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Kreug Meat Farm & poultry Store

Kreug Meat Farm & poultry Store HTML5 template is a Meat shop website that specially designed for the poultry industry. Kreug Meat Farm & poultry Store HTML5 template can be used for Meat Shops, Chicken Shops, Mutton Shops, Fish market, Sea Food, Meat Food Store, Butcher Steak House, Raw Meat Shop, Meat Meal, vegetable Shop, and others. It also fits for relevant websites that require a feature-rich and beautiful appearance online with a flexible and user-friendly design.

Kreug Meat Farm & poultry Store HTML5 template is packed with all the necessary pages of the online Meat store ready. So that you can sell your meat, pork, beef, sausages, steaks, raw products, fish, caviar, shrimp, crab, lobster, oysters, octopus and other.

Kreug Meat Farm & poultry Store HTML5 template is a great tool to build websites for meat shop, meat restaurant, meat food, meat production, meat online shop, meat product, meat template, meat template, barbecue, barbecue restaurant, barbecue grill, butcher, butcher steak, steak house, steak restaurant, steak house food, steak and seafood restaurant, food shop, food delivery, food truck, meat blog, food and drink, company, food catering, food commerce, food community, meat delivery, food e-commerce, food e-shop, meat eshop, meat farm, food gourmet, food html, food landing page, food market place, food menu, food ordering, steak food, steak meat, chicken shop, chicken food, chicken restaurant, food products, food retail, food shopping, food template and any food website.

This template is based on Bootstrap’s 12 column responsive grid template. Additionally, Kreug Meat Farm is responsive on all screen sizes, this way you can worry less about how its will look on different devices, and focus on what is important.

Pages Included

3 home pages


about us

blog grid

blog list

blog right sidebar

blog left sidebar

blog single



coming soon

compare products

contact us




login 2

product details

product details 2


profile product

profile saved product


profile orders

project 3 styles

register 2 styles

services 2 styles

shop grid

shop list 2 styles

shop map

submit product

team archive 2 styles

team details


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