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Premium Android Icons Sets to Download

Android icons are pretty popular across the web. Their ease of use and the benefits they bring make them elements that can't miss anymore on every type of digital asset.

For example, icons can save space and break walls of text. You can use them to substitute words by visually communicating the meaning you want to deliver to the users or place them among the text, splitting it into smaller and more readable parts.

What's more, you can use icons as anchors to draw the users' attention and place them close to the most important concepts of your content.

Icons are also universal: all users worldwide can almost immediately recognize and understand the icons' meaning. This means you can make your content accessible worldwide without translating it.

However, to perform their role the best, icons need to be created from scratch using professional software, which requires expertise, time to dedicate, and money.

Therefore, if you're inexperienced or have no confidence in using design programs, buying ready-to-use icon sets can be a better and more convenient solution for your necessities.

Android icons at TemplateMonster

Across the TemplateMonster marketplace, you'll find several android icon sets with unique designs.

Experts design all the icons with the use of professional software. This will ensure you'll get the desired results in terms of appearance and better user experience.

What's more, icons are available in different formats, which will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, if you need to place icons on a mobile app, SVG icons are the most appropriate file formats, as they'll ensure your maximum flexibility.

You can easily filter the research by price, rating, color, file format, compatibility, and topic. Thus, you can make it more straightforward and get only the results you might truly be interested in.

Android icon topics

Android icons can represent different objects, ideas, and actions related to distinct topics. Thus, regardless of the industry in which you operate, you'll find a related graphic. The following are some of the most common topics you can find:

  • medical;
  • business;
  • industrial;
  • people;
  • nature;
  • game;
  • sports;
  • science;
  • weather;
  • city.

Android icon file formats

As aforementioned, android icons are available in multiple formats. This represents an advantage as you can freely choose the one that best suits your needs and is most compatible with the intended use. The following are some of the most common file formats you can encounter:

  • PNG;
  • PDF;
  • SVG;
  • AI;
  • EPS;
  • HTML.

How to edit Android icons

Most of the android icons you'll encounter across the marketplace are editable and customizable.

Based on the file format they're available in, you can use one of the following compatible editing programs:

Android icons FAQ

What are Android icons?

Android icons represent objects, actions, and ideas related to different topics and compatible with Android devices.

What are the best android icon sizes?

The best android icon sizes may vary based on the intended use. The different digital assets may require different measures. However, the following are some of the most icon sizes you can refer to:

  • 36x36;
  • 48x48;
  • 72x72;
  • 96x96.

Are android icons raster or vector graphics?

Android icons can be both available as raster and vector graphic types.

Android Icon Pack Unlimited Download with MonsterONE

If you're constantly looking for new designs to add to your content, a subscription to the MonsterONE plan might be a more suitable option for your necessities. It will enable you to access and download unlimited android icon sets and many other digital graphics designed by experts from all around the world.