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This Gadget Repair Services Clean Multipage HTML5 Template will suit any kind of electronics repair companies. The template is easily configured through the admin panel. Using this template will help you to achieve the maximum degree of uniqueness of your future site's design. You can create a fully functional gadget services website from scratch without spending too much time and effort. Also, at your service, there are various options for the design of the page layouts. The template is installed in just a few minutes. Among the additional features in the template, there are smooth transitions between pages. Plus, there are social networking buttons, as well as support for various plugins.

Please note that .psd files are not included in this template package.

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Krishan Chandak

Great template for IT, excellent layout and the effects are great for customers

alexandre robert

Easy to edit and also ready to use, I have filled the template with my desired informations and voila, it was ready for my users to navigate on it ! The main concern when buying a template without seeing the code is the ability to edit it easily and quickly, which I was able to do in no time. Very nice coding, simple and responsive. I really love how the template is built. thanks a lot !!!

Andrei P.

Very good coding and easy to understand, easy to modify and organised pages.

Rostislav Tesik

Naprosto splňuje požadavky. Jen formulář by mohl mít ochranu proti spamu.

Olivier Hadjedj

Pas mal du tout, très complet et assez souple pour le webmaster

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