little time and does not require prior experience. We recommend you check out the most popular modules.

  1. WPML. It is a highly specialized plugin for WordPress, which publishes text in different languages. Today it is actively used by more than a million sites. There is nothing easier than downloading this ready-made product without involving code.
  2. WooCommerce. Dreaming of a prosperous online trade? The first must-have item is setting up a site for a webshop. WooCommerce is universal - designed for hypermarkets with thousands of products and small stores. Manage orders and merchandise, and keep in touch with buyers through an interactive admin panel.
  3. Slider Revolution. It is a premium segment module for WP users. It is characterized by an elaborate structure, an easy-to-use visual editor, and auxiliary functions. Thanks to this, you do not need knowledge of CSS code to customize your slides. All the tools, colors, fonts, and buttons are set up on an intuitive level.
  4. MailChimp. It is a free service for everyone that guarantees a productive email campaign. It helps to gather a loyal customer base, build trust, and increase site conversion rate.
  5. Contact Form 7. What must for any web form to work with people? The right answer is a reliable method of cooperation and communication. This free plugin has a flexible structure. It is suitable for beginners because it has a clear and simple adjustment. It also has a bunch of options for the backend wizard.
  6. LearnPress. If you plan to sell courses, start an online school and deal with students remotely, you need a competent platform. It is the most user-friendly extension for studying. Organize the educational process, create a schedule, and interact with students easily. You do not even have to touch a line of code to do it.

Which Is Better: Free One-Page WordPress Themes or Premium?

Webmaster devotes a lot of time to the development of WordPress one-page templates. Among the current offerings on the TemplateMonster site, you can find models at different costs and free ones. Both are created for the sake of customer convenience and are in demand. But if cost is not a crucial characteristic, what should you do? Which sample works better, sets up faster, and offers more growth prospects? There are a few nuances, which we will introduce you to in a moment.

Fee-Based One-Page WordPress Themes

It is believed that a paid version is a guarantee of uniqueness. In many cases, it has a more advanced potential to generate a one-of-a-kind web design. The default look is characterized by innovative and unconventional solutions and customization flexibility.

In addition, the premium segment assures a top-notch support service. It is a point of intersection between service providers and consumers. It is the vital link for a successful user experience. Unexpected difficulties? Contact tech support right away and request qualitative help. The author of the Elementor one-page theme is interested in solving problems quickly to avoid refunds.

You will succeed in finding a highly specialized layout for your purpose. Usually, paid products fit the theme perfectly. Whether a portfolio for a budding photographer or an advertisement for an upcoming fashion show, a premium template offers a ready-to-implement structure, format, and stylish solutions.

Free One-Page WordPress Themes

We can't unanimously claim a clear advantage of premium products over free ones for several reasons.

The latter leads in terms of affordability. The free layout does not oblige you to pay much. Customers can change their minds anytime and not worry about wasted finances.

Also, free digital products are optimal for those new to the IT world. You can quickly and easily gain experience and hone existing skills with them. If this is your first attempt, you are advised to start with the free models.

It is also worth noting that most one-page WP templates, both premium and free, are developed by the same studios and specialists. It indicates quality training of the master in both cases and ensures a comprehensive approach to the creation of the model. At the same time, both groups are compatible with WordPress updates and function perfectly after modifications. You might be surprised to find that regardless of the price segment, all themes are honed for first-rate promotion. They are roughly equally optimized for productive ranking by search engines, improving positions, and increasing organic traffic. They have a suitable flexible markup, valid code, meta tags, etc.

One-Page WordPress Themes: How To Personalize?

Please focus on the content - unique blog articles, photos, and video materials. In addition, pick good typography. Finding an aesthetically pleasing font to complement your web design will not be a problem. By the way, see the top 10 best free fonts for inspiration.

One Page WordPress Theme Q&A

How many times could I use purchased one-page WordPress themes?

We ask you to consider the licenses before buying. The range of possibilities varies considerably depending on them. For example, a personal license allows you to create a single non-commercial website. At the same time, the commercial one is more extended. With it, the client builds up to five complete projects and freely distributes them. The buyout license is 50 pages per layout.

Could you build a business site for me based on the one-page WordPress themes?

Absolutely! TemplateMonster ServiceCenter creates websites from scratch within one working day. We will prepare the database, install the WordPress engine and theme, and provide the site with all the necessary plugins. This service is paid for additionally. The cost varies depending on the product and author.

Can I save money buying one-page WordPress themes?

Yes. Sign up for MonsterONE, which offers access to a separate range of premium products. Download any of them at no extra charge. Also, enjoy free technical support and updates.

What kind of builder do the one-page WordPress themes run on?

The clients associate the vast majority of the one-page WordPress themes with Elementor. They have ready-made sections and pages that are easy to import. There are also models based on WPBakery Page Builder, Gutenberg Editor, Visual Composer, KingComposer, Cherry Framework 5, etc.