Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template

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Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 1Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 2Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 3Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 4Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 5Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 6Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 7Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 8Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 9Multipurpose Intense - #1 HTML Bootstrap Website Template - Features Image 10

Intense - #1 Multipurpose HTML Template

Intense is a fully-featured, multipurpose website template. It comes loaded with literally everything your website needs. Thanks to its clean design and trendy layout, it's highly flexible and dynamic. Also, the template can be easily tweaked to perfectly match your brand identity. Intense can greatly skyrocket your sales as well as attract more customers to your website.

As one of the best Bootstrap Multipurpose Templates, the updated Intense template is worth checking out. It has everything you love the original Intense for, while also offering new amazing features and possibilities. This responsive HTML template is pre-loaded with an extended set of pages that are 100% ready-to-use. For instance, they include over 30 Portfolio Pages, 50+ Blog Pages, 30+ eCommerce-ready Shop Pages, etc. Such a variety of pages can easily make your website more informative and attractive.

The New Update of Our Best Multipurpose Website Template

Intense is our most trusted multipurpose HTML template due to its reliable code and highly responsive design. It guarantees that your website will look great on all devices and operational systems. Due to the BEM methodology implemented in the latest update of Intense, all its components were developed separately. Such an approach gives you more options in editing. Moreover, it gives Intense simplified adaptation for various CMS.

The new update introduces two versions of the template - Intense and Intense Classic. The template also has a rich UI kit, different page skins, and a variety of child themes on the following topics that are available as a part of Intense Classic, a version of the template with traditional design:

  • Photographer;
  • Restaurant;
  • Personal Blog;
  • Real Estate;
  • Handmade;
  • Dental Clinic;
  • Financial Advisor;
  • Gym;
  • Child Care;
  • Job Board;
  • Newsletter;
  • Taxi;
  • Pet Shop;
  • Barbershop.

These niche themes can be accessed for free, making your site development a lot easier.

Flexible HTML Template Suitable for Everyone

Even if you are looking for something specific, Intense multipurpose website template has got you covered! It can offer you more than just modern design and responsiveness. For bloggers, the template can offer perfectly designed blog pages with various layouts. It also includes flexible sidebars and comment forms.

When it comes to an online shop or portfolio, Intense template guarantees you will get what you need. This responsive HTML5 website template has pre-designed product pages, store layouts, and galleries. It makes Intense one of the best Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates.

Intense Multipurpose Landing Pages

Furthermore, the classic version of Intense supplied with this template boasts of over 10 flawlessly designed landing pages. Each of them has everything our clients love this multipurpose HTML website template for. The topics include:

  • Application;
  • Book;
  • Product;
  • Travel;
  • Startup;
  • Event;
  • Agency;
  • Business;
  • Corporate;
  • Personal;
  • Shop;
  • Startup 2;
  • Black Friday;
  • Christmas Cards;
  • Car Repair.

With their help, you can make a great landing page for any purpose in just a few minutes.

Wide Choice of Features for Your Multipurpose Website Template

Our multipurpose HTML5 website template has more than 300 reusable components as well as plugins and scripts supplied with the template, including:

  • Revolution Slider and Swiper Slider;
  • Owl Carousel;
  • RD Event Calendar;
  • RD Parallax;
  • Isotope Sort;
  • Highcharts and Flotcharts, etc.

Thanks to them, any website owner can easily make their site 100% functional and attractive. Intense multipurpose website template is built on one of the most popular HTML and CSS frameworks - Bootstrap 5. It provides you with the ultimate confidence in quality and flexibility.

But using Intense means more than just a stable working website. Our responsive HTML website template provides a powerful extended toolkit in addition to Bootstrap. It allows you to customize Intense template the way you want. Moreover, it is guaranteed to impress your customers and make your site work smoothly.

Besides these common features, Intense multipurpose website template also offers impressive and smooth parallax effects, stylish forms, unlimited skins & color schemes, and a lot more for your website. The template is also optimized for better loading speed. It is well-structured and allows you to highlight the most valuable information. Your site visitors will appreciate the unforgettable browsing experience.

100% Customizable Multipurpose HTML Template

No website can be useful without proper customization. This responsive HTML template gives you more than just a cool design. It offers you access to a variety of blocks and elements. Feel free to use them to completely revamp your website. From buttons to widgets, there are no limits in making your Intense website look its best.

Intense theme features an awesome collection of 30+ headers and footers. Any of these components will perfectly complement your resource. Our responsive multipage HTML template is made to fit any existing site. You are sure to find all features, pages, and plugins to transform your website. All this makes Intense #1 website template for any purpose.

Affordable and Reliable Website Template

To top all this, we need to mention the affordable price of Intense. This multipurpose responsive HTML template gives its users way more than it costs. Starting with child themes, Intense template is a true time-saver for everyone who needs a modern and reliable website.

Moreover, our responsive HTML5 template includes the classic design of Intense loved by thousands of customers worldwide. No matter what design you prefer, with Intense you get everything your website requires to stand out. Thanks to regular updates, all Intense owners will also get more landings, niche demos, and features every fortnight.

If you decide to buy our multi-purpose HTML template now, you get even more benefits. We supply the template with Novi Builder, an easy-to-use HTML page builder. It allows you to quickly edit pages without changing their code. Combined with Intense template, it gives you immense web design potential. Make your website stand out with Intense today!


Intense Version 6.9 (February 07, 2024):


  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 6.8 (December 15, 2023):


  • FIX: CSS styles;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 6.7 (November 28, 2023):


  • FIX: Form;
  • FIX: Novi Builder presets;
  • FIX: Novi Builder map;
  • FIX: Novi Builder swiper;
  • FIX: Novi Builder tabs;
  • FIX: Novi Builder minor bugs;


  • FIX: Novi Builder minor bugs;
  • FIX: Form;

Deliver Services:

  • FIX: Novi Builder minor bugs;
  • FIX: Form.

Intense Version 6.6 (October 25, 2023):

landing-business child:

  • UPD: jQuery Form;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 6.5 (August 23, 2023):

Coronavirus child:

  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 6.4 (August 02, 2023):


  • FIX: Builder presets fixes.

Intense Version 6.3 (July 28, 2023):

  • ADD: Casino Child;
  • FIX: Builder projects fixes.
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 6.2 (June 19, 2023):


  • FIX: CSS styles;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 6.1 (May 18, 2023):


  • FIX: CSS styles;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 6.0 (March 24, 2023):

Intense childs:

  • ADD: Pooper.js 2.9.2 to 2.11.5;
  • UPD: Bootstrap 5.0.1 to 5.2.0;
  • UPD: PHPMailer 5.2.9 to 6.5.5;
  • UPD: Swiper Slider 5.1.3 to 8.4.6;
  • FIX: CSS styles;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.12 (September 23, 2022):

  • ADD: Cryptocurrency Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.11 (November 30, 2021):

  • ADD: Anime Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.10 (October 29, 2021):

  • ADD: Halloween page;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.9 (September 30, 2021):

  • ADD: Cafe & Cocktail Bar Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.8 (August 31, 2021):

UPD: Bootstrap v4.5.3 to 5.0.1 UPD: Bootstrap colorpicker v3.1.2 to 3.4.0 UPD: Summernote v0.8.11 to 0.8.18

Intense Version 5.7 (July 30, 2021):

  • ADD: Summer Camp Child;
  • UPD: Bootstrap to 5.0.1;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.6 (June 30, 2021):

  • ADD: Beauty Salon Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.5 (May 31, 2021):

  • ADD: Fitness Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.4 (April 30, 2021):

  • ADD: Delivery Services Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.3 (March 30, 2021):

  • ADD: Recruitment Agency Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.2 (February 26, 2021):

  • UPD: Bootstrap to 4.5.3;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 5.1 (December 28, 2020):

  • UPD: simplified project structure;
  • UPD: new local development server - oxyz-express;
  • UPD: new assembly module - oxyz-build;
  • UPD: Novi Builder v0.9.9;
  • UPD: improved and optimized core for increased website loading speed;
  • UPD: improved initialization of campaign-monitor, mailchimp, rd-mailform, and reCaptcha;
  • ADD: project installers for Windows and macOS;
  • FIX: minor fixes.

Intense Version 4.14 (November 20, 2020):

  • ADD: Security System Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.13 (October 08, 2020):

  • ADD: Business consulting Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.12 (September 30, 2020):

  • ADD: SEO Agency Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.11 (September 04, 2020):

  • ADD: Travel Agency Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.11 (September 04, 2020):

  • ADD: Travel Agency Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.10 (August 14, 2020):

  • ADD: Event Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.9 (July 31, 2020):

  • ADD: Startup Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.8 (July 22, 2020):

  • ADD: Charity Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.7 (April 30, 2020):

  • ADD: Green Energy Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.6 (April 24, 2020):

  • ADD: Coronavirus Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.5 (April 7, 2020):

  • ADD: Construction Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.4 (February 10, 2020):

  • ADD: Seabay Child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 4.3 (January 20, 2020):

  • ADD: 3 new homepages;
    • Store;
    • Minimal;
    • Portfolio;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes;

Intense Version 4.2 (December 11, 2019):

  • ADD: 3 new homepages;
    • Application;
    • Event;
    • Blog;
  • ADD: 5 new Revolution Slider variants;
    • Crossfade;
    • Fade through;
    • Slide;
    • Overlay;
    • Slots Zoom;
  • ADD: Novi visual content builder;

Intense Version 4.1 (November 27, 2019):

  • ADD: 3 new homepages;
  • ADD: 8 header layouts;
  • ADD: 8 footer layouts;
  • ADD: Revolution Slider v5.4.6;
  • ADD: GreenDesk Admin Dashboard child Theme;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense version 4.0.1 (November 22, 2019):

  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Intense version 4.0 (November 12, 2019):

  • We have added a completely new ## Intense design. It's more flexible, smart and has more features than ever before. However, the template includes ## Intense Classic with the traditional design that our customers like. Check the Live Demo to see what the new ## Intense has to offer.

Intense Version 3.7 (Octobet 15, 2019):

  • FIX: Child themes Bug fixes.

Intense Version 3.6 (October 4, 2019):

  • FIX:Child themes minor bug fixes

Intense Version 3.5 (September 4, 2019):

  • UPD: Novi Builder to v 0.9.6.

Intense Version 3.4 (February 25, 2019):

  • ADD: Fully editable child templates to Novi Builder Startup; Shop; Corporate; Agency; Business; Personal; Car repair; Black friday; Christmas cards; Pet shop; Barbershop; Taxi; Personal Blog; Photographer Portfolio; Real Estate; Restaurant;
  • ADD: Novi Countdown plugin;
  • UPD: Novi Builder to v0.9.4;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes;

Intense Version 3.3 (January 25, 2019):

  • UPD: Revolution Slider to v5.4.8;
  • ADD: Fully editable child templates to Novi Builder
    • Application;
    • Book;
    • Event;
    • Product;
    • Startup;
    • Travel;
    • Child-care;
    • Dental-clinic;
    • Financial-analytic;
    • Gym;
    • Handmade;
    • Job Board;
    • Personal Blog;
    • Photographer Portfolio;
    • Real Estate;
    • Restaurant;
  • FIX: Unable to play video on the first slide of the Revolution Slider;
  • FIX: "Christmas" child template broken audio;
  • FIX: Broken skins;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes;

Intense Version 3.2 (October 30, 2018):

  • ADD: Black Friday landing page child;
  • ADD: Christmas Cards landing page child;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes; Childs:
    • ADD: Material Parallax;
    • ADD: Light Gallery;
    • UPD: Bootstrap from 3 to v4.1.1;
    • UPD: Adapt childs for Novi Builder;
    • UPD: Jade to Pug;
    • UPD: RD Mailform;
    • UPD: jQuery to v3.2.1;
    • UPD: jQuery Migrate to v3.0.0;
    • UPD: jQuery easing to v1.4.0;
    • UPD: RD Navbar to v2.2.5;
    • UPD: OWL Carousel to v2.2.1;
    • UPD: Google Maps Plugin;
    • DEL: RD Parallax, PhotoSwipe Gallery;
    • FIX: Counter and scroll issues;
    • FIX: Highcharts issues;

Intense Version 3.1 (September 04, 2018):

  • UPD: Novi Builder to v0.9.3;

Intense Version 2.3 (July 25, 2018):

  • ADD: Light Gallery;
  • UPD: Novi Builder to v0.9.2;
  • UPD: Bootstrap to v4.1.1;
  • Main theme;
  • Child care;
  • Dental clinic;
  • Financial analytic;
  • Gym;
  • Handmade;
  • Job board;
  • Personal blog;
  • Photographer portfolio;
  • Real estate;
  • Restaurant;
  • Application;
  • Book;
  • Event;
  • Product;
  • Startup;
  • Travel;
  • UPD: jQuery to v3.2.1;
  • UPD: jQuery Migrate to v3.0.0;
  • UPD: jQuery easing to v1.4.0;
  • UPD: RD Navbar to v2.2.5;
  • UPD: OWL Carousel to v2.2.1;
  • UPD: Google Maps Plugin;
  • UPD: Bootstrap Toolkit;
  • UPD: Flex Grid;
  • DEL: RD Facebook Feed, PhotoSwipe Gallery;
  • FIX: Progress Bar, Progress Circle and CountTo and scroll issues;
  • FIX: Isotope resize issues;
  • FIX: Swiper height issues;
  • FIX: isScrolledIntoView function issues;
  • FIX: Material Parallax size issues;
  • FIX: Responsive Tabs issues;
  • FIX: Other minor bug fixes;

Intense Version 2.2 (March 21, 2018):

  • ADD: Car Repair child;
  • FIX: Material Parallax;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes;

Intense Version 2.1 (February 09, 2018):

  • UPD: Novi Builder to version 0.8.7;
  • ADD: Gallery Albums presets (for Novi Builder);
  • Fix: Mobile and tablet design fixes;
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 2.0 (November 14, 2017):

  • ADD: Novi Visual HTML builder;
  • FIX: Minor fixes.

Intense Version 1.10 (October 31, 2017):

  • ADD: 6 Landings.

Intense Version 1.9 (September 25, 2017):

  • ADD: Material Parallax;
  • ADD: Vide;
  • ADD: Mailchimp;
  • ADD: Campaign Monitor;
  • UPD: RD Mailform;
  • UPD: RD Twitter Feed;
  • UPD: RD Facebook Feed;
  • UPD: RD Flickr Gallery;
  • RPL: Jade with Pug;
  • FIX: Minor fixes.

Intense Version 1.8 (March 20, 2017):

  • New: Revolution Slider;
  • New: Minor bug fixes.

Intense Version 1.7 (January 16, 2017);

  • New: Barbershop - Multipage Bootstrap Template;
  • New: City Taxi - Multipage Bootstrap Template;
  • New: Cats - Bootstrap Template;
  • New: ## Intense Event Landing;
  • Fixed: Parallax js.

Intense Version 1.6 (September 28, 2016);

  • New: ## Intense Application Landing;
  • New: ## Intense Product Landing;
  • New: ## Intense Book Landing;
  • New: ## Intense Travel Landing;
  • New: ## Intense Startup Landing;
  • Fixed: Issue with facebook widget inside gallery;
  • Fixed: Issue with photoswipe controls.

Intense Version 1.5 (July 14, 2016);

  • Email Template. Now, you can use a responsive template for email marketing campaigns. With its help, recipients will be able to view your letters via portable devices. It matches ## Intense visual style and is compatible with MailChimp.

  • Fixes Instagram Issue. Instagram options were removed, as the network forbids to use its content on third-party resources; Facebook Issue. Facebook options were brought back in order after the network's API change.

Intense Version 1.4 (June 09, 2016);

  • Job Board Child Theme. Promote recruitment services with a new child theme of ## Intense. For easier search, job seekers can use keywords, specify the necessary location, and filter vacancies by categories.Commercial Skin. The updated package of ## Intense has a solution for people involved in trading. The skin makes skilful use of new offer boxes, testimonials' slider, search by both keywords and categories, and more.
  • Home Intro Landing Page. Meet and greet your prospects with a conversion-oriented landing page. Its elaborate design makes use of clear, concise info and brings your message into focus.
  • Full-Screen Portfolio Layout. Now, designers, photographers, and other artists can show off their works in elegant tiles. For easier browsing, this portfolio type features sorting and quick view options.
  • Google reCAPTCHA. Secure your site against spammers with reCAPTCHA. Instead of solving a CAPTCHA, users can confirm they are real humans with a single click.
  • Charts and Graphs. Visualize your data to make it easier for readers to digest. You can use elements of 25+ types, from a line chart with a submenu to column graph with a filter.
  • Under Construction Page. This skillfully animated and patterned template is meant to inform the audience about working on your website launch or redesign. It features a countdown timer to show how much time is left until the launch and a subscription form to let visitors get a notification.
  • About Us Page Variation 2. Use this version to introduce your company, show current vacancies, and motivate people to join your team.
  • Team Member Page Variation 2. Improve the information value of your team member page with this template. It allows you to add certificates, highlight your achievements and share useful pieces of information with visitors.
  • Appointment Page Variation 2. Using this template, your appointment page can feature a user-friendly schedule besides the booking form. It can let prospects check your free hours and make an appointment when you are available to avoid any confusion.
  • FAQ Page Variations. In the new package of updates, you can find three different designs of the FAQ page. Now, it's possible to complement the info with visuals and contact block in case readers still have questions.
  • Offer Boxes. Use these components to display categories of your offerings in a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate way.


  • Thumbnail Component. Let visitors take a closer look at images on the same page. Rayen thumbnail gives an access to a quick view option on hover.
  • Form Elements Component. Replace standard checkboxes with elegant toggles in your web forms.
  • Testimonials Component. ## Intense comes with a new slider type to diversify the ways of arranging customers' testimonials on the page.
  • Updated Documentation. Check out new guidelines on how to use recently added features of the template.

242 Reviews for this product

Very Nice Template, really enjoyed, Excellent Theme, must be purchased, I was looking for some of the great templates in so many sites but it was hard to find, then I found this in template monster and it is really fantastic, I am a Web designer company so we know the best theme, in this theme, I can find all the option which I need to create a dynamic website, so believe me go for this template you will never regret, Thanks
This template is full of great details and very useful tools, alongside with many options to be used in different situations. The template code is clear. CSS, HTML, Javascript and all other sources are well documented. Though I suggest to put the path to revolution and other extension in a config section separately from other js code. It takes a long time for user to guess how it should be properly organized. In general it is super great. Thanks!
Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your suggestion and will take it into consideration. If you'd like to share some examples, please contact us at -
Impressive! I love the designs included to the template, and Novi builder makes the setup very easy
hat alles funktioniert, man muss allerdings ein bisschen suchen bis man es heausfindet wie das Ganze funktiniert und zusammnegehört. Leider bekomme ich die E-Mail Funktion nicht zum Laufen.
It is a very complete solution. It requieres more documentation but it is a good template

38 Comments for this product

If I buy the developers license for the INTENSE template, will this enable me to use the various ready made niche themes within it, including: INTENSE Job Board, INTENSE Event, etc. So I can use up to 5 different niche themes? on different websites?
Yes, that is absolutely correct .
Hello, can this template be used in an ASP.NET MVC Core web site project?
The Multipurpose Intense HTML Bootstrap Website Template is an HTML based template with a set of skins with beautiful design and functionalities demonstrated on the live demos, all the features specified on the template page, Asp.Net is not listed in the information of the template pages, that is it is not included to the template by default. Included template skins may be integrated to Asp.Net if you have sufficient skills. Best Regards
I just purchased and downloaded the package but I can't find the template for /intense/blog-default-left-sidebar.html. Could you pls lemme know the the template is? Thanks
All the skins of the template are located in the dist folder of the template package, including /dist/intense/blog-default-left-sidebar.html. Feel free to use the included template package or contact our Support Team (Downloads > Contact Author) if you have any questions, we will be glad to help you! Best Regards
Does it support multiple languages, that is, to choose visitor's own language from a drop-down menu?
Thank you for your comment, Timmy! The template does not include functionality for multilingual websites. But our developers can add it for you if needed. Please contact our team for more details on this service.
I reported a glitch to Template Monster support, but it got nowhere, so I'll post it here for you, the developer, to see. The reCaptcha feature is unable to be integrated with the other form fields that you have, because the forms have someone become reliant upon the rd-mailform program. In other words, the rd-mailform does not allow the form to be sent to a destination page with the field, but is meant for giving a confirmation message using javascript, without leaving the current page. I would recommend making a template version of the login or form field which does make use of the recaptcha code (to prevent against bots), and does require certain elements of complexity for the password field (optional), and redirects to a confirmation page, rather than making any use of the rd-mailform class.

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