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For everybody who wants to build a professionally-designed website and spend less time for its customization the TemplateMonster's team is glad to present our new outstanding collection of Easy...
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A proverb goes, “health is wealth”. When we suffer from health issues, we put trust in medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals every day....
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Free Elementor Themes and Templates - Saving Money and Time

Building a website is a complex task that also requires you to spend some money. Even if you are a professional developer, you still need time to implement various functions. A site is not all about its features. It also should look impressive. It has to be eye-catching, so visitors remember it. A page should also be user-friendly. A person should not have any problems finding the required information. There are numerous factors to consider, and they make the whole task challenging and time-consuming. Luckily, there are content management solutions, which can make the process faster and easier. You may download the required modules and extensions to get the necessary functions. As a developer, you still have to focus on the style and layout. That's the case when visual page-building solutions come into play. You avoid modifying the code. Instead, you drag and drop various elements. You may also tweak additional parameters to get the required look and behavior. To make the whole process even easier, you should consider getting our free Elementor themes and templates.

Elementor is a very popular WordPress visual page builder. It is beginner-friendly. You can create an amazing page without writing a single line of code. You may wonder why you should get a premade design. In this case, you avoid working on the layout. You do not need to think of where to place menus, buttons, images, videos, and a search bar. Our items come with all the elements. It does not mean that they restrict you anyhow. You can modify them easily. It is possible to add something new, remove, or replace various components. Our items are a great basis for multiple projects. They are impeccable for people who want to create a site fast without dealing with many technical aspects. As a developer, you get a versatile template that you can easily modify to meet your requirements.

Elementor Free Templates Advantages

Our products come with numerous features such as:

  • Image carousel - demonstrate photos in a modern, dynamic way. It is an impeccable option to catch visitors' attention.
  • Google Maps - show where clients will find you or mark interesting places. It is especially important for individuals or companies that offer various services.
  • Video - add a video to demonstrate your ideas or show what you can do. Videos are a great way to deliver a message. People do not need to read a long article or look at numerous photos.
  • Detailed documentation - it includes all the required information.
  • Tabs - create various categories for different kinds of content. It makes the website easier to navigate through. It helps people find the necessary data and keep everything organized.
  • Retina-ready - all elements look clean and sharp on high pixel density screens.
  • Background video - make your site look advanced and dynamic. Use a video as background instead of an image.
  • WPML-ready - add several languages support. It is important if you want to appeal to people from different countries. It is a good option to increase the number of visitors and loyal users.
  • Blog - publish interesting articles. This element is crucial when you want to write interesting articles. It is ideal for personal sites and companies.
  • Dividers and spacers - these elements help you divide a page into several sections. It improves the user experience.
  • Parallax - a modern depth effect to achieve a refined and contemporary look. The far elements move slower than the close ones.
  • Testimonials - let people share their opinions. It is useful to know what other people think.
  • RTL - add the languages that use the right-to-left text direction.
  • Sample content - you get sample content that will guide you when you customize the design.
  • Dropdown menu - create a useful, elegant menu with the required options.
  • Social icons, alert, counter, progress bars, SoundCloud support, performance optimization, advanced theme options, and more.

Best Free Elemetor Themes and Features for You

There are multiple freebies available to you, and finding the only best is difficult. It is important to understand what to focus on when you choose a design. It depends on your project. Try to stay focused on user experience. It is important to make sure that your site is easy to use. Everyone should find the necessary information.

Here are several examples that will help you choose the product. For example, you work on a personal website where you will write about traveling. That is the case when you should consider getting a theme with the blog feature. Do not forget about image and video galleries. You may be good at writing and describing places of interest perfectly, but a single photo tells more. Consider adding videos to demonstrate landscapes.

Another example is creating a website for a small company that provides furniture repair services. In this case, consider using the Google Maps feature. It is necessary to show your clients where your workshop is. Again, it would be great to have a gallery with images that show before and after. It would be great to have a blog where you share the secrets of avoiding wearing furniture too much.

It is also necessary to make your website look modern and interesting, so it stands out and grabs visitors' attention. Consider adding an interesting background video. It is a nice idea to add parallax as well. It is important to find the balance between too plain and too stuffed design. Having only a few elements looks impressive, but people may have difficulties accessing the required page. A stuffed page is also difficult to navigate because there are too many buttons, menus, or images. It is necessary to focus on the user experience. Consider asking your friends what they think of it. Ask them to find certain information to see if it was easy for them. Our items come with a premade layout, but you have limitless customization options. It is possible to turn it into something completely new within minutes.

Free Elementor Themes for Your Projects

The versatility and high quality of TemplateMonster's products make them ideal for various projects. You can create a simple blog about something or build a complex website with numerous sections. Our items come with multiple features, so you get a great basis for your projects. You can easily find a template that meets your requirements. The good thing about our products is that you do not pay anything. Of course, you have to pay for hosting. Finding a good hosting service provider is crucial because it helps ensure the best possible user experience. Visitors appreciate high loading speed and connection stability. It is a very complex subject, and you should consider reading our article dedicated to different hosting options.

The perfect Elementor-compatibility is crucial for people who do not like working with the source code. You do not need to modify any source files. With a visual page-building option, you can create an amazing website. Professional web developers appreciate the layout - it is clean and user-friendly. Please remember that you can easily modify everything about the style. It is possible to customize colors, fonts, buttons, etc.

The included features make our items great for personal and small company sites. You may create a page that promotes your services. For example, our freebies are great for artists who want to create a personal site. It is a great idea because your artwork can quickly get lost when you use a popular platform. The problem is that many artists upload their images. It means that the art you upload will not stay on the main page too long. Our products are also great for journalists. A website would be a platform where they express their ideas without any restrictions.

TemplateMosnter's freebies are great for small companies that do not want to spend too much on a website. It is a good way to tell more about the company and the services it provides.

Premium and Free Elementor Page Templates

As a web developer who looks for a design, you may wonder - why spend money on a premium item? Freebies have several drawbacks:

  • No professionals support - if something is wrong, you have to deal with it yourself. It requires a good understanding of the WordPress platform.
  • The required functions are missing - freebies may not include the necessary plug-ins. In this case, you spend your time looking for an add-on. You should know how to install them correctly.
  • Availability - freebies are available to everyone. It means that everyone can download and use it right away. As a developer who wants to create a unique-looking style, you have to spend much time modifying it. Adding unique images will not help that much. Multiple sites that have the same layout will always look alike.

It does not mean that freebies are useless. There are amazing items you can get without spending anything. Freebies would be great for such cases as:

  • Personal projects - personal websites where you write about yourself and your projects. It is perfect for composers, artists, software developers, etc.
  • Learning - freebies are great for people who want to learn how to modify them via a visual-page building solution. It is an option to advance your skills without buying premium templates.
  • Small companies or teams - you avoid spending money on expensive products.

Freebies are not as advanced as premium items, but they are still enough in some cases. They are ideal if you want to avoid extra expenses and do not need additional features.

Editing Elementor Free Templates

There are several pricing plans available. A free version should be enough if you do not work on very complex projects. It is necessary to install the plug-in beforehand. Please read our article dedicated to installing Elementor themes.

When you modify a template via Elementor, you will see two sections. The right section is where you can see the page design. The left area is the Tools panel. You may add various widgets with the elements category, like columns, headings, video, buttons, etc. It is possible to modify the global page settings. Small buttons appear when you hover over elements - you may edit the content, add or remove something. It is very easy to use. Consider playing around with it to learn more about it. The great thing is that you see all modifications immediately without reloading the page.

Another great feature is multiple device preview options. It allows checking out how the page looks on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Download the Best Free Themes for Elementor

Getting an item from our marketplace is easy:

  • Create an account if you have not done it before.
  • Choose the item you prefer.
  • Click on the download button.

The process is straightforward, but finding the necessary design takes some time. There are numerous amazing products. It is essential to focus on the included features. Suppose the design has all the required functions. You do not need to download any extra add-ons. Do not ignore the style. The perfect item would include the necessary features and meet your requirements in terms of style. Keep in mind that you can always modify the layout, and it is easier than dealing with plug-ins.

Our items come with numerous screenshots to help you get a better idea of what you get. If they are not enough - please check out our live demo feature. It demonstrates how everything works and looks.

Free Elementor Themes and Templates FAQ

Why use premade free Elementor themes and templates if they are easy to create?

Having a premade design facilitates the website development process. You do not need to spend your time deciding where to put images, menus, buttons, etc. Our products come with numerous features, so you do not have to download any extra files. It means that you should find a product, download it, and customize it, and you are good to go. You exclude working on the layout and installing extra plug-ins. You focus on important tasks instead. As a developer, you still need to add content, such as articles, images, videos, audio, etc. It is necessary to work on the promotion campaign to make your project popular.

Why is it important to use responsive free Elementor themes and templates?

It is crucial to ensure the best possible user experience – no matter what device a person uses. If a visitor accesses a page and elements are misplaced – they will leave. Please remember that making a website mobile-friendly improves search engine ranking and makes it easier to find. Please remember that all our items are 100% responsive. You should not introduce any special changes or modify the source code.

Should I focus on SEO of free Elementor themes and templates?

With good SEO, your site is easier to find via search engines. It helps to increase the number of visitors and potential clients. It is a complex subject that includes numerous aspects. If you want to improve SEO without dealing with any challenges, consider requesting our on-page SEO services. You need to provide us with the necessary information. Our team will also provide you with unique, niche-specific content. After optimization, we will also monitor your site for two weeks.

Will you help me add several languages to a website built with free Elementor themes and templates?

Please request our multi-language website services.

Tips and Tricks for Free Elementor Themes and Templates

This video demonstrates five simple yet powerful tricks and tips. They are extremely useful for beginners who start using this page-building solution. With the mentioned tricks, you achieve the required result easily. Please note that the mentioned tips work in the free version of Elementor.