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Circle Icon Sets to Download - PNG, PDF, EPS, SVG file formats

Circle icons are very popular across the web. Their shapes make them appealing and able to draw the users' attention.

Apart from their eye-catching look, icons can also improve both the user interface and experience.

For example, you can use icons to save space and substitute words. Lines of text are boring, and nobody takes the time to go through them. Instead, icons can instantly deliver messages in a more pleasing way than text.

More than that, you can use icons like buttons. You can add links to them and allow users to be redirected from one page to another. This way, you'll guide them throughout your content, enhancing the navigation.

However, to perform all these functions and many more, icons need to be created using professional programs, which requires hands-on experience, time, and money.

If you're a beginner or have no experience at all, you may end up with poor or zero results.

In such a case, buying ready-to-use icons might be a better solution for you.

Circle icons at TemplateMonster

The TemplateMonster marketplace offers a wide range of circle icon sets. Each set contains multiple representations of different objects and ideas associated with the same topic.

Plus, each set has its unique design, with different shapes and colors. You can freely choose the one which is closest to your brand identity or personal preferences. If you're not completely satisfied with their original style, you can edit it using some compatible tools.

To make the research more straightforward and get only the results you're interested in, you can filter them by topic, color, compatibility, file format, price, rating, and so on.

Circle icons topics

All the icon sets are referred to different topics. Thus, whatever the industry you operate in, you'll surely find a corresponding set of illustrations. The following are some of the most recurrent topics:

  • sports;
  • game;
  • business;
  • people;
  • nature;
  • medical;
  • food;
  • science;
  • weather;
  • city;
  • military.

Available icon formats

Icons are available in many formats. Each format is more suitable than another for a specific use. For example, SVG is the best file format for web pages. Thus, based on your needs, you can choose among the following most common icon formats:

  • PNG;
  • SVG;
  • EPS;
  • AI;
  • JPG;
  • PDF;
  • CMX.

How to edit circle icons

As previously mentioned, most of the ready-made circle icons are editable. You can edit their colors, shapes, or overall designs, using one of these most popular editing programs:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • CorelDRAW.

Where to place icons

Icons are widely appreciated because of their adaptability and versatility. This means you can place them wherever needed. The following are some of the most common icon placements:

Circle icons FAQ

What are circle icons?

Circle icons are illustrations representing different objects, concepts, and actions with rounded shapes.

What’s the best editing program for icons?

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best editing programs for icons. It offers a wide range of tools that allow detailed and precise modification.

How to convert icons from PNG to SVG?

If you intend to convert your icons from PNG to SVG, you can use one of the following free online converters:

  • Convertio;
  • CloudConvert;
  • Vector Magic.

Which are better for web pages: raster or vector icons?

For web pages, vector icons are better than raster ones. The first ones allow you to reshape and scale them up or down with no loss of quality, giving you maximum flexibility.

Circle Icon Packs Unlimited Download with MonsterONE

If you need multiple icon sets or graphics, subscribing to MonsterONE might be a more convenient solution for you. It will enable you to access and download unlimited circle icon sets and many other professional graphics for any type of need.