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Job Portal WordPress Theme is a cool corporate looking theme that an Employer or employment firm can use to share the job opening in their company, institute or office.
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Event Management WordPress theme for promoting and managing any type of seminars, concerts, workshops, summit, trade shows, conferences or event. This one-of-a-kind event WordPress theme is modern...
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Best WPBakery Templates to Achieve Your Business Goals With

TemplateMonster presents a collection of WPBakery templates that are ideal for perfectionists who prefer complete control over their projects. The WordPress toolkit, combined with a set of plugin functionality, allows you to make the most radical metamorphosis with your online store or commercial website. On the page, you'll find offers for different niches, with diverse variations of incorporated features, design solutions, and pricing. Forget about the outdated model of website building when it took weeks or months. There is no need to wait while developers, layout specialists, and designers operate on different parts of the project separately. Master modern solutions and build your perfect web environment like a pro!

WPBakery WordPress Themes – Customization Without Coding

This plugin is an ultimate solution that allows developers to work on projects without interacting with code at all. You may add complex effects with the drag-and-drop feature. The WPBakery themes ensure 100% compatibility with frontend and backend solutions. The products’ features are:

  • Speed optimization – all the elements load fast.
  • Multiple UI modules – achieve the necessary look and functionality.
  • Several blog types – choose the one you prefer.
  • SEO-friendly – make it easier to find via search engines.
  • WooCommerce ready – compatible with this eCommerce platform.
  • Responsive (the Bootstrap framework) – it works correctly on devices with different screen sizes.
  • Parallax – create the depth effect.
  • WPML – make it multilingual.
  • AJAX search – find the necessary content easily.
  • Documentation – includes essential information.
  • Cross-browser, Google Fonts, Valid HTML5, CSS3 code, and more.

WPBakery Page Builder WordPress Themes for Designers

This codeless builder is flexible and user-friendly. With this add-on, you focus entirely on design without worrying about programming. The themes are great for developers who aren’t familiar with programming languages and are experienced web developers as well. TemplateMonster’s solutions are excellent for building minimalistic projects with a few elements and complex ones with multiple components. The ready-made products are suitable for public and commercial projects like online stores.

Advantages of Building a Website with Ready-Made WordPress WPBakery Templates

Let's discuss the main reasons for the extreme popularity of ready-made designs in general.

  • Shortening the development process. Here you have two factors affecting the length of the period between "So let's get started" and "Wow, my site is ready." Firstly, the template includes a set of pages, a basic technical specification kit, and extra plugins. Secondly, the presence of the WPBakery page builder significantly speeds up customization, creation of additional objects, and content adding.
  • Low cost compared to creating a web resource from scratch. Without such a wonderful alternative as pre-designed digital themes, you would spend hundreds of dollars on hiring a web designer, front-end and back-end specialists, creating a mobile version, and so on. At the same time, the average price of a good theme rarely exceeds $100.
  • You don't need technical skills and maintenance. So, page builders do not require a deep knowledge base or learning of programming languages. Additional extensions and editors allow you to add content and manage the site without the involvement of specialists and spending money on maintenance and support. You can even be the only person with access to the admin panel and still manage everything!

Free and Premium WPBakery Templates

You may want to save some money and download a freebie. It may have such disadvantages as:

  • Lack of features – it doesn’t include the required component. It forces you to implement a function yourself (requires special knowledge) or download it separately.
  • No professional support – fix all the errors yourself. It is challenging if it comes without documentation.

On the other hand, buying premium WPBakery templates is an exit investment for the following reasons:

  • You are confident in the quality of the goods because, in case of any serious problems, the marketplace returns the funds thanks to a loyal refund policy.
  • High-quality technical support is ready to answer any questions starting with a pre-sales chat. In addition, within six months you can always count on free assistance.
  • Because of the great competition, each author does their best to create a product better than the competitors are capable of and win the attention of buyers. So each template package offers a real feature-rich characteristics list.

WPBakery Templates Advanced Features Overview

The functionality of every WPBakery theme featured in the catalog is truly impressive. Each package is a combination of must-haves to get your web project up and running in a matter of days or even hours. Let's check out a short overview describing each of the advanced features of the ready-made themes that make them special.

Responsive Layout

It is impossible to imagine a successful store or blog that would not display correctly on different types of devices. When developing, it is extremely important to take into account the ever-growing popularity of smartphones. According to statistics, the number of active users of mobile gadgets is estimated at more than 5 billion. The responsive layout makes pages and their functionality perform correctly and conveniently for mobile users, which has a positive impact on conversion, sales, and audience engagement.


Every online marketer uses different strategies to help businesses reach their goals. However, literally, every promotion concept includes search engine optimization. The choice of WordPress-based WPBakery templates opens the way to easy page customization to meet the requirements of search engine algorithms. By the way, it's a fact that most sites powered by the world's most popular CMS get higher positions in the search results. This is vital for conversion rates as most users only click on the first few links.

Pre-Made Pages, Elements, and Navigation

Great news for those who choose a product with a built-in drag-and-drop editor for making minor edits rather than time-consuming manual layouts. Each package contains different options for home and other pages, header, and footer. In addition, you are free to add or remove UI elements. Another super feature is a well-organized well thought navigation system including header/footer menus, dropdowns, sidebars, buttons, and more for an enjoyable user experience.

Social Media Integration and Social Sharing

If you are aiming for satisfactory business results, it is important to understand that the web page should not become the audience's "final" destination. You can use your web environment even more effectively by adding links to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other public accounts of your company. This becomes possible with bright, insulating buttons that you can place in a suitable place for this purpose. In addition, you can also enable social sharing for example for blog news or product pages. Thus, visitors share your content with their friends, colleagues, and subscribers on their social networks.


E-commerce is a hugely influential segment of the web, so there is a good chance that you are looking for a design to create an online store. WPBakery templates in the collection are 100% WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to use the page builder tools to customize your eCommerce project. Please note that classic designs for blogs and corporate websites can also be transformed into an online store.


With the advent of Retina technology, gadgets with a high cost of screen pixels flooded the market. Each manufacturer is trying to implement an innovation that is actually already a must-have for the gadget to be actively sold. Retina-ready WPBakery templates help media content display stunningly on HiDPI screens. This is extremely important to maintain the company's credibility, as a website with blurry low-quality images negatively affects the trust rating and audience interest. Let visitors enjoy images of products or photos of your office as if they were seeing them in real life.


Marketplace authors make themes super flexible to suit the needs of an audience for which English is not a primary language. You can tailor pages for your region with the multilingual plugin and even go further by letting your audience choose the language of the interface, menus, and content. This characteristic is especially important for business owners and bloggers who want to increase their influence and collaborate with audiences around the world.

Animations, Typography, and Visuals

Effects and dynamics are quite difficult to implement in a web project, even if you have a visual editor at hand. The developers have made your life easier by outfitting the pages with cool animations, effects, parallax, and other details for a trendy look. Plus, you can enjoy beautiful typography and fonts and make your calls to action, category titles, or blog posts even more eye-catching.

Downloading WPBakery Page Builder WordPress Themes

This process involves the following steps:

  • Find the product you prefer;
  • Add to cart;
  • Checkout;
  • Download and activate;
  • Start your project.

The “Live Demo” option allows checking out the design before buying it.

WPBakery Elements - Beginner’s Overview

The extension has an intuitive structure, but it will be useful to know in advance what elements its main menu includes and how you can use them.

  • Rows - create columns and place other objects on pages.
  • Text blocks - add and format text content with the perfect WYSIWYG editor. An easy to use tool that you'll probably use very often.
  • Single Image - add pictures and beautiful animations to make them more dynamic. Apart from this, you can also create image galleries and carousels.
  • Icons - Borrow vibrant icons from third-party libraries such as Open Iconic, Entypo, FontAwesome, Mono Social, and Typicons.
  • FAQ - let users discover extra content by revealing additional hidden blocks of text as they scroll through the page.
  • Buttons - Embed links to allow visitors to navigate between pages or go to external websites/social media pages.
  • The Video Player - download videos of different formats and share exciting content.
  • Round Charts/Pie Charts/Line Charts/Progress Bars - structure data and make it graphic. You can transform statistics, periods, numbers, income indicators, sales numbers, etc.
  • Google Maps is a wonderful opportunity to share your location with potential customers and make your brand policy even more transparent.
  • Message Boxes - add a couple of alerts, tips, announcements, slogans, or important reminders.
  • Tabs, Accordions, and Tours - add even more hidden content with the first object that is initially visible, like an image.
  • Custom Headings - customize your own headings with the ability to choose a font, size, formatting, color, animation, and more.
  • Facebook Like/Tweetmeme button/Google+ Button/Pinterest - let the audience use the social media sharing feature.
  • Contact form - add forms for various purposes, such as collecting data or contacting customers.

These are just the basic elements of the editor. The list of premium add-ons is really impressive and expands your customization options. The price of each individual extension pack may vary, but the purchase makes sense if you often deal with website creation and modification.

Best Add-Ons to Boost Your WordPress WPBakery Templates

To provide site managers and visitors with the experience they need, you may download extra extensions. Thus, you expand the potential and possibilities of your web resource almost endlessly.

You can find add-ons that help get the maximum out of your website on the official page for the WPBakery WordPress plugin.

The web is brimming with both premium and free options, and TemplateMonster's experts have handpicked the most effective and powerful ones for you.

  1. Creative Devices Mock-ups - features 60+ various SVG-formatted mock-ups for iPhone, iMac, Macbook, iWatch, Cinema Display, and more. Color variations, readiness for translation, and easy customization will help to represent products, videos, photos, text content, etc.
  2. The Paralaxxer - helps implement the most trending visual effect on your pages and make them responsive with CSS3 technology and Retina-readiness out-of-the-box.
  3. Instagram photo and video - comes with 5 gallery types, and 7 skins and is also fully translatable. Post the content that you share on the Instagram feed immediately on the page of your web resource and catch even more views.
  4. 4000 Ultimate Icons - Dilute text content and draw even more attention to different sections thanks to vibrant icons for different purposes. The collection includes libraries from different authors with impressive icons.
  5. My testimonials - the package comes with 10 themes, color schemes, and display options. In addition, you get tools for managing the reviews section. A great feature to use to increase your brand trust rating.
  6. 360 product panorama rotation - suitable for advanced users to showcase your products/services results in the most futuristic way possible. Also supported via touch devices.
  7. Woo Composer - ideal for customizing online stores powered by WooCommerce. The plugin offers a drag-and-drop store editing model for users without coding skills.

Modifying WPBakery Templates for Improving User Experience — Tips and Tricks

TemplateMonster has picked up some tips on how to modify your site with WPBakery page builder. These tips are universal, regardless of your business sector.

  • Try to make navigation as simple as possible. Too many submenus or categories may look confusing and lead to poor user experience. The only case when many categories have a positive effect on the impression of the audience is online stores with a large assortment of goods.
  • Add social proof and create your own environment for product evaluation. Please note that most often consumers prefer products with 4 to 5-star ratings. According to various statistics, 60% to 85% of buyers choose stores where customers can leave feedback.
  • Use your home page space to create a kinda “presentation” of your brand. Don't be afraid to make the page too long, because landing-like home pages are currently quite popular. Add a short company overview, service description, and a couple of reviews, into a video, case studies, etc. The infographic on the front page is also a super-killing trick.
  • Don't hide your pricing. It's a familiar situation for everyone when you spend about an hour looking at information about services and then see something like "request pricing" when you get to the cost of a service package. This is so annoying that the client prefers competitors with transparent pricing policies. So adding a sign or stickers with price tags is a must.
  • Add call-to-action buttons. Make it easy for the client to find a way to contact you once they have all the details. The best places for such buttons are after long reads, on the home page, in the footer, in the contact form, in the pop-up, on the live chat widget, and on the pricing/service details page.
  • Consider aligning WPBakery templates to your branding identifiers. Transform the color palette, add logos and icons, use a slogan, and find the courage to be unique.

Beneficial Offer — How to Purchase Numerous WPBakery Templates and Save Money

The marketplace is a useful source of ready-made solutions for those who create one blog or page for a store and that's enough to satisfy their business needs. However, many of TemplateMonster's clients are web designers, developers, online marketers, or other next-gen professionals. In 2019, the company came up with a profitable service for regular customers who need to frequently purchase digital products. MonsterONE subscription is your best solution for WPBakery templates downloading for the following reasons:

  • The subscription offers three plans with different included features and costs, allowing you to find your ideal plan.
  • For a one-time annual fee, you get access to unlimited downloads of over 260,000 high-quality premium products.
  • The absence of a limit allows you to test different options before finding your perfect one.
  • Being a subscriber means having 365 days of technical support that extends not just to one purchased product, but to all available through the service.
  • The range is regularly updated so that every month the number of offers grows, however, no fee is charged until it is time for the next payment for a subscription.
  • MonsterONE is useful not only for unlimited web themes, but also eCommerce ones, graphic and design assets, presentation templates, audio, and video assets, 3D models, etc.

Best TemplateMonster’s Services to Improve Your WPBakery Templates

Did you know that the marketplace provides a wide range of services to help you manage different processes and improve potential opportunities for your WPBakery templates? Here is a small selection of services that are useful in different circumstances:

  • Installation - entrust all the actions that make your site work to a specialist and be sure that nothing will go wrong.
  • Finest Stock Images - save time that you would spend on selecting relevant stock images.
  • Content Writing is a good package if you need an article for a blog or just to fill out a text block.
  • On-Page SEO - You are offered three plan options with various suggested additions, including optimized content writing, linking, meta tag creation, and even strategy building.
  • Online Store Integration - import products, install eCommerce plugins, and adapt the site to the needs of consumers by the hands of marketplace specialists for a reasonable price.
  • Custom Logo - improve your brand identity by ordering a beautiful logo that reflects your ideas and business concept.
  • Maintenance - a full-fledged package of essential and advanced maintenance processes that keep your business safe from web failure.

Best WPBakery Templates for Your Business

Visual editors allow you to customize and modify any design to fit perfectly with your niche. However, in addition to multi-purpose themes, the collection contains designs that, in the launch version, reflect the vibe of a particular business sector. By scrolling the page, you can find products to launch projects related to:

  • Electronics, IT, Internet, and technology.
  • Real estate, booking services, and property.
  • Medicine, dietary supplements, drugs, pharmacies.
  • Art, culture, music, and creativity.
  • Business, finances, cryptocurrencies, banking.
  • Design and photography.
  • Cars, motorcycles, taxi services, car dealers, and auto parts.
  • Fashion, beauty, cosmetics, perfumes, clothing stores.
  • Furniture, decor, and textile.
  • Holidays, gifts, and flowers.
  • Society, people, education, and public organizations.

Creating a Portfolio Gallery with WPBakery Page Builder WordPress Themes

Create a portfolio gallery to demonstrate your skills. This video shows how to incorporate it. By the way, subscribing to the YouTube channel of TemplateMonster guarantees regular knowledge about web design trends and their application from market experts!

WPBakery WordPress Themes FAQ

How to install the plugin to work with WPBakery templates?

To install it, login to your website, then choose “Plugins” then “Add new.” Upload the plugin zip file. “Install Now,” wait, then “Activate Plugin.” Now, you start working with it by choosing “Pages,” or “Add new.” Check the dashboard to see the available settings.

Can you help me install WPBakery page builder WordPress themes?

Yes, please request our “Website Installation” or “Store Installation” service.

How to make sure that WPBakery page builder WordPress themes are multilingual?

Check the details of the product. If it’s WPML-ready – you can add a new language. You may also request our “Multi-Language Website Service.”

Is it essential to use SEO-friendly WPBakery templates?

SEO ensures better ranking. It increases the number of visitors and potential clients (if you have an online shop).